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Miscellaneous Astral Case Histories

Author: Robert Bruce

Copyright - Robert Bruce (In The Land Down-Under = Australia)



Waking Paralysis Related Case

#1: Ms. E:

Ms. E.   I had another
spontaneous, unwanted, OBE a few days ago. I was sitting in for
a Maths lecture to take a nap (I don't take Mathematics) and
was feeling very cold, rather hungry and miserable as I tried
to fall asleep. Since I felt guarded trying to nap, I was thus
fully conscious while trying to sleep. Then it happened again!
That inexorable "falling" or "drifting apart"
sensation and before I knew it, I was racing forward at this
crazy speed. Goodness know to where.

I 'instinctively' knew I was floating a few feet in the air,
and I could 'actually feel' my astral body being whizzed away
from my physical!!!! At that moment I thought unhappily to myself
- "oh, no, its happening again!!" Then I tried to get
out of it, pulling and dragging myself back mentally, but my
physical body was absolutely paralyzed (once again).

I could "see" what was happening all through this!
It was rather bright (like the lecture theatre at the time),
but greyish with "stars" and bright dots everywhere,
and I was in a tunnel of some kind. I was still very aware of
being inside my body which was slumped over the desk, while about
70% of my consciousness resided in my projected body. I could
also see myself whizzing away from where I actually was, seen
from inside my physical body, into this awesome tunnel. At first
I only whizzed headfirst into the tunnel, and I knew I was only
looking ahead. After a second or two, when I desperately tried
to look back at where my desk was, I turned my head around, but
then as I looked back, I realized to my absolute astonishment
that I could see 'all' around me at once, all at the same time!!
My attention was focused on looking behind me, but I could also
see all around myself at the same time. The best analogy I could
use was that I was some sort of ball (of light???!!) and could
see all around myself. I felt smaller than usual, definitely
weightless, and much less clumsy.

My Comments:

The above case history shows a very interesting paralysis-cum-projection
experience, with a mixed bag of sensations and perceptions. These
came from a fully paralyzed physical body as well as from its
projected double, both at the same time. While no vibrations
were evident here, it does show the warning signs of the onset
of a waking paralysis episode and the link between this and spontaneous
projection (the sinking feeling marking separation and exit)
from Ms. E's deeply relaxed but awake state. A tube-type of projection
exit occurred here (probably brow centre related) against Ms.
E's will. Ms. E also experienced the mind-split effect (dual
existence) first-hand, and was aware of existing in two bodies
at the same time. Ms. E was fully aware of being out of her body,
but was also aware of being inside her paralyzed physical body
slumped at her desk. Astral sight was also experienced from within
the paralyzed physical/etheric body, as was spherical vision
from within the projected double.

#2: Mr. T.S.:

Mr. TS: Just before all the strange sensations, I was
focusing on my body, trying to bring each part into a deeper
level of relaxation, for a planned projection attempt. I then
felt a numb pressure, a strong but gentle force pressing into
the centre of my forehead. This was quite relaxing and soon my
whole forehead began tingling. I tried to expand that feeling
through my body, moving it down into my chest. As I did I felt
a strong wave of vertigo - like I had lost my sense of up and
down. I also felt rather nauseous and began to feel very hot.
I felt very uncomfortable at this point and tried to remove the
covers and get my bearings, but I found I was paralyzed and couldn't
move a muscle. It was as though my body weighed a ton. After
a few minutes and a lot of effort I suddenly regained motion,
and as soon as I did all the strange sensations vanished. Other
than the heat (and to a degree the nausea), it was not an uncomfortable
episode, in fact the sensations were rather exciting.

My comments:

While there were no feelings of fear, dread or presence in
the above case history, there was excitement and total physical
paralysis, plus other sensations associated with a projection
being in full progress during this whole waking paralysis episode.
The pressure and tingling this man felt in his brow area point
to his brow centre being very active during this projection,
indicating this is probably his most naturally active primary
energy centre. I'd say he succeeded with his projection attempt,
but lost the shadow memories held by his projected double during
reintegration. I would say the moment of separation was marked
by the wave of vertigo he felt. His experience was centred in
his physical/etheric body the whole time, creating strong physical
memories (excitement) which would have contributed to the failed
shadow memory download during reintegration. The nausea and heat
he experienced, while unusual for a projection attempt, are typical
of heavy energy movement sensations coursing through the physical/etheric
body. The discomfort these sensations caused indicates energy
blockages and narrowed energy pathways are present. These sensations
would, I suspect, gradually ease during subsequent projections,
through the forced type of energetic development this causes.

