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archaic times, going forth by day, arms and legs, straight hair


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Hippopotamus goddess, protector of women during childbirth, since Archaic times shown standing upright with human arms and legs, a wig of straight hair and a crocodile's back and tail. She carried a torch, a sa (a sign of magical protection) attribute, and often an ankh in her hands. Her image was often attached to beds, head-rests and cosmetic articles, but she is also depicted in the Book of Going Forth By Day and in temple reliefs.

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None historically known

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and lactation was protected by Taurt (Thoeris, Taweret), a goddess of a hippopotamus appearance, as well as Isis and many others.
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hyně hrošího vzhledu Taurt (Thoeris, Taweret), dále Eset.
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Taweret (Tweret, Taurt, Thoeris), 209. Tayet, 209. Tefnut, 209.
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TATHEN ..........................................43. TAUERET........................................

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