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A New Type of Money Magic

Author: Link (Anthony)

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A young graduate opens a card from Aunt Betty; it contains a crisp green bill, along with congratulations and sincere wishes for success. Grandparents buy their new-born grandchild a Savings Bond, a gesture which will be stored away for decades before being "released" into that child's life. A loyal customer respects the hard work of a local business owner, and goes out of the way to buy THERE, instead of some other business owned by strangers. Money truly is magic.

Most money spells commonly involve a person's wish to RECEIVE money. But what about the opposite? Can you attach and focus magical energy within the money you SPEND, so that it can aid and bless others?

Let's suppose that money is not a tangible object; it is energy. Magic often involves gathering, focusing and releasing energy to achieve a specific purpose. Is that any different than earning, saving, and then spending money? When you spend, you transmit a bit of energy in a certain direction. You decide where it goes, whether to Place A or to Place B, to Purpose A or to Purpose B. You create change -- and that can be magic!

Perhaps we instinctively are aware of the energy within the money we give to others. For example, it is common for local businesses to hang up the first few dollar bills they earn as "good luck" charms. Some bills even have personal handwritten notes penned with good wishes by the merchant's friends and supporters. But early forms of money weren't dollar bills. Early forms of money were metal coins. Today we have a special word for coins; we call them "change." Change? Like the way we change the world? What an interesting word for money! And the mathematical symbol for change? The Delta, a triangle, the same symbol we use today for the element Fire. Energy. Change. It is no accident that our language shows this relationship. Word histories often show how two things were once related.

While money ITSELF is nothing sacred, be aware of the energy you send when you spend. As you write out your monthly bills, use the energy within it to bless others. See the hard work you do for your wages as a way to raise energy to create positive change for yourself and those you support.

Even the "monthly ritual" of paying your bills can be magical. Your phone bill can be a way to bless the loved ones you call each month. Your mortgage or rent can be a house blessing. How else can you direct energy through money? Your taxes? Your charitable donations? Your savings or special nest egg? Look for your own personal ways to do this. You are limited only by your imagination.

Rather than spells to GET money, try using money magic as a blessing for others -- you may be quite surprised by what you receive in return!

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