#3: Ms. P:

Ms. P: Paralysis episodes have been happening to me since
I was a small child (I'm 40'ish now) and they seem to happen
in "clusters". In other words, I might not have anything
for months, and then many will happen in a short period of time.
They usually come during my sleep at night, waking me up, but
have also happened while trying to nap during the day.

I actually projected once during the day, which was a wonderful
experience and quite different from the paralysis I normally

Here's what usually happens: during sleep, my normal dream state
seems to take on a bizarre or sinister twist and I'm overcome
with fear - because I know what comes next! The dream (of whatever)
ceases, and the vibrations start. As they increase in intensity,
I find myself completely heavy and totally paralyzed in my physical
body...and at the same time very frightened. Sometimes it feels
as though an evil entity is trying to overtake my body. At this
point I feel a primal scream coming from the very depths of my
soul, as if to save myself. Apparently, I do actually yell out
and cry at times, as my husband reports that he frequently has
to wake me because I'm having a bad dream. The moment he touches
me, or I am able to move even a little finger, its all over.
But I am left with a sense of dread and uneasiness, although
I am then wide awake. And the funny thing is, if I go right back
to sleep, it will happen if the first episode wasn't

I've tried everything over the years, including fighting it,
accepting and relaxing into it, surrounding myself with white
light, praying before sleep, commanding it to stop, and actually
wanting and trying to consciously project -- nothing works. Those
times in which I really try and relax into it and just let it
happen seem to be the most frustrating, because it feels like
such an effort and struggle, and then nothing happens - I just
end up getting paralyzed again.

The most dramatic time, the time that I did get out, was quite
pleasant, although it was extremely brief and during the daytime.
This particular time, I was napping in my bed during the day,
and suddenly the vibrations started. This time was different,
though, I seemed to roll over right through the frame of my waterbed,
and it felt as if I was hovering right by the side of my bed.
But I didn't feel completely out, it seemed as if the lower part
of my body was still attached. I remember looking at my night
stand, the floor, and other things in the immediate area. They
seemed to "glow" with a blue colour. Then I was able
to lift my hand and look at it, and as I did, I realized that
this was the "real" thing, and I felt very happy and
excited...then it was over. For the rest of the day, I walked
around on cloud nine, almost as if this were concrete proof to
me that there is an afterlife. I was very elated.

My Comments:

This above case history shows fairly severe and repeating
waking paralysis. Ms. P appears to have fairly strong natural
projection abilities, but has obviously become intimidated by
the fear her frequent bouts of paralysis are causing; which is
quite understandable. It is also quite possible that emotional
feedback is playing a significant part here. This is compounding
her natural fears, causing an emotional tug-of-war between her
dream mind, etheric mind and her projected double, in varying
combinations. The latter part of this letter also shows the marked
differences between night and day projection, and how much less
fear is caused during daylight projections. She thoroughly enjoyed
her one remembered daytime projection and experienced no fear
at all. This strongly suggests that her natural fears are contributing
to or even creating the underlying conditions which are causing
her waking paralysis episodes. Of note, her hand did not melt
when she looked at it, but it is possible she did not look at
it for long enough to cause the melting hands effect.


Miscellaneous Case Histories:

#1:  Ms. S:

A - Ms. S: I got up early one morning to go to the
bathroom. When I returned to bed my body felt tingly and fuzzy
all over. I lay down and after about ten seconds I felt a strong
sinking feeling. When the sinking feeling stopped I felt as if
I was moving inside of myself. I then had the most distinct feeling
of leaving my body and then of hovering in the air above my bed.
I felt disorientated and my vision was distorted (I think I was
seeing in all directions at the same time). I had no body. I
was a point of consciousness. I wasn't sure how to move (I've
since read your 'Treatise on OBE -- 1994). After a few seconds,
I was suddenly pulled back inside my body, but I never felt myself
re-enter. I raised my head, laid it back on the pillow and began
the process again. I left my body four times that morning. I
was really excited because everything felt so real.

B: For the last few nights I've been trying to get
out using the Rope Method. I lay on my bed and feel myself climbing
the rope. Its hard for me to stay still for long because I start
to get an extremely ticklish sensation (especially my face) and
sometimes it feels as if parts of my face are twitching. Eventually,
it gets unbearable and I have to scratch, which breaks my trance.
Also, if I do feel that something is really happening, I get
a surge of fear and excitement in my chest. I think this also
hurts my chances of getting out, but I'm not sure what to do
about it. At times I get the subtle feeling that the sinking
energy feeling is about to start, however, as soon as I have
this realization the feeling subsides. Its as if realizing that
the sinking feeling is about to occur prevents it from happening.

