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How to use the Middle Pillar Meditation

Author: Ivory Cat

So how do we use this system called the Qabalah? In my last essay I gave
a meditation called the Middle Pillar. This is a meditation I have been
practicing for the past five years, and will admit that for the first four I
had no idea that I was working with a Qabalistic meditation. It serves to
strengthen and increase energy flow within our body, it lends itself to
establishing a protective aura of light around our physical body, and it
balances us internally. You'll recall from earlier columns that consistency
of use yields power to those elements which we continually call upon. The
more we use this meditation, the greater our own potential in it's use
becomes for us. After becoming familiar with this exercise, the more you do
it, the faster you will be able to tap into it's energy source. From my
personal experience in this work, all I have to do is think Eh Heh Yeh
(crown chakra) and it instantly feels like starting up an engine.

A most important part of working the Qabalah is using it in your every
day life. It reveals it's secrets to you when you begin associating the Tree
of Life structure to your every day situations. I sometimes use the Middle
Pillar meditation in conjunction with my reiki treatments. I call upon the
spheres, visualize the energy flowing around my body and then I send it to my
patient. At the end of the treatment I wrap the person up in the
multicolored spiraling lights.

I want to share something here about my work in progress concerning the
Middle Pillar. I'll be honest; until several months ago the Middle Pillar
meditation was always my meditation of choice. No other mediation exercise
that I'd tried gave me the depth or energy that I could reach with the Middle
Pillar. Then a friend of mine, Walter Soaring Eagle, introduced me to an
exercise that raises Kundalini energy. On tape, he takes one through a very
safe guided way to raise Kundalini energy. It's similar to the Middle Pillar,
in that it involves awakening chakra centers and then spiraling the light
energy around your body. But the Kundalini energy travels from the root
chakra through a glass tube structure, passing through each chakra center
that is visualized as swirling colored flowers situated in front of the body
and ends up spiraling out of a violet lotus situated at the crown chakra. I
highly recommend Soaring Eagle's tapes.

There are many similarities between this meditation and the Middle
Pillar, activating energy centers and spiraling light energy. The main
difference is that the Middle Pillar starts above the head and travels to the
feet. The Kundalini, or the absolute creative energy, stems from the tail
bone, travels up and out of the crown chakra to a spherical light that hovers
over your head, as in Kether. After I had performed the Kundalini meditation
a few times, something became clear to me, and that was that the Middle
Pillar should perhaps be done in reverse. As I stated before in the essay on
Malkuth, it made sense for us to begin our work from Malkuth and travel
upward to Kether. In another word......"ascension". The Kundalini allows us
to ascend. Although it is our goal to bring down the Divine energy from
Kether to be manifested in our physical world, (Malkuth), we have to be able
to get off the ground in the first place, to be able to "ascend" to Kether.
So I highly advise anyone who wishes to experiment to perform the Middle
Pillar meditation in reverse.

We can use the Middle Pillar meditation to correct inner imbalances
within ourselves. For example, if we are feeling more aggressive than usual
and want to correct it, we can assume that the aggression is stemming from
Geburah. We have more energy situated in the sphere of Geburah (the whip
cracker) than Chessed (the calm, loving folks). We can do the Middle Pillar
meditation, call upon the centers, and when circling the light around us,
give special attention to that section of our body that corresponds to
Geburah and Chessed to balance them out.

We can associate all sorts of things to the structure of the Tree. The
stock market is dynamic, therefore it must be represented by Chokmah, the
dynamic male force. They say it's better to invest for the long term, other
words buy a stock and hold onto it, a static trait of Binah, the female
force. Remember, we need both Chokmah and Binah to manifest anything. Hold
onto good stocks in a dynamic market to manifest money.

Here's another example. I have two cats. One is an 18 years. "Old Cat" is
the most docile, loving cat I've ever met. He exceeds gentle, he is Chessed.
The other is 11 years. He is "Malachite, the swift and terrible, destroyer of
all our things, eater of weird shit". He can be gentle and loving, but he has
bouts of meanness. He is Geburah. Old Cat calms Malachite sometimes, keeps
him company......Malachite provides the antagonism to keep Old Cat awake,
aware, and on his toes. They balance each other (Chessed balances Geburah).
They are both healthier and happier because of their relationship, even
though they still quarrel on occasion.

In ceremony a person could call on a certain Sephiroth as an alternative
to a deity. If Isis is the desired Goddess, one could work with the sphere
of Binah. If a magical working needs Kali, or Shekmet, you could use the
Sephioth of Geburah to get the job done. If you know a certain set of facts
(Hod) but your intuition is telling you something else (Netzach), connect
with these two to find the appropriate answer.

Using the Qabalah is a multi faceted journey. Each person will grow to
use the system in their own personal way. Each person's interpretation of
the Tree will be unique onto themselves just as a persons spirituality is as
exclusive to them as their finger prints. The only requirement is the system
has to be sincerely worked with. It probably will not unveil itself to anyone
by osmosis.

The Tree exists on 4 separate planes or levels simultaneously. Per Dion
Fortune; Atziluth, the Archetypal world, or World of Emanations, the Divine
Worlds. Briah, the World of Creation, also called Khorsia, the World of
Thrones. Yetzirah, the World of Formation and of Angels. Assiah, the Worlds
of Action; the world of Matter. I now believe that Fortune has described
these planes simultaneously throughout her book "The Mystical Qabalah"
instead of addressing each plane separately. Just as each "pair" of Sephirah
needed to be studied simultaneously, or together, because each needs the
other for it's own definition, all planes need to be described together for
complete understanding. This is what also lends to it's complexity.

The Tree of Life also has it's 22 paths that inner connect all the
Sephirah. My next step in my own Qabalistic journey is to find a good book
on the paths so that I may keep writing to help others as well as myself to
understand this system. Until then I want to thank John and Misti for the
opportunity to share my journey on the Qabalah through the Seeker. The best
of blessings to all for a happy, healthy and new millennium.

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