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(smith). Irish. A God of smithcraft, one of a trio (see also Credne and Luchta ). Aside from his craftsmanship, he is known as the provider of the Fled Goibnenn, a Sacred Feast. Associated, among other things, with brewcrafting, he is said to have formulated a draught of immortality; note the similarity with the Greco-Roman Hephaestus/Vulcan, a divine smith who was also a brewer. His name survives in Abergavenny (Goibhniu's River).

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1. The Celtic gods of this type are Goibhniu and Gofannon, while
The Celtic gods of this type are Goibhniu and Gofannon, while Wayland is a god of this type in the. Northern European mythos.
V ancouver Island Blacksmiths
Goibhniu {gwiv'-nee-oo} - he is the god of blacksmiths and other such metal crafts .
LWTJ - Pantheon - Celtic.ppp
Goibhniu - smithing and craftwork. 11. Lugh - shining master of all skills.
Clan Rathskeller
I might be able to trust Goibhniu, but I'd never be able to trust a faery.
Celtic Tales: Balor of the Evil Eye Information Sheet Key: ( ) = hero
Geoff mac Ben. 74. 49.

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In Irish mythology Goibniu (Old Irish) or Goibhniu (Modern Irish – pronounced ˈɡovʲnʲu or gov-nu) was the smith of the Tuatha Dé Danann.
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Goibhniu (Celtic mythology), ancient Celtic smith god.
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GOIBHNIU: The deity. The Great Smith, who loves tinkering about wid eart'ly tings . He's the sole supp....
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Jul 24, 2006 Her other possible sons were Cian (Kian), Sawan and Goibhniu by Dian Cécht. Danu was also known by another name – Brigit.