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forest rangers, career finance, candle magick, trusting nature

Green: Correspondences

Author: Gwydion

Candle Magick: Money, Fertility, Luck, Employment, Career, Finance

Feather Magick: Money, Fertility

Aura color: A loving and trusting nature, surrounded by happy people and
family. Prefers home above all else. Can be an indication of an overinflated ego, especially if green borders yellow. Deep green indicates con artists. Mint green indicates nature lovers. Commonly found in forest rangers, nature lovers and artists.

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Here's a sense of Moser's jolly soul from one of our correspondences: “I must have had my head up my ass when I suggested 5:00 tonight to meet. My flight doesn't leave here until 5:00. I must have conflated the two times.
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I gathered stacks of penny-postcard correspondences with his mother and a yellowed telegram that read: "No limelight tonight." I saved his cupid headboard ... They loved the green glass telephone pole insulators and the cupid headboard.
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An entertaining piece is, on the whole, located in the green area and therefore it is not well balanced. However, what makes entertainment ... Spence C (2011) Crossmodal correspondences: A tutorial review.
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