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Astral Beings and Wildlife

Author: Robert Bruce

Copyright - Robert Bruce (In The Land Down-Under = Australia)



     The astral dimension contains a
wide variety of what could be called non-physical subtle energy
life-forms; or as Carlos Castenada so aptly calls them: inorganic
beings. Some of these have a positive nature (nice) and some
seem have a negative nature (not so nice). The intelligence level
of each type varies enormously. The vast majority of each type
appear to have their own agendas, like to keep to themselves,
and in general do not like being bothered or interfered with.
Not counting high-level beings like demigods, angels and spirit
masters, they range from friendly and helpful, to occasionally
helpful, to playful, to neutral, to mischievous, to malicious,
to downright nasty and evil.

     Inorganic beings appear in a
wide variety of illusory forms. Some of the less intelligent
types seem animalistic and predatory by nature, much like the
animal and insect wildlife found in the physical dimension. I
call the less intelligent, animalistic and negative types simply,
Astral Wildlife. Although these all appear to come from somewhere
in or near the astral dimension, many of these are capable of
operating in the real time zone. And some of these, unfortunately,
delight in tormenting projectors, especially new ones.

     You can find absolutely anything
in the astral planes, given the fluid nature of its many internal
environments. In a way, the astral can be likened to the ocean:
there are fish, shellfish, octopus, dolphins, whales, sharks,
barracuda, sea snakes, crabs, shrimp, jellyfish, turtles, seals
and penguins, etc, etc. Some of the ocean wildlife is friendly,
some is harmless, some are only harmful when disturbed, annoyed
or hungry, some can be unintentionally harmful, and others are
downright dangerous all the time. There are also many travelers,
some even from far off lands, found sailing, flying or swimming

     Although many parts of the astral
planes appear to be full of life, it is fairly rare to meet up
with interested beings whilst traveling there, but it does happen
occasionally. Just about every astral plane and realm has some
kind of local inhabitants. These life forms often live in specific
areas or realms, and often seem quite unaware there is any other
reality or dimensional level than their own. They are often amazed
when they meet an astral traveler. Other types you'll meet seem
to be well aware of other dimensions, but most seem to have little
patience with projectors and tend to ignore them.

     In a way, approaching astral beings
you do not know is very much like approaching strangers in the
physical dimension. Most strangers ignore other people, even
when politely asked directions or questions. Strangers will,
at best, give cursory answers as they hurry away while actively
trying to ignore you. Astral beings, like most strangers, don't
seem to enjoy getting involved with the affairs of strangers,
usually having much more important things to do with their time.

     While projecting, you'll also occasionally
meet up with other projectors like yourself, but most of these
will not even be aware they are projecting. It seems that the
awareness and memories projectors have of their physical existence,
of who and what they are, varies greatly. Many seem as if they
are sleepwalking or dreaming, or are just going along with the
flow of life and events in an astral realm, as if they were a
part of it and actually lived there. They are often quite surprised
when it is pointed out to them that they can fly, etc.

     I suspect this variability in awareness
and memory is caused by many factors, such as: energetic development
and activity, the amount of energy flowing into the projected
double from its physical/etheric body, and whether or not a projector
has made a conscious exit or not and has retained awareness afterwards.
The conscious exit out-of-body seems to cause a much greater
flow of energy into the projected double than is usually available
to sleep projectors. It is also possible that the unbroken continuance
of awareness provided by a conscious exit projection removes
much of the dreamlike qualities associated with existing in other

     The most important thing to realize
about any beings, intelligent or otherwise, you might come across
in the astral is that they are not all dream beings or creations
of your own subconscious mind. They usually have their own life,
meaning and purpose; whatever that might be. They are, in most
cases, not mere decorations to be toyed with or used by any passing
astral traveler. Most astral beings do not seem to appreciate
being questioned and annoyed, by what may seem like to them to
be a constant stream of lost and meddlesome astral travelers.

     For all the above, some astral
beings will converse with and even actively help and encourage
astral travelers, especially if projectors are courteous and
sincere in their approach. Like attracts like in the astral planes
and, if you are friendly and sincere, you are thus far more likely
to meet beings who are also friendly and sincere.

Case History:

     This case history shows a projector
meeting and interacting with an astral being, or another projector
(hard to say which) as well as showing some other interesting
aspects of projection.

