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passion devotion, inner vitality, magickal powers, element fire

Red: Correspondences

Author: Gwydion

Definition: The color of intensity, passion, devotion, sex

Magickal Powers: love, protection

Element: Fire

Direction: South

Gender: Female or male, leaning toward male issues and intensity

Season: Summer

Stage of Life: Youth, maturity

Candle Magick: Passion, Sex, Love, Strength, Protection, Fire, God

Feather Magick: Passion, Protection

Aura Color: Inner vitality, good health, strong sex drive, touchy temper or generally angry. Commonly found in dancers, athletes, artistic/creative people.

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Most of what is factually known about Ovid comes from his letters from exile, which were not merely private correspondences but poems intended for posterity by their author, who was certain his words would last.

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Correspondences Group
Love Correspondences Color: Red for sexual love. Pink for emotional love. White for astral love and soul mates.