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Confessions of a TNT Reiki Master

Author: Mark Plattner

Email Articlesubmitted from Evolve

Last October I began to take Reiki classes. It came on the heels of an energy healing class I had taken that summer at the request of my friend Henry. At the time I had no intention on becoming a healer. Henry, my best friend and soul brother, lives along those lines, but I really didn't. While we both express a great interest in New Age thinking and beliefs, Henry was already in a healing profession as a physical therapist. He asked me to take the class with him because that way I could learn about the human energy field and I could learn more about the Chakras and perhaps the Kundalini about which I was interested. I said "OK" and paid my money for the class that was held at a local metaphysical bookstore. A week before the class began Henry dropped out because he took a job with the Kripalu Yoga Ashram in Massachusetts. I wasn't sure I wanted to take the class without Henry because I was scared and didn't know what to think about it. In all honesty I get nervous around New Agers because they are much more loving and openly caring people. For me it's much more difficult to be open that way with anyone but my close circle of friends. 

I went ahead and took the class and had a great time. I met a lot of very nice people and I learned that I did in fact have it in me to be healer. Despite my involvement with a web site and the book I had been writing (that I just published), I was very surprised to find within me the desire to heal people. I was (and to some extent) unsure which way to go. Did I want to study Homeopathy, Herbology, Refelxology as a career? Should I pay top dollar to go to Massage School to get my license?  What was I to do?

I had heard of Reiki for a long time, but had never actually experienced it. For those not in the know, Reiki is a form of energy healing in which the practitioner becomes a conduit for Universal Life Energy (God energy, Chi, Qi) which is drawn in by the client through the practitioner. At this point it becomes hard to explain because unless you have had a treatment you don't know what it feels like. The practitioner's hands heat up and the client is filled with relaxing loving energy.

Back to my story. Not knowing how to go about following my path, I somehow decided on getting my Reiki Level I training. There are three levels of healing, each bestows upon the practitioner a new skill, or tools to add to their healing kit. Overall it is extremely easy to learn as really the practitioner is "attuned" to the frequency of the Reiki energy (Reiki means literally "Living Energy." The student is taught how to use the Reiki, where to put the hands, activation symbols and Reiki Ethics and history. 

Again the key point is that it is very easy to do. To many people, it's almost too easy because a lot of folks believe that in order to have a valid spiritual experience you have to jump through a lot of hoops and suffer before you can do anything worthwhile. I don't believe that so I got hooked up with my teacher Scott Dehn through a mutual friend. I won't go into the whole nature of my Reiki education because it isn't the point of this article. Six months later I had finished up with my Master Level training after taking my Level II class.

Ok, so now I'm a Reiki Master. I can, using the proper symbols, heal physical illness, mental and emotional disorders, heal through time and space, as well as attune new Reiki practitioners. I was also profoundly changed. How?

Each time I had a Reiki attunement, my system cleaned itself out. I peed every 20 minutes for the first day, followed by a lovely two days of diarrhea (yea, scat-talk). But then I was also a jerky asshole for the next couple of weeks while my emotional issues worked themselves out. 

I took a couple of friends as clients and they come over once a week or so for treatment, and I work on my wife too when she requests it. But the biggest thing I've done was tap into an internet healing circle. How I found them: For a while I was interested in Out of Body journeying, which took me to explore The Monroe Institute and their binaural technology (sounds that produce certain brainwave patterns which can cause OOBEs). Through their mailing list I met a couple of people who started the Healing Circle.

Now, nearly everyday I sit quietly in the morning or at various times throughout the day and open myself up to the Will of the Universe and offer myself to be a channel for healing energies to a group of people I know only through email. There is some communication on the list: Matt, who is one of the founders of the circles likes to reflect upon the power of the group, and talk about his daily adventures in living. Susan, the list keeper, writes wonderful prayers for each person placed on the list, but for the most part though it is a steady stream of requests and thank-yous that dominate the list. All sorts of problems come up, many of them life threatening, some relating to personal crises. A whole range from the minor sprained ankle and "Help me I have a test tomorrow" to "My father is dying of inoperable brain cancer, can we help him make the transition easier?" 

This is the biggest thing I've ever been in, life as up close and personal as can be-even if it's through a computer.  There are critics of digital life who claim we lose out on personal relationships by isolating ourselves in front of a computer. Perhaps yes for some, but in this instance I have to disagree. Since joining the Healing Circle, I am learning about empathy and sympathy. Earlier I spoke of having problems with New Agers because they seem so loving all the time. I found that I had to put a wall up around my emotions because they were too intense while growing up. By practicing my healing and my Reiki I have found a key to begin to get in touch with my positive emotions again. It's not an easy thing though. The more open I become, the more the pain of the world around me seeps in. As it is, I am highly susceptible to outside negative influences, and I work in a very negative environment which reflects off me and I help to perpetuate. Daily, it is a struggle that I sometimes lose.

However, because of this group, I have begun my own personal healing circle that I add into my daily healing sessions. Some of those people on my list are people I can't stand to be around, but I send healing to them just the same. I admit that sometimes I'm an asshole because the world doesn't move as fast as I want it too, I hate my job, or people just flat out piss me off. But I know that I can take a few minutes, picture my symbols and send healing out into the world. When I come out of it I feel as though I made a contribution to the health of the people of the planet, as well as to the Great Mother herself. I find that I am more agreeable and personable, willing to do those daily tasks which make a difference in the immediate world around me. And at least for a little while, I have defused some of the TNT anger within me.