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Lauràelle, the Ceremony & the Sword: An OBE Experience

Author: Robert Bruce

Copyright 1999 - Robert Bruce (In The Land Down-Under = Australia)



I have profoundly hesitated over the telling of this tale for
many years. I have a lifetime of experiences like this to share,
but some (like this one) may seem way over the top to some people,
no matter how its written. This is simply because they lack any
kind of experience that would allow them to relate to it. Because
of this, part of me says to keep these things to myself, while
another part urges me to share everything freely. So, although
I am still undecided on this matter, I've decided to take a risk
and let you, the reader, be the judge.

The following experience happened in the mid 80's. This is
one of the most extraordinary OBE experiences I have had to date.
It occurred during a powerful real time projection around midnight.
It depicts some highly unusual events. Please trust that I have
taken great pains to add nothing to this powerful experience;
and have not taken poetic license nor romanticized it in any
way. On the contrary, I shortened and toned it down a great deal
during the writing of it.

Many of you are, or will soon become, projectors in your own
right. Some of you, I am quite sure, will have experiences every
bit as awe-inspiring as this one may seem to you right now. And
after reading this, at least you will have something to measure
your own extraordinary experiences against. And maybe one day
you'll think to yourself, hey, that Astral Knights story of Robert's
is not so weird after all. When out-of-body it really does pay
to be prepared for the unexpected -- understatement!
And if you think "Hey, Robert's getting really strange on
us here" then I challenge you to prove me wrong or otherwise:
get out of your body and see for yourself what's really and truly
out there.

My friends, there is a whole lot more to OBE and other dimensions
than meets the eye. Other dimensions, even the relatively simple
and stable real-time zone, have aspects to them that are hidden
for the most part, even to the most serious and dedicated of
experienced projectors. I honestly think its more a matter of
sincerity, heartfelt open-mindedness, belief and a willingness
to believe, than it is of skill or ability or natural talent.
But I do not extend this thought to include the imaginations
and fantasies of a vaporous mind.

The following is, going by all I know and trust and hold dear,
a fully objective Real-Time experience, had immediately after
leaving my physical body. I was fully awake when I left my body,
fully awake and coherent during the experience, and fully awake
when I reentered it. There was no break in consciousness at any
time, and I had a full shadow memory download. I did not leave
the real-time environment; nor my own house (nor my own mind
for that matter) at any time during this experience.

    It begins. Buzzing out of my body
around midnight, I floated towards the dining room and stopped
cold. A being, looking much like a traditional gargoyle, was
hovering near the kitchen entrance, high up on the wall. It was
an ugly brute about the size of a large dog, humanoid but with
over-long legs and arms, dark leathery body and a leering caricature
of a face with dull-red glowing eyes. It was hunched motionless
with knees held to its chest just inside the wall about head-high.
It seemed to be watching me but I don't think it was aware I
had spotted it yet. I floated forward to confront it and it sprang
to life. It moved with the strobe-like jerkiness common to many
negative entities; when seen clairvoyantly or during a real-time
OBE. Turning, it moved through the wall away from me…and
into the nursery. A fierce shiver of energy coursed through me
and all fear vanished as I thought about what this thing might
be doing to my children.

A cold, calm rage filled me and my heart center (of my projected
double) throbbed heavily as energy poured into me; coming from
my physical body. I desperately wanted to drive this thing away,
or kill it if I could. There had been an uncomfortable atmosphere
in our house lately that came and went. My children had not been
sleeping well, having nightmares, night terrors and et cetera.

I racked my brain for a way to attack it and remembered something
I'd read many years ago by Dione Fortune, in her excellent book,
Psychic Self Defense. Dione said to ask for your sword and armor
whilst out-of-body, or if this failed, to create them for yourself.
I decided to try creating one first, not having much faith that
some mysterious being or force from above might actually give
me a sword and armor. I'm a realist at heart and although I'd
seen a lot of strange and wonderful things, especially during
out-of-body experiences, I'd never seen anything that might lead
me to believe something as fantastical as this might ever happen.

I held out my hand and visualized a big, double-handed broad
sword, just as Dione had suggested in her book. The sword slowly
formed and came into sight over a few seconds, like an image
appearing on photographic paper in development fluid. I turned
to move after the creature but the sword faded as soon as I ceased
holding it in shape with my mind. I remade it several times but
it kept fading away. Frustrated and with a sense of growing urgency,
I gave up on the idea of creating a sword. In exasperation, I
decided to try the other method. 'What did I have to lose,' I
thought? Quieting my mind I raised my hand, sincerely and most-reverently
asking God aloud for my sword. What happened next totally blew
me away and changed my understanding of OBE forever!