A: Mr. R: I woke around 4:00am and couldn't get back
to sleep. So turned on the radio very softly. I decided to attempt
an OBE by laying on my back. Its difficult for me to fall asleep
on my back, but that's the best position for me to OBE from.
Every time I've been on my back and experienced paralysis and
vibrations, and I'm ready to try exiting my body, my throat muscles
close up and I can't breathe, which startles and wakes me up.
But last night, I tried a little trick that has worked for me
before. I lay on my back with my head slightly turned to one
side. This prevents my throat from closing up.

B: After the exit, I soon found myself on a sunny rock
cliff overlooking an ocean. A beautiful woman was there in a
swim suit, with her back to me. I wanted her sexually and, thinking
she was just a dream creation of mine and not a real person,
I thought I could do anything I wanted, so put my hand on her
shoulder. As she turned, I noticed she was protecting a little
girl in a swimsuit who was cradled in her arms. I backed away
and the scene started getting a little wavy. I remembered to
look quickly at my hands and the scene stabilized again.

C: I thought, "Wait a minute, Robert Bruce warned
me these could be REAL spiritual entities or other projectors,
and not just dream-beings." As I thought this, I felt something
very WARM coming from the woman. She turned around to face me,
smiled and then left. I intuitively KNEW she was aware that I
was new at this and didn't really mean to bother or harm her.
She didn't speak, scream or cry out. She just faded away. Then
I thought "I'm going to start treating all dream figures
with respect from now on." and dived off the cliff, floated
out into the harbor and then flew out over the sea.

D: I thought of going back to my room and looking at
my body sleeping. Suddenly, the ocean disappeared and everything
turned white. I heard two short whistle sounds and I was suddenly
back in my room, opposite the bed and my body. I knew I had to
stay calm, and I did. But I swear, my first thought was, "I
can't wait to tell Robert!" I just floated there for some
time, delighting in the feeling of floating and of being out
of my body!

E: Then I noticed something odd. I couldn't see my physical
body properly! I looked harder at the bed but could only see
a faint depression, showing the outline of my body where it should
be. I must have looked too hard and focused UPON THE BODY, because
I was then sucked backed into it. This felt like something was
rushing INTO my physical body..

My Comments:

A. This shows how unnoticed breathing problems like
sleep apnea can affect projection. It also shows how the resting
position can affect projection.

B. Rod shifted straight into an astral plane after
his first conscious exit. It shows how he stabilized a reality
fluctuation by briefly looking at his hands.

C. A revelation, as Rod discovers that some people
in the astral may actually be real people, travelers just like
himself or real astral beings, and deserving of respect and consideration.
It also shows a touching empathic exchange as the woman expresses
her appreciation towards him for his realization and concern
(warm feeling) before leaving.

D. Shows how you can return close to your physical
body and convert an astral projection into a real time projection
if you think about or feel for your physical body.

E. Reality fluctuations are apparent upon Rod's return
(invisible physical body). His subconscious mind may not have
been able to accept the existence of two bodies at the same time.
It also shows his re-entry as being perceived by his physical
body rather than by his projected double. He felt something rushing
into his physical body, from his physical body's perspective,
and not his projected double rushing into his physical body.
This shows the physical/etheric body and mind were disturbed
by and became aware of his re-entry. His physical body and mind
were woken up for the reentry, allowing for a perfect shadow
memory download, which shows mind-split effects at work here.

More comments:

     Projecting into the astral planes
is a lot like going for a swim in the ocean. You'll rarely see
anything big or intelligent, and even more rarely will you come
across anything truly dangerous. You will, in the astral ocean,
mainly come across harmless fish, seals and dolphins, occasionally
meeting other swimmers like yourself in passing (swimmers = other

     The best conduct and safety rule
during any type of projection is to keep to yourself, always
be polite, and to mind your own business unless approached or
invited to do otherwise. And, always be ready to move quickly
away if anything strange or threatening happens, or if you feel
uncomfortable in any way.

     Only very rarely will a projector
come across advanced spiritual beings, and even more rarely will
they encounter angels. In my opinion, angels are a race of highly
advanced spiritual beings. They most definitely exist. I have
seen angels many times, in OBE's and visions, as well as with
my bare eyes on a few rare and precious occasions.

     Angels are impossible to
track down or find intentionally during an OBE. They are especially
rare in the real time zone and low to mid astral planes. You
will occasionally come across them accidentally, especially in
the high-astral and mental dimension. Angels and other advanced
spiritual beings seem to only make themselves visible when they
have a very good reason for doing so. They are definitely not
the type to stop and chat in passing.

