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Goddess of writing and measurer of time, referred to as "she who is foremost in the house of books". She measured time and helped Pharaoh with laying out the ground plan of a new temple with a measuring cord, therefore she was also the "Lady of builders". Her most important function was to keep track of Pharaoh´s regnal years and jubilees. She also supervised the booty and tributes from foreign lands and military expeditions. She was shown as a woman wearing a panther skin robe, holding a pen, a palette and a tally-stick and on her head she wore a seven-pointed star surmounted by either a bow or a crescent moon with two falcons feathers. Often she held a palm leaf in her hand. Considered to be the consort of Thoth (Djehuty).

No historical temples or priesthood is known for Seshat.

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