The following events, apart from being
greatly shortened and toned down here and there, are as accurately
given as I can remember and write them.

A long, deep horn blast sounded far off behind me and hung
in the air as a rumbling cloud slowly formed in front of me,
just above my dining table. It looked like a heavy rain cloud:
mottled dark-gray and solid looking, like a miniature thundercloud
about the size of a small motor car. It had shape, depth and
movement and generated an atmosphere of great power and presence.
Flashes of internal lightning and sparks of colored light came
from within the cloud, lighting up the dimly-lit room with every
flicker and flash. The cloud hummed and rumbled, pulsating with
awesome power. A deep voice then boomed from inside the cloud.
It was mega-loud, deep and resonant, sounding just as anyone
might imagine the voice of God would actually sound.

To date, I still have no idea what this
cloud was, where it came from, why it appeared before me, nor
of who the being was that spoke to me from within it was. I am
not in any way, shape or form, claiming or intimating this was
the actual voice of God -- but it does make one wonder, as this
is most definitely a 'burning bush' kind of experience.

The voice from within the cloud addressed me by my full name.
It then began a long address, speaking powerfully and eloquently
in clear English. It went through a lengthy spoken ritual and
finished by listing the extensive virtues and accomplishments
of something or someone named, Lauràelle. This went on
for several minutes with no repetitions. I was absolutely awe-struck
and speechless by all this. I don't remember all the dialogue
as the voice had a whole lot to say, but as memory serves me
the ritual went something along the lines of this:

"You are summoned here by the Continuance."

"To stand forth; free and unfettered by flesh."

"For the timeless ceremony of knighthood."

"As in your beginning, so stand you now."

"Having passed the required trials and tests."

"As defined by the ritual of Continuance."

"Judged fit for service by your peers."

"Judged fit to rejoin the Continuance."

"Judged fit to renew your vows."

"Judged fit to receive your sword."

There was lots more, but in brief, the voice continued,

"Who holds this man to rejoin the Continuance?"
The far off horn sounded one loud, sharp blast.

"I do!" spoke a strong male voice from close behind
me. Startled (understatement of the century)
I turned to see a large man with an enormous broad sword, wearing
a full suit of heavy plate armor and chain mail standing behind
me. He raised the great sword and moved to stand beside me. He
lifted his visor and nodded as if he knew me. I smiled and nodded
back at him.

By this time I was beyond speechless and nothing would have
surprised me.

The voice continued

"Who holds this man to rejoin the Continuance?"

The horn sounded another deep blast that made me jump; out
of my skin if I had one.

 "I do!" spoke a woman's voice from beside
me. Turning, again stunned, another armored knight with a raised
sword moved to stand on the other side of me. This one was a
woman by the sound of her voice and the shape of her armor. She
was much smaller than the man and wearing a different type of
armor. Her's was almost white with a platinum sheen to it. They
kneeled each side of me, he on my left and she on my right. They
faced the cloud with heads bowed and swords held by blades, points
resting down with hilts before their faces as if they were praying.

This same ritual was repeated many times until a dozen armed
and armored knights, both men and women, stood all around me
with swords raised. Each one appeared and answered as the horn
sounded a blast and the great voice repeated the question. They
slowly formed a semi-circle with me in the center, all kneeling
and facing the awesome cloud. At certain points in the ritual
they spoke, sometimes singly and sometimes together, answering
the many questions put to them by the incredible voice.

The voice told us all to rise. The first two knights who had
spoken out, moved to stand close on either side of me, with each
resting a hand on my shoulder. They lifted their visors and smiled
warmly at me. The big man looked me straight in the eye and nodded
his bearded head firmly. The woman smiled and winked at me. I
nodded and smiled back. They both seemed very real, human and
familiar, but from where or when I knew them I could not recall.
At the time of writing this book, I still don't know who or what
they are or where they come from, even though I've seen them
many times since and have grown extremely fond of them all.

The great voice continued:

"Forged and wrought for the glory of God, shaped by angelic
hands and blessed with the gift of life by the Holy Spirit, I
give you the sword… Lauràelle! Lauràelle stands
out against the darkness! Defender of life! Slayer of dragons!
Scourge of all demons! Bringer of light and wielder of death!
Child of the holiest of holy swords…I give you the sword…Lauràelle!"

