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Candle Magick: A Basic Guide to the Art

Author: Ostara Nitewillow

Research your spell– colours, herbs, gems, moon and astrological phases.
Create a visualisation for your intent, a symbol, maybe a rune?
Light incense and cast your sacred circle. Invoke the deities needed for your work. Relax, ground and centre. Now you need to purify the candle. Pick it up and anoint with blessed olive oil or rub with salt and say:

‘Creature of wax

Be clean and pure.

On this night

I bless this candle’

Using your athame or the sharp end of a quartz gem, carve into the candle your desire,( a symbol or just write what you need). Be specific!! Verbally affirm it. Next rub the candle with the appropriate essential oil for your needs, whilst visualizing your goal. If you are drawing energies towards you, rub the oil from the top to the base towards you. If you are banishing, rub away from you. Place the candle in the holder. To add extra herb power to your spell, sprinkle the right herb for your need around the base of the holder, clockwise (deosil). Place any gemstones needed at the foot of the holder.
Once again focus on your goal and place your hands on either side of the candle.
Imagine your goal forming into a silver orb, full of your intent, in between your hands. Release it into the candle!! Now light the wick and say something like:

‘With this fire

I light my desire

Earth mother bless this, my intent

And bring it to be

With harm to none and help to thee

‘Tis my will

So shall it be!’

Leave the candle to burn for a minimum of 20 mins. Some spells may require you to regularly burn the candle- every night- until it has burnt down.
It is done!


WHITE: Purity, peace, spirituality, a substitute for any other colour

RED: Health, energy, strength, courage, sexuality

PINK: Love, romance, affection, friendships

YELLOW: Intellect, creative imagination, memory, communication, mental awareness

GREEN: Luck, abundance, fertility, harmony

BLUE: Healing, truth, inspiration, wisdom, occult power, psychic protection, health, understanding

PURPLE: Financial affairs, psychic ability, idealism, spiritual power

GOLD: Attracts positive influences, career, justice, male energies

SILVER: Astral energies, clairvoyance, far memory, past lives, female energies

ORANGE: Property, justice, selling, general success

BROWN: Animals, earth magick, saving money

BLACK: Binding, releasing, breaking negative energies

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