     Angels and advanced spirit beings,
unlike most astral inhabitants, do not appear limited to any
particular plane or dimension level. They have the ability, I
believe, to manifest in any level, even in the real time zone
and the physical dimension itself. They have the ability to enfold
lesser beings in their energy and temporarily transport them
into other dimensional levels. In this way, they will often be
seen helping the spirits of deceased people to manifest temporarily
in the real time zone, or even to help them appear visibly in
the physical dimension itself. This is something like a brief
visit manifestation, and this kind of thing always has very good
reasons behind it, although those reasons may not be apparent
at the time.

     To add to the above, and purely
for interest's sake: I have seen many spirits manifesting in
the physical dimension, due to the nature of my mystical work
and clairvoyant ability. Each time, I have seen at least one
advanced being, sometimes even an angel, at work in the background.
The spirits brought back in this way are always enfolded in a
flood of brilliant-silver light.

     Typically, a spirit manifestation
like this will begin with a strong build up of energy in the
room, accompanied by many silver motes and tiny sparkles of light.
A tangible aura of power and presence spreads throughout the
room and the atmosphere becomes electric. A narrow, vertical
shaft of brilliant-silver light then appears and quickly expands,
as if curtains of light were being drawn apart just wide enough
for a person to walk through. A huge gush of brilliant-silver
light, along with a tangible feeling of power, excitement and
love spills through this parting in the dimensional veil. The
visiting deceased spirit then simply walks through this opening
and stands just inside the room, bathed and held within this
pool of light.

     At this time, if you have the sight
and you look further back into the light behind the deceased
spirit, you will usually see at least one advanced spirit being
or angel standing there, as if patiently waiting a dozen or so
feet behind the spirit visitor. A deceased relative or friend
of the visiting spirit will also often be seen standing just
behind and to the side of the spirit visitor, often holding their
hand or resting a hand on their shoulder.

Lower Sub-Plane Wildlife:

     The most troublesome types of
astral wildlife appear to come from the notorious lower astral
sub-planes. These contain the darker and more negative aspects
of the astral planes. These can be likened to parallel shadows
of the more positively oriented parts of the astral planes. While
still a part of the astral planes, technically speaking, they
are a distinctly separate aspect or part of it, containing all
the darker qualities.      Another way
of looking at this is to consider this to be the night side of
the astral planes, something like the dark side of the moon that
never gets any light from the Sun.

     Low astral wildlife are normally
only capable of operating in dimensions similar to or lower than
their dimension of origin. This is a reasonable suggestion, based
on them having energetic limitations set by their nature and
dimensional level of origin. Some of these beings do seem capable
of operating in the real time zone. The real time zone can be
thought of as being fairly neutral territory, dimensionally speaking.

     All lower types, regardless of
classification or origin, appear to be predatory loners by nature.
They also appear to have varying degrees of strength, intelligence
and ability. By nature, all negative beings exhibit a cold and
almost insect-like nature. Higher feelings like love, compassion
and mercy are totally alien to them. This does not, however,
mean they are evil in the strictest sense of the word. It just
means they have no higher feelings whatsoever. Just as a garden
spider has no higher feelings, it is not evil for killing and
eating a beautiful butterfly. It is a spider and therefore acts
according to its nature, and spiders need to feed on insects
to survive.

     From my experience, negative types
do not work well together, regardless of any possible shared
origins. They usually appear to be quite aggressive and combative
towards each other, which results in a distinct pecking order
whenever they are found together. I believe, groups of astral
wildlife only appear to be working together if they are encountered
as doing such. They may sometimes be forced to work together,
temporarily, through circumstances where they have a common interest
or need.

     Astral wildlife can manifest in
an enormous variety of illusory and changeable forms. A regular
favorite is the form of an ugly grinning monkey. The gargoyle
and harpy forms are also quite common. Some of them seem to prefer
a more traditional horned demon-type of look, while others go
for a more contemporary appearance. These latter forms are possibly
modeled on horror movies and TV shows, or even from the modern
nightmares of mankind.

     The size and appearance of an entity,
as seen by a projector, or with real time or astral sight, gives
no any fair indication of its actual strength and intelligence.
Many small and weak entities seem to delight in looking big and
dangerous. This is much like how an animal will fluff up its
fur to make itself seem bigger that it really is during a confrontation.
Stronger and more intelligent entities, however, do not seem
to bother overmuch with pretense and may even use their original
form, if they have one that is. I have seen entities the size
of polar bears run screaming when "BOO!" is said to
them. And, I have seen others the size and appearance of large
rats that I would not interfere with by choice.

