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twelfth dynasty, kom ombo, lower egypt, faiyum


Author: Mirjam

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Sobek, Sebek, or (Gr:)Suchos, meaning crocodile. Lord of stretches of water and of fishes. There are several deities for water, Sobek being the most important. Son of Neith and Osiris or of Neith and Seth. His cult rose in the Twelfth Dynasty in the Fayum area.

He is depicted either as a human with a crocodile's head, wearing an atef crown and carrying a was scepter and an ankh or in animal form as a crocodile, wearing the sun disc on his head, which shows his connection to Re.

He is also seen with a falcon's head and this form shows him connected to Horus. His consort was said to be Hathor and Khonsu was their child. As he is a god of water, the Nile is said to issue from his sweat and "he made the herbage green".

B>Main centers of worship are two different ones:

Nebet/Ombi/Kom Ombo, 1 st Nome, Upper Egypt


Faiyum/Krokodilopolis/Medinet el-Faiyum, 20 th Nome, Lower Egypt

Festivals: (exact dates not historically verified)

9th october - 23 Hethara - Ra judges the dispute of Set and Heru (Horus).

12th October - 26th Hethara - The Black Land is given to Horus, The Red Land is given to Set

20th October - 4th Koiak - Festivals for Sebek (Sobek)

26th December - 11th Mechir - Birth of Sebek (Sobek)

25th March - 14th Pachons - Day of cutting out of the tongue of Sobek