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Juice Fasting 1.01: Building Will

Author: Robert Bruce

Copyright 1996 - Robert Bruce (In The Land Down-Under = Australia)



Two of the biggest problems with any metaphysical pursuit are:

1. Lack of will power

2. Dietary caused low energy levels

Will Power:

Will power is quite different from 'personality strength'. Just because a person has great personality strength does not mean they have 'self' discipline or 'will' power - the ability to discipline their own self. A person can be very strong when it comes to dealing with other people - personality wise - but can be extremely weak when it comes to disciplining their own personal self.

Will power is all mental and is built up through the exercise of the will - by forcing the body to obey the mind. The mind is everything, and the body eats or fasts, or lives or dies, by its will.

The body and its ego will always fight back, and always for the same things: less work and effort and more pleasure and relaxation.

Will power muscle is built up in much the same way as any other muscle or skill - by exercising it repeatedly. When an olympic weight lifter breaks a record, he does not just walk in off the street and pick up a heavy weight. He trains for years, constantly disciplining himself and lifting smaller weights, gradually building his strength until he can lift the record breaking weights that are his goal.

This is exactly the same with will power. The will must be trained and strengthened through many smaller exercises, until the mind becomes strong enough to control its own physical body and its ego. It must become strong enough to overcome any negative compulsions or urges, that are interfering with its mental and spiritual health and progression.

One of the best ways to strengthen the will is through 'fasting'.

First: Please consult with your medical doctor, to make sure any type of fasting exercise will not damage your physical health.

There are two main types of fasting:

1. Water fasting

2. Juice fasting

Water Fasting:

Its best for a beginner to start with one full day of fasting, starting the night before and finishing the morning after the chosen day of fasting. Take nothing but pure water and lots of it, plus good quality vitamins (and extra soluble calcium). Build the length of the fast, with a decent break between each fast, to three full days of fasting. Any longer than this can harm your health and loses its will power training benefit because, you will find, the physical body does not crave food after the second day - its all psychological from then on. This is difficult if you are working and need your energy for work, because water fasting makes you tired and you will find you'll need a lot more sleep than usual. But you can water fast over the week end, say starting Friday (after lunch) and ending Sunday night or Monday morning. It is best to take a one week break, of normal eating, between each fast.

Juice Fasting:

Juice fasting is much easier than water fasting. It can also be sustained for much longer periods without weakening you too much, or causing too much lethargy and tiredness.

Start with two complete days and take nothing but 1 liter (1 quart) each of fruit and vegetable juice - not mixed together. Make a fresh mix of whatever you like, and or whatever is in season in your local area. Its best to juice this yourself, fresh each morning. But remember to keep a little juice for when you first wake up the next day, so you can have some before you start juicing. Use only fresh, good quality produce for these juices - whatever your budget allows. Ask at your local health shop for a booklet of Juice recipes.

Cabbage, celery, cucumber and carrot (always with a dash of parsley) is a good basic vege juice mix. Pepper and salt and fresh herbs can also be added to improve the taste.

Apple, orange, grapes and watermelon (always with a dash of lemon) is a good basic fruit juice mix.

The above must be adjusted to taste and tolerance (some people can't take cabbage juice) as well as to seasonal expense.

If you don't have a juicer already, I suggest the more expensive 'worm-drive' American-type of juicer be purchased (which will last forever) rather than a cheaper centrifugal type. The latter type do not last very long if you use them a lot - but whatever your budget allows is fine. Any pulp should be thrown away as compost, as it is completely useless for anything else.

If you don't want to juice yourself, buy the best quality fruit and vege juices you can afford, and use them instead. But freshly made juices are much more satisfying and better for you as well.

Take a five ounce (larger or smaller if required) glass of each type of juice, vege and fruit, plus a large glass of water to wash it down, first thing in the morning. From then on, take a glass of each every hour or so (watch the time) plus water. And take a small glass of each whenever you feel hungry or weak. Always keep a few lunch-box sized cartons of fruit and vege juice (V8 is good) in fridge, and always take a few with you if you leave the house - so you don't get caught without juice and are tempted to eat instead.

Take some good quality vitamins plus some soluble calcium and good quality ginseng. The soluble calcium is a *must* or fasting may weaken your teeth. You will also be more lethargic and tired without it. The type I use is called 'Sandocal' and this or something similar will be available from your local chemist or drug store.

Soluble calcium also has the added benefit of aiding psychic abilities, if you are trying to develop and use these.

A few words of advice:

If your breath goes stale during a fast, a salt water mouth wash will help. If your lips start to crack during a fast, cut down on the quantity of 'citrus' in your fruit juice, rinse your mouth and lips after taking juice, and use a good lip balm.

If you smoke and drink coffee or tea, be careful of them from the second day onwards during any type of fast. They will absorb far more rapidly into your system. First thing in the morning especially, they and will tend to send you into mild shock. You may feel highly nauseous and break out into a cold sweat for a few minutes, after taking them. A weaker brew or dose of any of these, if you must have them, is thus recommended. Note, a few cups of weak tea or coffee during the day will help overcome any tiredness, but should not be taken after 6pm as this will make it hard to sleep later that night. No alcohol should be consumed during a fast. Alcohol weakens will power and loosens inhibitions, and the urge to eat will intensify many times, making the fast more difficult than it needs to be.

For extended fasting (any more than three days) a mineral salts sports drink (Gator aide or etc) should be take a few times a day (especially during water fasts). This will help keep your electrolyte balance healthy, which will help overcome a plethora of potential fasting problems. If in doubt or worried by this, please consult your medical doctor over this matter.

Any type of fasting has the added benefit of purging your body of waste matter and has the effect of lifting your bio-energetic levels - caused by poor eating habits and the resulting build up of waste matter in your digestive tract. Purgatives and enemas can also be used, if desired, to rid the body of waste matter during the early stages of a fast - to increase its inner cleansing benefits. If you are inexperienced with these, its advisable to consult a good health food shop or book store for competent instruction on these practices first - with uninformed experimentation 'not' being advised.

Here are other beneficial exercises of the will:

1. Losing weight - strict diet.

2. Giving up smoking, alcohol or any addiction, i.e., coffee

3. Strict vegetarian diet

4. Giving up something you really like to do (preferably a vice of some kind)

5. Breaking any negative type of habit

6. Regular exercise or sport (especially if you are not a sporting type)

7. Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Chi Kung - (martial arts are also good)

8. Memorizing poetry and prose

9. Learn a new skill (musical instrument, sketching, etc)

10. Take up anything new and difficult - anyone for tennis or chess?

A word of advice. For will power training, pick something relatively easy and achievable to begin with. Do 'not' bite off more than you can chew at one time! It takes time to develop your will power muscles. Start with something small. Accomplish this and then, and only then, move on to something else. Do one thing at a time and do it well. Build on your successes and you will become progressively stronger, and will then have the tools that will allow you to succeed with larger goals.

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