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A Basic Guide to Charm Making

Author: Ostara Nitewillow

A charm is a collection of herbs, gemstones and other tiny bits and pieces that are chosen for their specific energies to help with the desired outcome.

These are usually combined and sewn into a piece of cloth, or a mojo bag. It is then charged by a spell or a chant (tends to be more powerful). The chant is recited three or nine times to ensure it is powered. Charms can also be empowered by asking each element to bless it.

When making a charm, use natural fibre materials, such as cotton, as the vibrations can flow more freely rather than being trapped in a synthetic cloth. Choose a fabric colour suitable to your need. Gather together all your ingredients and cloth. Wrap the herbs and gems into the cloth and tie with either silver or gold thread or a coloured ribbon (again suitable to the desired outcome).

Hold the charm in your hands and recite the chant as needed. Knead and really feel the charm. Then ask for the Element blessing as below:

Hold it over a candle and say: Element of Fire, bless and enliven this charm

Sprinkle water on it and say: Element of Water, bless and empower this charm

Sprinkle salt on it and say: Element of Earth, bless and make fruitful this charm

Blow on it or pass through incense and say: Element of Air bless and empower this charm

Hold it in your hands and ask Spirit for a blessing: Guardians of Spirit, bless myself and this charm. That it may bring to me my desire, for the universal good of all, so mote it be.

Carry the charm on you or hold it a while every day and visualise you desire.

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