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Thoth, (Djehuty), the god who is said to have invented writing, the measuring of time, music, magic, art, medicine, mathematics and astronomy. In early times shown as an ibis, the sign of the 15th Lower Egyptian nome, so he might have originated there. His main cult center was later Hermopolis in Middle Egypt, where he assumed the shape of a baboon. He took over the role of the eight creator gods of Hermopolis and became a creator god himself.

He was considered the lord of the moon and in the late period he was called the "silver Aten". Another name was "lord of time" and "reckoner of years", his attributes being a writing palette or a palm leaf. He was the protector of scribes and was sometimes considered the tongue or heart of Re. He was also the protector of Osiris and as such he became the helper of the dead.

Main center of worship:

Khmun/Hermopolis/el-Ashmunein, 15th Nome, Upper Egypt

Other sites:

Nekheb/Eileityiaspolis/Elkab, 2nd Nome, Upper Egypt

Hermopolis Parva/Damanhur, 3rd Nome, Lower Egypt

Naukratis, 7th Nome, Lower Egypt

Bakh/Hermopolis/el-Baqlia, 15th Nome, Lower Egypt

Festivals: (exact dates not historically verified)

19th July - 1st Thuti - Feast of Thoth

6th August - 19th Thuti - Chief Festival of Thoth

20th August - 3rd Paopi - Tehuti(Thoth) orders the healing of

the eye of Heru (Horus)

23rd October - 7th Koiak - Ceremony of Djehuty (Thoth)

13th December - 28th Tybi - Day of Tehuti's taking the oath

14th December - 29th Tybi - Tehuti (Thoth) sends Bast and

Sekhmet to guide Egypt

24th January - 10th Pamenot - Day of Coming of Tehuti (Thoth)

3rd April - 19th Pachons - Day of the Counting of Tehuti(Thoth)

Who heard Ma┬┤at

14th May - 30 Payni - Tehuti (Thoth) appears with Shu to bring

back Tefnut

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