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Uadjet, Wadjet, Uajyt or Edjo, goddess of Buto, "the papyrus-colored one", meaning "the green one", which was a general name for the cobra, the uraeus, her sacred animal. Later she was connected to the ichneumon.

In one Pyramid Text it is said that the papyrus plant emerged from her, and as "the green one" she was connected to the forces of growth.

She was the protective goddess of Lower Egypt, her counterpart being the vulture goddess Nekhbet of Upper Egypt. Together they embodied the two crowns of the country and were part of the royal insignia. They also represented the mythical mothers of the king and were shown offering their nurturing breasts to him.

Wadjet is most often depicted as a rearing cobra, and is frequently seen together with Nekhbet at the front of the headdress of kings. Queens often wore a crown surrounded with many small uraeus heads. The uraeus being a royal symbol was also worn by Horus and Seth and the spitting cobra was seen as the eye of Ra, thus Wadjet was connected to the solar deity and could sometimes be seen with a leonine head crowned with a solar disc and uraeus.

Main center of worship:  

Per-Wadjet/Buto, 5th Nome, Lower Egypt

Festivals: (dates not historically verified)

25th December - 10 th Mechir - Going forth of Wadjet singing

in Heliopolis

21st April - 7th Payni - Feast of Wadjet

21st June - 8th Mesore - Summer Solstice, Wadjet Ceremony

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