The voice went on at some length here, listing virtues and
deeds and battles and all kinds of stuff that made no sense at
all to me. I remember only a very small part of the entire dialogue.

At the end of this, the voice stopped and a brilliant shaft
of light appeared, coming from high above and piercing a hole
through the swirling clouds, up where my ceiling used to be.
Something long and sparkling swirled and sank slowly towards
me from a great height. The voice started talking, and again
it had a whole lot to say. I was prompted to kneel in prayer
at this point and then to raise my right hand and repeat some
lengthy vows, as given me by the voice. It felt right so I went
along with this in all sincerity. My outstretched arm and hand
I noticed at this point was covered in burnished steel. Glancing
down at myself, I found I was wearing a full suit of armor. With
a final sparkling sunburst, the sword Lauràelle spun down
into my open hand, slamming into it like an old friend shaking
my hand. I stood up and the wonderful cloud slowly faded from
sight with a final verbose blessing.

I hefted the sword and swished it about, marveling at its
glittering length and feel. Engraved along its blade were strange
designs and words etched in a language I did not recognize. These
moved under my fingers as I ran my hand over them. The sword
felt alive and vibrant with energy.

I had originally tried creating a huge two handed broad sword
like my bearded friend held, so tried to manipulate the shape
of this sword with my mind. It faded slowly and formed into the
huge sword I had earlier tried to create, but snapped back into
its original form the moment I relaxed my will. Lauràelle
has a set form I cannot alter. She looks something like you might
expect an ornate knight's sword to be, possibly French, with
a beautifully engraved blade and bejeweled cross hilt. Lauràelle
has a quality and presence that demands respect, making it very
clear she is not just some pretty toy or adornment.

Looking around, wondering what I should do, dumbfounded at
the enormity of this whole experience, I saw the other knights
were sheathing their swords and waving, as if about to leave.
They began fading and winking out all around me, disappearing
to God knows where or when: maybe back to normal lives like mine,
maybe not. I soon found myself alone and moved through the wall
to check on my children. They were all sleeping soundly, thank
goodness. There was no sign of the thing I'd seen earlier.

Taking one last incredulous look at Lauràelle, I let
her go. She faded from sight along with my armor. Returning to
my physical body, I got out of my recliner in the living room
and switched on a lamp. I had been out of my body for less than
thirty minutes. Writing down this whole amazing experience, over
a pint of cold milk and a cheese sandwich, I remember smiling
and saying to myself: "Mat one is EVER going to believe
any of this!" I could hardly believe it myself, but it did

Later, as I sat in the near-darkness, pondering on what had
just transpired, I suddenly felt a bit lonely and out of place.
The house seemed to have a surreal quality and, just for a moment,
I wondered if this reality were any more real than the one I'd
just experienced. "Oh my dear God its all so very real",
I said to myself. And as I walked through the house on my way
to bed after tucking in my children, I stopped and looked back
at the dining table where the awesome cloud had been earlier.
I felt something nagging at the back of my mind, like a far-off
memory. Something was telling me that what had just happened
was more important than I realized, and that someday OBE was
going to play a very important part in my life. Of course, this
was many years before Astral Dynamics was even a proverbial twinkle
in my eye:)

     Since having the above experience,
I only have to raise my hand and think of Lauràelle, at
anytime whilst out of my body, and she appears instantly, sliding
into my hand. This continues to amaze me every time it happens,
but I must admit I've become rather attached to the old girl
over the years. I have also put her to good use many, many times
since all of this started. But about that part of my life I cannot
really speak any more on at the moment; sorry. I have, however,
been considering writing two more books, called "Advanced
Astral Dynamics" and "The Astral Missions". These
would, of course, include further investigations into the Astral
Knights phenomenon.

I know the above experience sounds crazy, but its the Gods
truth; I swear this on my life and all I hold dear. I almost
did not share this experience because of this. And the Astral
Knights chapter was cut from my book, Astral Dynamics, for this
same reason -- re its just too crazy to conceive of! I still
know very little about the astral knights, their purpose, history
and origins. They seem a loose-knit group of projectors who are
occasionally gathered together: but gathered by whom or by what
or for what purpose I have no idea. By loose-knit I don't mean
to say its casual. Far from it, the Astral Knights seem a fairly
disciplined group. I meet up with the Astral Knights, during
OBE, a couple of times a year on average. I have no idea who
or what controls this group, but some higher-force most definitely
appears to be behind it all. There are usually a dozen or so
knights present, but many more will appear at times.

