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A Solstice Spell To Consecrate

Author: Ambrose Hawk

Brought to you by Ambrose Hawk Consulting, email

This is a chant derived from very early Syrian Christians and reworked to be a consecration and charging chant for a jar of honey that I use as a prime ingredient some of my medicines.

An Evocation of the Sun to empower a substance (in this case a jar of honey) with healing virtue



Hail, Sun of Rightousness,

Who shines upon all the land.

Come upon this (honey);

Send your Sacred Fire into it;

Contain it and reveal it in your holy light.

Manifest your rule above the twelve powers,

That this (honey) become the phane

Where your generosity shines upon our desires.

In the name of your great archangel, Abraxas,

Whose hand is stretched out over the primal rays of the Cosmos,

You must enlighten my heart.

Shine upon me that I may share your joy,

That I may percieve your Wisdom.

Thank you, YHWH:

Holy Powerful One,

Holy Immortal One,

Holy Wise and all knowing One.

Hail, bright and shining Star,

For the joyful light you have shone upon me

Kairos, Kyrios!

light of gladness,

light of the aeons,

light of joy,

light of my eyes,

lamp of my body,

YHWH Sabaoth

Give me the sun as a garmet

and the moon for a cloak.

Carry me in the ship of the sun

That I may sail through and over

The tempest of evil.

Assign to me the rulers of the great planets,

Their spirit, their intelligence, their mighty powers,

That I may share in the life of the stars

And be made worthy to behold your face.

As you love me

You must give me your glory of the sun,

You of the great number,

That I be guarded from all evil.