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What are the Different Types of Magick?

Author: Strix d' Emerys

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These is high and low, black
and white, tantric, and chaos magick, there are candle, herb, sympathetic,
representational, symbolic, color, crystal, knot, moon, and elemental magick.
Now this is not a complete list, there are many more such as fairy, tree,
sigil and even gargoyle magick. Raymond Buckland and Silver RavenWolf give
the following summary of the different types of magick; each form is well
represented in either of their books.

Candle magick is the use of colored candles to represent the four elements,
air, fire, water and earth. When lit these representations are powerful
forces indeed.

Since the beginning of time mankind has used herbs to heal and
perform magick. The use of herbs in magick is only second to sympathetic
magick in age.

Sympathetic magick is the oldest form of known magick. When
early man first started the hunt he would wear animal skins to become part of
the animal he was hunting. There are many cave drawings that depict this,
but none better than the "Sorcerer" in France.

Those who practice Voodoo or Santeria magick use representational
magick, similar to sympathetic magick. Representational magick is the use of
a personal item, such as a lock of hair or a fingernail clipping to represent
the person for whom the spell is cast.

Symbolic or divination magick is the
use of symbols to represent various ideas. This includes Tarot, Runes and
numerology. Color magick, which is another form or symbolic magick, is the use
of color to achieve a desired result. Each color has a certain quality
assigned to it, and the combination or the individual use of this assigned
color will bring about the desired result.

Crystal or gem stone magick works off the principle that stones give
off a vibration and that using this vibration will assist the practitioner in
healing or in casting a spell.

Knot magick or binding magick utilizes rope,
string, yarn or ribbons to perform a binding spell, which allows the
practitioner to stop someone from performing an unwanted action.

Moon magick
emphasizes the different phases of the moon to perform certain types of

Elemental magick uses the four basic elements of magick; fire, water,
earth and air. Each element has different properties; therefore, they can be
used separately or together in achieving a desired result.

It is important that you understand that each of these forms of magick
has a basic common denominator, that being the intent and the ability to
visualize of the individual. The better the ability to visualize and the
clearer the intent, the greater the chances of achieving your desired result.

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