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The God of the Hammer

Author: Obsidian

Gaulish/Continental. This is a figure of which a number of images and icons survive. He is invariably represented as a bearded male of pleasant and friendly aspect. He always bears a large, usually long-handled maul. Almost always, he also carries a cup or pot. A number of representations give him a leafy crown, and he is often accompanied by a dog. A few inscriptions survive; some of these name him as "Sucellus" ("Good Striker"), and he is occasionally merged with Silvanus (see above; although note well, the Roman Silvanus never is seen with a maul). Because of his attributes, an identification with Daghda has also been made. He seems to have a number of functions: protector, woodland spirit, healer, and presiding spirit of harvests and, especially, wine-making.

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