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Kastor & Polydeukes

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A pair of twins, one (Polydeukes) immortal, the other mortal. Polydeukes is a Patron of Horses, and despite Kastor's
mortality, the two are inseperable. They were seen as rescuers of those in dire need, especially at sea, and the electrical phenomenon known as St.
Elmo's fire was considered a sign of their presence.

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The Kypria
and as the Dioskouroi, Kastor and Polydeukes, in Greece. The story is only com- plete when the young king wins the princess and gains her father's kingdom.
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Homer refers to Tyndareous as father of Kastor and Polydeukes (Odyssey 11.298 -300) and, in the Iliad, Helen refers to her.
Greek Mythology Family Tree
Iphikles Automedusa Helen Polydeukes Kastor Menelaos Chione. Hermes. Endeīs.

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A quest of the imagination.
In the legend of Castor and Polydeukes told by Pindar in the Tenth Nemean Ode, the prayer of Polydeukes when he sees his brother dying begins thus: “On me too, O lord Zeus, lay the end of death,”—. καὶ ϵμοὶ θάνατον ϵπίτϵιλον, ἄνα.

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[1.1] ZEUS & LEDA (both Kastor & Polydeukes) (Hesiod Catalogues of "Hesiod in giving their descent makes them [Kastor and Polydeukes] both sons of Zeus.
Kastor and Polydeukes were very close. They were twin brothers. Their father was Zeus and their mother,a mortal named Leda.
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