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Astral Rest & Recovery Areas

Author: Robert Bruce

Copyright 1999 - Robert Bruce (In The Land Down-Under = Australia)



I have visited astral rest and recovery
places many times. The hospital-like scenario and atmosphere
is always similar, but each room I visit is quite different.
These rooms seem to reflect the life conditions surrounding patients
at the time of their passing, i.e., as in the case of my friend
Peter (See index: Peter's Tale).

I do not really think there is an actual
hospital floating around somewhere in the astral, per se, staffed
by beings intent upon nursing sick and tired spirits back to
good health; although this is a beautiful thought. I believe
this scenario is created by my own mind as it interprets the
energies broadcast from these areas in the only way it can. This
perception interpretation is done according to my mind's own
learned mental associations, as well as by those set in me by
the collective consciousness of mankind. As this is a healing,
resting and recovery area for the recently departed, my mind
interprets this as a hospital type scenario staffed by caring
doctors and nurses.

The doctors and nurses that staff and
run these astral hospitals do not appear to be real spirit beings,
although I could be wrong here. So far I have not been able to
strike up anything resembling a meaningful conversation with
any of them. They seem to be very two dimensional in nature,
re why I suspect they may not be exactly who they appear to be.

On the other hand, many of the people/spirits
I have met there seem to be quite real. All are visiting or waiting
for a patient in the hospital, just as Peter's mother and father
were waiting for him. Many spirit visitors will respond and converse
in a reasonably normal fashion. Spirits I have spoken with in
this situation do not seem to be aware of the length of time
that has elapsed since they passed over, or of many details concerning
their afterlife since that time. Memories of their earthly life
also seem vague, much like how a half-forgotten dream is remembered
by a living person.

Many spirits only seem to be aware of
their present reality, that of being in only the hospital scenario
for an indeterminate length of time. Some spirits, however, do
have vague memories of their earthly life, and of coming from
other dimensional areas; but have so far given me only very sketchy
details. Often they will speak of a warm, brightly-lit, interesting
place where they have many friends and loved ones, but with little
more detail than this. The most common response I get from asking
spirits what its like where they come from is: "Its really
lovely there and everyone is so nice. I don't understand this.
I'm very sorry. I know it well and can picture it in my head,
but I just can't describe it to you."

The surreal and dreamlike quality of
memory exhibited by I have encountered in these astral hospital
areas may be caused by their being too far away from their natural,
base-level of consciousness at the time. Keep in mind here that
the natural or base level of any spirit is, logically, in one
of the spirit worlds, and no longer in the physical dimension.
And astral R & R hospital-like areas may be somewhere in
between. It seems that any shift away from the natural base level
of consciousness, either for a spirit being or a human being,
causes them to have a surreal experience and memory translation
problems. This type of translation problem also accounts, I believe,
for the many difficulties and vagaries common to spirit communications
and channeling in general. (RB)

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