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A Simple Cleansing Meditation

Author: Dawn Firewolf

Make sure that you have a comfortable chair where you can sit with your feet firmly flat on the ground. Loosen any tight clothing and rest your hands in your lap. Relax and breathe deeply and rhythmically. In. Out. Each time you breathe in, envision yourself inhaling the color blue.

Blue is the color of elemental water. It will help cleanse out whatever 'gunk' there is.

Continue to breathe in the blue color until it surrounds you, as if you are surrounded in a great luminous blue egg. See some of the blue color collect in a pool at your feet, like sparkling water. You have total control of this water - it will do whatever you bid it to do. Bid it to swirl deosil (clockwise) around your feet about 7 times and then tell it to stop. It should stop quickly.

Bid the water to begin swirling in a widdershins (counterclockwise) direction. This time, instead of stopping the motion, let the momentum take the water higher and higher through the core of your being. There is an inexhaustable amount of water - feel and see the water binding with all the mental and psychic 'gunk' as it climbs upward until it bursts out of the top of your head like a fountain. Sometimes, certain thoughts and memories may come up as you do this exercise - let them well up. Let them have their say, thank them and let them go into the water.

There is no limit to how much 'gunk' the water can bind with - feel and see the water falling and rolling down your body, binding any residual 'gunk' that may be there as well. Let the water collect again at your feet.

Continue this until you feel cleansed and then just allow the water to collect at your feet. See it continuing to swirl lightly. Ask Mother Earth to recycle this water and see the water swirl gently into the earth, as if it is going down a drain. Feel and know that you are now cleanse on every level.

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