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Poppet Magick and an Example for Healing

Author: Ostara Nitewillow

There are various forms and types of this magick, and listed below is a basic guide and some tips on how to enhance your poppet spell. Poppet magick is extremely powerful and should be used with care.

Most people associate poppet magick with Voodoo and perceive it as harmful. In most cases the poppets used in Wicca are used for positive effects such as healings, love, happiness and they can also be used for bindings (only if necessary).

For an effective spell, you will need a poppet (made of natural material and it can be coloured to enhance the spell), a photo - or if possible, something of the person’s (ie: a lock of hair, fingernail etc) and any herbs, and gemstones needed as well. Sometimes ribbons are incorporated into the working too.

When you are done casting, the poppet should NOT be destroyed. Instead give it to the person you are healing or if it was for yourself, keep it. If a binding was performed, then bury it off your property.

Below is a sample spell using a poppet (from the Australian ‘Witchcraft’ magazine)

Firstly you will need to form a bond between the person and the doll.
Use this simple naming ritual:

‘Little one, I made you and now I give you life

I name you (persons name)

Her body is your body

Her breath is your breath

Her passion is your passion

Her blood is your blood

Though separate you were

Now you are one.’


You need: A yellow candle, Herbs of marigold/calendula, lavender and rosemary, Clear quartz gemstone, Photo/person’s part etc.

Perform on a Sunday. Stuff the doll with the herbs and add the gem about where the heart would be in the doll. Sew up the doll and do the naming ritual (above). Light the candle, and see the person healthy and happy in your mind.
Say six times:

‘Lavender, marigold and rosemary

The body, soul and mind are free

Stone of quartz, take the pain away

Whole and healed and free today

With harm to none

My will is done’

Bury the doll in the ground before sunset the same day.

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