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White Light Shields

Author: Robert Bruce

Copyright 1999 - Robert Bruce (In The Land Down-Under = Australia)



[On White Light & Purity As Defensive Measures]

This article grew from an informal reply
to a simple question posed to me some time ago. The question
was:   "Please explain why you say that
purity of spirit and calling down the white light are not enough
for spiritual protection?"

Where to start? First, please understand that I have extensive
firsthand experience in this area, helping many people suffering
various kinds of psychic and demonic attack; as well as coming
under fire myself on countless occasions. I do not say what I
am about to say in order to undermine your personal confidence
in any way; but simply because you have posed the question. You
also do not have to accept what I have to say; that being entirely
your prerogative.

Purity of spirit on its own does not offer any realistic measure
of defense. The best way to illustrate this point I think is
to cite my work with children. I have seen many children (even
babies under 9 months of age) come under major psychic and demonic
attacks. By large, most of these children lived in good homes,
with loving, down to earth, clean-living parents; not drunks,
druggies, occult dabblers or even NewAge type believers: your
average healthy skeptics. In the early days I experimented a
great deal using popularly accepted defensive measures, like
visualized White Light et cetera, and found them virtually useless
in field situations. Now while I have found some ways to help
others (even children and babies) if purity in itself were an
effective defense, then children would never come under any kind
of psychic or demonic attack in the first place, i.e., children
are pure, especially babies. But attacks like this are becoming
extremely common today; far more common than anyone might imagine,
or that I like to think about.

Purity in an adult, however (an extremely rare thing indeed)
does offer some measure of defense as it raises certain Belief
System Shields that denies the existence of negative inorganic
beings. Purity also raises the vibrations of adults, making it
even more difficult for the negatives to gain access to them.
In a nutshell: purity of body, mind and spirit in individuals
does not provide the negatives with any significant amount of
raw material to work with, psychologically speaking. Purity and
spiritual development does not provide any internal 'shadows'
that negatives can use to attach, hide and exist within a person's

In a similar fashion, total ignorance and disbelief of all
things metaphysical will offer a reasonable belief system type
of defense, effectively working against (or unmaking) negative
energies as they try and manifest. This is why more scientific,
skeptical types of people tend to experience far less by way
of paranormal manifestations than do more open minded believers.

Both the above types of defensive aspects (white light and
purity), however, offer only limited defense against direct incursions
by low order negatives and their manifestations, i.e., the more
brutal and unsophisticated types of inorganic beings. More intelligent
negative types, however, get around these fairly easily if the
intelligence and metaphysical knowledge of victims are not combined
with at least some measure of spiritual purity; developed or

Long-term psychological conditioning is the general method
employed by negatives, although an experienced negative can make
a great deal of headway (conditioning a new subject/victim) in
a very short time indeed, by directly implanting control devices
in their mind. Controlled ego and purity (the very best you can
do and can be) plus knowledge and intuition, when combined, offer
formidable barriers. This is, of course, as long as persons concerned
were not previously conditioned by negatives during their childhood.
In a way, once persons have been cracked open and invaded by
negatives, instructions on how to gain access to that person
are tagged onto their aura; for any interested negative to read.
This last does not prohibit personal security nor the use of
effective self-defense measures: it just makes things a little
more difficult.

By large, if victims lack experience and knowledge, attacks
by negatives must be weathered and endured until they run out
of steam; which they usually do after a few weeks. Although with
wisdom gained most attacks can be fought and their duration significantly
shortened; until enough experience and knowledge is gained to
offer more effective shielding. There are some effective ways
to defend yourself which are not commonly known today. And weathering
attacks also causes forced bio-energetic development; which in
a way grows etheric callouses around one. Experience also promotes
the development of wisdom, through necessity, which can lead
you to the gleaning of inspirational occult knowledge from within.

All knowledge rests within us, not without. You only have
to look within and ask the right questions and the answers will
be given. This is providing that all things are equal, and that
an aspirant's foundation belief system will allow the internal
manifestation of the necessary occult knowledge. Unfortunately,
it is my observation that most people today blind themselves
to this inner wisdom by constructing overly-elaborate foundation
belief systems that are not based on personal experience, logic
and reason.

Now, to the White Light question: by 'white light' you mean
'visualized white light' which is a popular visualization technique
(visualization being more accurately described
as imagination)
used to visualize white light as surrounding
yourself as a protective measure. The end result of this is that
you are in fact surrounding an imaginary version of yourself
with imaginary white light within your mind's eye; with all the
connotations implied by the word 'imaginary'. You are not actually
'calling down' any kind of magical force or energy powerful enough
to protect you from negative invasion. If you believe you have
succeeded at doing this, I suggest supposed results were coincidental
with perceived outcomes; as hard experience tells me otherwise.
To my way of thinking the visualized white light self-defense
method is more placebo than anything else. This is much like
how children ease their fear of darkness by hiding under their
bed covers: it doesn't make their room any lighter, but it makes
them feel better anyway.

The white light you speak of most definitely does exist. But
this is generally only perceived after long term spiritual development.
And while this light does begin to surround you (in a sense)
in the astral once you attain a certain level of development,
it is not a force, per se, that can be 'called down' or used
or manipulated in any direct way. It can though, manifest more
strongly (albeit temporarily) during mystical experiences, if
you can connect strongly enough with your higher-self. This in
effect raises your vibrations to a higher level, a level where
the white light can be perceived as a tangible and visible force.

Under this circumstance White Light will most definitely offer
an effective defensive shield: totally impenetrable. It can be
said when the white light is perceived within your mind's eye
as flooding down from above, that your vibrations have been raised
to a level where negatives cannot directly affect you; with there
being way too much positive energy surrounding and permeating
your being to offer any exposed portion that can be taken advantage
of by negative inorganic beings of any caliber.

The difficulty here, of course, is with holding a vibrational
/ mystical state of purity strongly enough, and for long enough,
to be effective. In most cases once your guard drops the attack
simply begins anew. And if the negatives cannot get at you directly,
they will try and get at you through all the people around you.
They will use them to cause upset and disharmony in your life
until they pull you down off your high horse (your vibrational
level) to a point where you are once more exposed to the unkind
ministrations of the negatives.

And to make matters even more difficult, the more pure and
spiritually developed a person is (especially if they are actively
working towards real spiritual advancement) the more attention
they will attract from the negatives to pull them down. In other
words, the potential of any aspirant generates their level of
negative opposition, plus their level of positive assistance,
as set by karmic law. This is the natural way of things, and
is part of the reason why real long-term spiritual development
is so difficult. And this is also why those that achieve any
significant level of spiritual / psychic development usually
live fairly difficult lives, or have a painful past.

I hope this answers your questions.

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