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The Primal Beings

Author: Gwydion

Compiled from Obsidian'sDictionary of Pantheons

Not arranged as a distinct class in and of itself, here is, even so, the catalogue of the first entities to manifest in the Hellenic
cosmology, and the sources for all the rest: Aether, Chaos, Erebus, Gaea, Hemera, Nyx, Phanes, Pontos, Uranus.

These beings have the following representations:

Upper Air
Primal being out of which all else emerged
The utter Shadow surrounding Hades
The Earth-Mother herself
The force and Presence of Day and Light
The force and Presence of Night and Darkness
The first light to emerge from Chaos

Lord of the Titans

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5. Consciousness, not matter, is the primal cause of the cosmos
The Vedas assert that Brahman is the primal cause of the cosmos (jagath). being the origin of creation. On the other hand, the Being.
Primal Dance
rwgu sUhI mhlw 4 CMq Gru 1 <> siqgur pRswid ] siqguru purKu
If only I could meet the True Guru, the Primal Being. Discarding my faults and sins , I would chant the Lord's. Glorious Praises.
The p
God is the primal truth out of which all reality arises. The injunction to love God with our entire being calls for an awakening of deep knowledge of God.

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