     Many entities seem to choose a
form they have taken from the mind of a projector, which indicates
some degree of telepathic ability. They use this to generate
the maximum level of fear possible. This is a very good reason
for projectors to keep their minds clear and mask their true
feelings when they encounter or are forced to deal with astral

     The weaker and by far the most
common types of astral wildlife, those responsible for the majority
of Elemental and Dweller-type scare attacks, (See Astral Dynamics),
seem to have very little power of their own. These are fairly
weak, timid creatures and their appearance is always a greatly
exaggerated illusion. They will usually beat a hasty retreat
whenever approached by a projector with a firm or confrontational
attitude.      Most negative entities
dislike direct attention and actively avoid being seen. They
will thus generally avoid direct encounters with projectors,
preferring to use illusion to do their mischief for them. This
is especially so with more experienced projectors who are far
more likely to fight back.

     Some types of astral wildlife seem
attracted to, and possibly even to feed upon, the energetic vibrations
generated and broadcast by overly fearful projectors. Once encountered,
continued fear and timidity, on the part of a projector, seems
to make astral wildlife more aggressive. Their intimidating behavior
is, however, always minus any kind of direct attack. This indicates
they are not capable of mounting a direct attack on a projector,
and my experience supports this. Increased and continuing fear
on the part of a projector will often attract others of the same
type, thus increasing their numbers and making things generally
worse for a projector. For all this, the appearance of these
types is still quite rare.

     The vast majority of astral wildlife
do not, I believe, have the power to directly injure a projector,
but caution is always advised in these matters. It is commonly
thought that non-physical entities of any type are completely
harmless to projectors, and are only capable of scaring them.
While this is generally true, as with the Elemental and Dweller
types discussed in 'Astral Dynamics' there are exceptions. The
real time, astral and all higher bodies are virtually invulnerable,
and definitely cannot be destroyed or killed.      However,
it is possible to suffer energetic damage and weakness through
intense or prolonged attack by the stronger and more intelligent
types of non-physical entities.

     While cases of this are extremely
rare, if the energetic substance of a projected double became
damaged, this damage could reflect back into its physical body.
In this case, the physical body could experience unusual tiredness.
Even more rarely, swellings, rashes and strange marks could also
appear on the physical body. These are much like the swellings,
watery blisters and rashes that are an occasional side-effect
of energetic development work, (See Astral Dynamics for more
details) especially during the early stages when energetic pathways
are being cleared and conditioned. All these symptoms heal unusually
quickly, often disappearing within just a few hours. The energy
body heals and restores itself very quickly if its substance
is disturbed or damaged in any way.

     Any significant attack causing
energy substance loss in the projected double has a fail-safe
side-effect. It causes the immediate abortion of that projection
as a reflex action. Projection is a delicately balanced process
involving a constant two-way energetic-cum-telepathic exchange
between the physical body and its projected double. It does not
take much to interfere with this process and cause it to abort,
resulting in the immediate return of the projected double to
the safety of its physical body.

     Please keep in mind here that attacks,
and especially attacks causing actual energetic damage or substance
loss, are rare in the extreme and are not something to overly
worry about. To draw a parallel of the risks involved, this is
roughly equivalent to a recreational swimmer being seriously
injured by dangerous marine life. Injuries are fairly rare events
for the average swimmer, with the biggest danger being nothing
more than an occasional jellyfish sting. Professionals and deep-sea
divers, however, spend a great deal more time in the more unexplored
and untamed parts of the ocean depths, and thus face a slightly
greater risk of harm than do recreational swimmers. This also
applies to frequent projectors, especially those with a natural
propensity for the more occult and metaphysical aspects of out-of-body
exploration. Lastly, this also applies to more experienced and
adventurous projectors, most especially those who actively help
people suffering from psychic/demonic attack and other such entity
related problems.

     The above section provides some
clues as to how the relative strengths and threat potential of
any type of astral wildlife or non-physical entity can be gauged.
If anything manifests directly and acts in an openly threatening
or intimidating manner, it can reasonably be judged as having
no real strength and thus of being no actual threat. These types
can thus be safely confronted and will be found easily discouraged
and driven away, by even the most inexperienced and timid of
projectors if they have the right attitude. If, however, anything
is encountered which acts in a timid or furtive rather than an
openly threatening manner, and immediately tries to hide or leaves
the area, then this is best left well enough alone and not followed
or interfered with. Discretion is always the better part of valor
during such encounters.