My Comments:

A. I would hazard a guess that this lady had an OBE
already in progress while she went to the bathroom. When she
returned to bed her projected double appears to have returned
and immediately exited again (sinking feeling) taking her center
of consciousness with it this time.

B. While managing spontaneous exits well, this is a
good example of how heavy Cobweb sensations can ruin an otherwise
successful projection through distraction. The torso energy surge
is also quite evident here. This all indicates Susan is very
close to succeeding at conscious exit projection, despite all
these problems. (See Astral Dynamics for more information on
Cobweb phenomenon, and how to overcome it)


#2: Mr. C:

Mr. C: I lay on my back in bed and went through my relaxation
techniques and my body went completely numb and felt very heavy.
At the point where I start to actually project I realized I was
having a projection and my heart jumps in excitement and shocked
me back to my physical body. My heart felt like it was going
150 plus. Next time, I was just relaxing and not intending to
have a projection. All at once my astral body rose out of my
physical body at what felt like a 90 degree angle. Like a SNAP.
Then I knew again where I was about to go. All of a sudden thunderous
lightning sounds tingled and crackled loudly all around me. I
struggled to maintain this place, but faltered and slipped back
again, in excitement, into my physical body.

My Comments:

The above experience shows some fairly heavy exit sensations,
with heavy thrumming and surging of emotional energy through
the chest and heart center, plus loud astral noises ruining an
otherwise successful projection. The surge of emotional energy
through the chest area and the problems this can cause are also
quite evident here.


#3: Mr. T:

Mr. T: I have tried to project many times, and tried
energy work with my chakras, but have never quite managed to
get out of my body. I did have some very interesting experiences
though: I could definitely feel energy coming up through my legs,
and could feel my base chakra pulsating and throbbing. When I
get into the trance state, my arms and legs feel strange and
enlarged, as if they are floating, and I can't tell if they are
touching anything, or upside down or which way they are. I think
I have started to separate from my body a few times, but each
time this happened I think "Wow, something might happen
this time" and my excitement ruins it. A few other times
I have just been lying in bed trying to get to sleep and it has
just started happening. I feel this incredible rush of energy
go right through my body, very strong in my chest area, then
once again I get excited and think "Wow, something is really
happening and I'm not even trying", and this ruins it again.

My Comments:

This is a good example of energy movement up the legs and
strong physical sensations in the base center. The emotional
energy surge is especially strong here and appears to be causing
most of the problems. It also shows how reacting to the torso
energy surge by becoming excited can ruin an otherwise successful
projection exit. Conscious exit projection, or even going along
with a spontaneous projection exit, requires a delicate mental
balancing act. The physical body and its mind and emotions must
be kept under strict control at all times. Emotional reactions
to the projection reflex are especially troublesome for new projectors.

#4: Mr. F:

Mr. F: Recently, I was sleeping in a tent and had a
strange experience. I became totally relaxed, and then started
to feel this energy, a really light energy, all through my body.
I felt this very strongly in my hands. I lay very still, thinking
about nothing for several minutes. Then, I felt these really
strong vibrations and thought "I can go out of my body now!"
My vision changed from pitch black to blurry white. It was really
freaky. At the same time, I felt the definite sensation of my
upper body slowly moving out of my regular body. The weird part
was that I was in control and could feel the essence of being
in two bodies at the same time. My heart then started pounding
really fast and I got scared. This ended the experience.

My comments:

The above experience shows strong energetic sensations, vibrations
and energy movement in the hands and up the arms (two main energy
conduits into the upper body and the higher primary centers).
Partial astral vision is experienced prior to the projection
(blurry white). It also shows a mild sensation of duality caused
by the mind-split at close range and of fear caused by normal
exit sensations (racing heart center) ruining an otherwise successful
spontaneous conscious exit projection.

#5: Mixed Experience - "Ms.

This case history illustrates some confusing aspects of projection,
and how dream memories often become mixed with projection memories.
I have broken this up into parts A & B, to clarify my comments
on each part. (I will be using this format with all case histories
in this book)

Ms S: A: After trying your new rope technique, I suddenly
became aware of myself floating 5 feet above my body. I was paralyzed
and scared and couldn't move. Strong vibrations were travelling
throughout my body. A black hole appeared near me and I started
really zipping through it. I suddenly realized I was in the stages
of a full astral projection and panicked. Fear of what was happening
stopped the process.

