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What are the elements, and how many of them are there?

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In the context of magick and ritual, you will find that the four elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth are often used. These are powerful representations of natural magick. On the pentacle, our sacred symbol, each point of the star represents one element. The top point of the star stands for the fifth element, that of the Spirit. It means centering, transformation, and that its limits are beyond time and space, as we understand them...

The four elements are:

Air: Compass point: East. Represents intellect, communication, knowledge, concentration; the ability to "know" and
to understand; to unlock secrets of the dead; to contact the angels; telepathy, memory and wisdom; the hawk, the
raven and the eagle; prophecy; movement, Karma and speed.

Fire: Compass point: South. Stands for energy, purification, courage, the will to dare, creativity; higher self; success
and refinement; the arts and transformation; the lion, the phoenix and the dragon; loyalty and force.

Water: Compass point: West. Associated with intuition, emotions, the inner self, flowing movement, the power to
dare and cleanse all things; sympathy and love; reflection; currents and tides of life; the dolphin, the swan and the crab; dreams and dream time.

Earth: Compass point: North. Mystery and growth, fertility, material abundance, the combined forces of nature and
its bounty; birth and healing; business, industry and possessions; the bear, the stag and the wolf; conservation and

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