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Black Cord Binding

Author: Ostara Nitewillow

Use this to bind someone from hurting others and themselves. ONLY do this if there are no other options available to you.

You need: Black cord–long enough to tie 3 knots in, A photo of the person harming others

First of all sit and cast circle.

Explain to the universe what you are about to do and ask if it is the right thing.

Think about how the person is hurting others and let the anger build up.

Then all at once say loudly: "(person’s name) I bind you from hurting others!"

Then quickly tie a knot tightly in the cord.

Repeat the process three times or as many times you feel necessary.

When done, say: "Three times three, I bind you (person’s name)!"

Hide the cord and photo in a safe place where the knots won’t come undone.
Or better still, burn the cord so the knots never come undone.

(you don’t really need a photo, but it helps make the magick stronger)

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