I'd like to make it very clear here that I do not control
this group and cannot call them up at will, or get them to do
my bidding -- I wish! I have been in many situations over the
years where I have tried to summon this group, to help people
in cases of apparently genuine need, with varying results; usually
negative. Also, these knights will not always appear when I call
them, even while I am out of my body. This makes research extremely
difficult. To be perfectly honest, I know very little about this
phenomenon and am still trying to come to terms with it myself.

"A SIZE="+2">Case History"

Following is another example of an astral combat type of experience,
but this time from another projector's viewpoint. This illustrates
that this type of out-of-body event is not quite as uncommon
as it may appear to be. I have come across many other projectors
over the years who also appear to be astral knights, and the
majority of these men and women are very matter of fact about
it. They do not consider themselves as being anything special.
It is just something they are moved to do occasionally during
OBE's. Please note that coming across seriously negative type
entities during a projection, as shown in the above and below
experiences, is extremely rare…unless you go actively looking
for trouble, as Rod seems to have done.

Rod: I have found my sword at last! I tried many times
to summon and create one, but eventually it just appeared in
my hand. It has an embossed leaf pattern forming the entire outside
of it. It also has a leaf-like shape which is like nothing I
have ever seen before, but my sword it is. After your armor and
sword suggestion in your last letter, I also created a suit of
armor. It just appeared on me and is made of leaf-like plates,
in a similar pattern to the sword. Suffice it to say - I like

I was out-of-body recently and, K, was with me. I felt something
was missing and raised my arms above my head. I saw a light above
me and a beam of silvery-white light shot down from a portal
about 30 feet above me. It touched my hand and formed into my
leaf sword. It felt right and comfortable and I knew it could
never be taken from me. Now I have it I can 'vanish' it and bring
it back any time I like. In all other projections, since this,
I did the same thing and the sword came back to me each time.
I have since used it against several malevolent entities I have
come across on my travels.

The other night I was out of my body, in real time, and passing
over the city. I saw a black fountain, huge and cloud like, coming
out of a building, extending maybe 50 feet above the roof. I
went to investigate and the fountain disappeared. I felt it was
some kind of a marker and that something was inside the building,
and I was being called to it. I went in through an open window
on the fourth floor and found something in that room. It was
horrible and black - very difficult to describe - and worse than
any film monster I've ever seen. It was standing, snarling over
a cowering person lying on a bed. I tried to push it away but
it pushed me back a 'lot' harder and I was thrown out the window.
I went back in and invoked my sword. It came at me and I swung
the sword over my head and cut the thing in two. Then I swung
the sword from right to left and cut the thing into four. On
some level I knew this wouldn't work and as I watched, the creature
flowed back together, trapping my sword inside it.

I knew the sword was mine and couldn't be taken from me, so
I 'vanished' it and formed it in my hand again. Intuitively,
I raised the sword above my head and visualized a tunnel above
me, going straight up. It formed, and at the other end of the
tunnel I saw a very bright light. Something or someone flew down
the tunnel. They were vaguely humanoid and surrounded by golden
fire. It looked around and then shot back up the tunnel again.
I sent a beam of golden energy out of my sword, and used it to
push the creature upward into the tunnel. It resisted very strongly,
but I kept pushing until finally it fell in. It tried to crawl
back down again but I pushed it one more time and then closed
off the entrance. The tunnel vanished, the room went dark again
and my sword disappeared. I looked at the person curled up on
the bed and saw big purple and black bruises on them, although
maybe this was in their aura. I tried to send energy and love
and healing to them and hope it helped. Then I left and went
back to my body. It was an exhausting and rather disturbing series
of events. I got up and wrote this down and then wandered around
my house, feeling disoriented and odd for quite some time. COLOR="#000099">(Rod)

Receiving a sword and armor when requested appears to be the
sign a projector has long-term connections in the astral planes
and/or higher realms, but of which they may be totally unaware.
It may also mean they have in some way passed a test and been
promoted to active astral duty, or so to speak. Asking for your
sword should ideally be done at the very start of a real time
projection, after moving away from your physical body. You should
raise your hand (feel yourself doing this but don't try and look
at your hand) and ask aloud with deep sincerity and reverence
for your sword. If you are ready for it you will receive it;
its as simple as that. If your first request is not answered,
try again the next time you are out, and keep on trying until
you are ready. (RB)