     To the very best of my knowledge,
if a projector minds their own business, stays calm, uses common
sense and projects away if they ever find themselves in a bad
situation, they have very little to worry about. Out of all the
thousands of projection related case histories I have been consulted
on, I have only come across a very small handful of situations
where really troublesome astral wildlife were involved. And,
in the majority of these cases, once this situation was confronted
with a braver and more positive attitude the problem entities,
whether real or imagined, simply vanished. Below are two fairly
typical experiences where very low orders of astral wildlife
are encountered:

Low Astral Wildlife
- Case Histories:

White Whirring Things:

Mr. D: My experience can only be explained as bizarre.
My first OBE (so far) happened as I was just nodding off to sleep.
I was trying to leave my body in my waking state but did not
succeed and so I fell asleep and began to dream. Suddenly I felt
as if my astral body were being sucked out of my body through
my mouth (I thought my teeth were going to fall out!). Then I'm
floating above my body and my vision is all blurred. I was in
shock and forgot that I shouldn't panic. I decided to try flying
and so began floating through the roof but quickly willed myself
to stop this as it was all getting just too weird. A little white
thing suddenly flew through the wall making a whirring noise
(imagination? You tell me?) and latched on to my finger, and
this also was just too weird. I found a bottle of chocolate milk
on my bed which wasn't there in real life, but it seemed empty
when I picked it up. Then more little white things started flying
in and sticking to my fingers and it all got just too weird for
me. I couldn't handle this so I willed myself back into my body.

Furry Sharp-Toothed Things:

Mr. K:  My brother and I experienced what we both
believed to be conscious astral projection. We both "saw"
each other that night. (we were both projecting at the same time,
and from the same room). I saw him through a murky vision...but
what he saw on me scared him. He said he saw what looked like
small, pale, hand-sized, furry little creatures all over my projected
body. Their only recognizable features were fur and a mouth full
of tiny sharp teeth. Either we both had the same dream, or nightmare,
or our attempt at joint projection was successful. It was our
first intentional and conscious attempt and because of what we
experienced that night we have not tried it since. As a matter
of fact, we have avoided the subject all together since then.

My Comments:

     These both appear to be fairly
normal first time projections, apart from the astral wildlife
involved. In Dave's case, the exit sensations were felt from
within the dream state. These appear to have woken Dave and he
then experience the full conscious exit. The sucking pressure
he felt on his mouth is a little unusual, but quite understandable.
There are some fairly large secondary energy centers situated
in and around the mouth and lips, and the tongue is also covered
with a high concentration of energy exchange ports.

     The active configuration of the
energy centers of individual projectors varies quite a bit. The
mouth area may, as in Dave's case, be more active than usual
and thus cause more noticeable sensations during a projection
exit. All new projectors should therefore expect many subtle
variations of what they have heard are normal conscious exit
projection sensations.

     The small entities encountered
in both the above cases are a very low order of astral wildlife.
These are a small, energy feeding type of entity, something like
a lower astral version of a mosquito or leech. These things are
quite common and seem to bother some people more than others,
just as mosquito's are attracted more to some people than to
others. These small entities would have fed on these people regardless
of whether or not they were projecting; and done them no real
harm in the process. It may be coincidental that these projectors
surprised them while these mosquito-like beings were feeding.
It is likely these were attracted to these projectors solely
because it was sensed they were sleeping at this time. They either
didn't notice, or didn't have the intelligence to care, that
their intended prey was consciously projecting and not sleeping
at this time.

     The fingers or toes are the most
common attachment areas for energy feeding types, large or small.
These areas both contain high concentrations of energy exchange
ports and important secondary energy centers, through which energy
is normally exchanged. These areas can also function in reverse,
as with healing where a reverse energetic flow is generated by
a healer. An energy feeding entity, in a similar way, creates
an energetic demand upon the etheric body in order to drain energy
from it. If the entity is hungry or low on energy, this energetic
flow is probably triggered automatically through simple contact.

     It is also possible the sucking
sensation Dave felt in his mouth, during the exit, was caused
by these small energy feeders. Some of them may have been attached
to the mouth area of Dave's etheric body and were disturbed or
dislodged when he projected, only to return and attempt to reattach
a short time later.

     The above types of experience,
while fairly rare, can also be classed as something like a Dweller
on the threshold kind of experience. This type of astral wildlife
appears to be no more dangerous than the average leech or mosquito.
They are more annoying than harmful, although they will often
scare the daylights out of an inexperienced or uninformed projector.
I suggest all small energy feeding types, in any possible variation
of the above, be treated accordingly…as natural pests. If
these projectors had actively imagined these small entities as
bursting into flames, or even swatted at them with their real
time hands, they would have vanished or detached themselves and
beat a hasty retreat. For more on this subject (See Astral Dynamics).


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