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spring fawn, guardian of the gate, star goddess, king of the underworld

The Charge of the God

Listen to the words of the God, who is son, brother, lover and consort of the Lady:

I am the fleet deer in the forest, I am the beach which receives the waves. I am the sun which warms the earth. I am the Lord of the Spiral Dance of Life, Death and Rebirth, the gentle Reaper, the Winter Stag and the Spring Fawn.

All things are of Me for I am of the Goddess, opposite, yet not opposing. I bring forth from the womb that is a tomb, for I am the seed which fertilizes. I am abundant life, for I am the grain that grows and I am death, the harvest in the fall. And I am rebirth after darkness, for I am the seed that springs forth anew.

I am fertility, the spreader of life, and I am the Lord of Death which adds value to life.

I am the Guardian of the gate between life and death. I am the King of the underworld, where no living being may venture, but I am also the King of rebirth, turning the tomb into a womb.

I bring love and strength, peace and passion, hope and joy, for I am the gentle lover in the night.

All that comes from the Great Mother, the Divine Star Goddess, who is Mother of us all.

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