B: I woke up half an hour later, then finally went
back to sleep and began what I thought was lucid dreaming. In
the lucid dream I decided to practice my flying. I went outside,
ran and jumped into the air and was soon flying very high and
fast. Suddenly I felt my real body back in bed and the flying/falling
sensation became much stronger. At first I was scared, but then
decided to go with it. Suddenly, I was back in my physical body,
briefly, and was then catapulted out of my body again and was
left standing (wobbly sea legs and all) in my bedroom facing
my dresser. I was so excited! I knew I was out of my body in
what you have called the real time zone! I decided not to go
too far or to stay out too long (taking your advice to keep it
ultra short) so I returned to my physical body. I lay on top
of my physical body, expecting to be reunited with it immediately.
My projected double seemed not to connect with my physical body
right away, so I decided to go back out again. The moment I had
the thought I popped right out again. I turned around to look
at my body on the bed but could not see it, but I did see my
husband clearly in bed beside me. My attention was then drawn
to a bright light coming from my side of the bed. As I looked
closer, I discovered a long rectangular TV screen playing Mickey
Mouse cartoons. I was amused. I couldn't wait to tell my husband,
so I laid down to re-enter my body again. It took a few minutes
to get settled back into my body. I patiently waited, not scared
at all. Several times I lifted my astral arms out to see if I
was back, and could see them clearly each time. I started counting
and feeling for and wiggling my toes and then, suddenly, I was
back in my body. I woke my husband to tell him "I DID IT!!!"

My Comments:

A: This first part shows waking paralysis, but as felt
from the projected double's side. I'd say its possible the physical
body was also awake and paralyzed at this time, but the memories
of this seem to have been lost here. Ms. S's projected double
may have been picking up the vibrations and paralysis from her
physical body. Some degree of emotional feedback (fear and anxiety)
seems to be at work here, possibly causing paralysis - the most
likely scenario. The projected double's side of these memories
has replaced the physical body's side after this part of the
experience ended. This also shows the start of an astral tunnel
or tube type experience. If Ms. S had gone with this she would
have definitely ended up somewhere within the astral planes.

B: This shows how strong physical sensations, often
felt during a projection exit, can be equally felt from within
dreams, lucid dreams and projections. This also shows the strong,
often visceral connections which exists between all these states
of being. And, how a dream or lucid dream can be converted into
a projection if the projector initiates and/or goes with the
projection sensations when they occur, i.e.., falling, vibrations
and other projection related sensations. This experience also
shows how Lucid Dreams and projections can happen at the same
time, and how these will often become mixed during the memory
download into the physical brain - all contributing to the final
memory set.

This experience shows the wisdom of keeping early projections
ultra short. Ms. S's missing physical body and the Mickey Mouse
on TV part shows how reality fluctuations can occur during a
projection. Ms. S studied the area where her physical body should
have been, maybe a little too closely, possibly causing this
reality fluctuation. Ms. S's subconscious mind may, on the other
hand, have been unable to accept the possibility of seeing another
Ms.S. It may have created the TV set when it hid her physical

If Ms. S had not re-entered her body so quickly after the exit
I doubt she would have recalled any part of this experience -
reentry was difficult enough as it was. I would say Ms. S's physical/etheric
mind had only lightly fallen asleep and was a fair way off the
deep-sleep state. A very early light-sleep state is the perfect
time for the projected double to reenter its physical body and
cause it to wake or partially wake. This maximizes the chances
of shadow memory recall. Working out this perfect time is quite
difficult though, as everyone slides into sleep, and through
the various stages of sleep, at different rates.

#6: Duality experience - "Mr.

This next case history shows duality, a symptom of the mind-split,
being experienced during a real time projection.

Mr. S:  A: I was
meditating in a chair when, quite suddenly, I began to see through
my closed eyelids, and could see the room around me clearly.

B: I then got up, out of my body, and was walking down
the hall to see the rest of the house when the phone rang. It
sounded as if I was hearing this 'twice', one ring slightly before
and out of phase with the second, almost like an echo. I assumed
it was because of some kind of a lag in my physical body's nerve
impulses, etc, from when the ear comes in contact with the sound
to when the brain recognises it as a sound. This was not a very
pleasant experience, and it was something unlike anything else
I had experienced previously, so I immediately sped back to my

C: I got out of the chair to share my experience with
someone. The only person I could find had just picked up the
phone and was talking on it. This was the telephone I'd heard
during the OBE.

My Comments:

A. This shows clear real time sight was enabled just
prior to the exit, which is typical of most conscious exit projections.

B. Shows some of the effects of the mind-split, re
the uncomfortable effects Mr. S experienced, indicating some
mild auditory astral feedback. This was probably caused by hearing
the same sound from two different but connected bodies at the
same time. It also shows how real life sounds can be heard during
a real time projection.

C. An apparently real life event (objective experience)
was witnessed during this projection (telephone ringing) and
this event was verified immediately after the projection.


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