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pink feathers, peace and harmony, element water, emotional ties

Blue: Correspondences

Author: Gwydion

Definition: The color of depth, intense spiritual issues, serenity, change, moon energy

Magickal Powers: Bringing calm, deepening emotional ties, change

Element: Water

Direction: West

Gender: Female or male, leaning toward female issues

Season: Spring

Stage of Life: Maturity

Candle Magick, light blue: Tranquility, calmness understanding, patience, health

Candle Magick, dark blue: Adaptability, seeking wisdom, depression help,
water, emotions, gentle movement of something, creativity

Feather Magick: New beginnings and success, peace and harmony when mixed with pink feathers

Aura Color: Healing and spiritual. Pale blue implies deeply spiritual;
Deep or navy implies psychic gifts or strong interest in magick.

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These types of associations are also known as cross-modal associations (e.g., Spence 2011); much like the color blue is perceived as cold and red as warm.