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The Meaning of the Tarot Suit of Disks

Author: Gwydion

The tarot suit of disks is also known as the suit of pentacles, coins, or diamonds, depending on the deck. Disks represent the element earth and are often depicted as money, crafts ir fruit (i.e. the fruits of your labor).
Disks indicate a concern with money, the result of a labor, the accumulation of knowledge and development of skills. Disks are often what grounds or stabilizes you. Also, tradition, foundations, and inheritances can represent money, work or your home -- depending on where your sense of security lies.

The meaning of any card of this suit is modified by the following general correspondences:


Astrological Signs
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Stress and anxiety, stubbornness, inability to change, greed
Knowledge and ability, endurance, stability.

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