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The Aeonic Perspective of the Enochian Temples

Author: Benjamin Rowe

Copyright 1988, 1992 by Benjamin Rowe

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The initiatory system of the Enochian Temples divides the path of
initiation into four major stages, distinguished primarily by the types
and sources of the influences they are sensitive to. Briefly, these
stages are:

1. Lunar-planetary, focused in Yesod and governing the triangle formed
by Netzach, Hod, and Malkuth. Sensitive to forces originating inside the
aura of the Earth (primarily elemental), and generally controlled by
those forces. Represented in the Temple by the floor and altars. Related
to the aeon of Taurus.

2. Solar-planetary, focused in Tiphereth and governing the rectangle
formed by Hod, Netzach, Geburah and Chesed. Sensitive to elemental
forces, but actively dominating them. Also sensitive to and controlled
by the forces of the zodiacal signs. Represented in the Temple by the
pillars and sephirotic crosses. Related to the aeon of Aries.

3. Solar-systemic or Solar-transitional, governing the rectangle formed
by Geburah, Chesed, Binah and Chokmah. This stage has no stable focus
point. Sensitive to the energies of the other planets of the solar
system. Represented in the Temple by the roof and outer curtain. Related
to the aeon of Pisces.

4. Cosmic, focused in Kether and governing the triangle formed by
Kether, Chokmah, and Binah. Sensitive to cosmic forces, primarily those
of the zodiacal constellations (not to be confused with the zodiac
signs) and the constellations of Polaris, the Great Bear, Sirius, and
the Pleiades. These latter four constellations are the cosmic prototypes
for the four levels of this initiatory system. Represented in the Temple
by the Sphere of the Three Names of God, and by the pillar of fire in
the middle of the Temple. Related to the aeon of Aquarius.

The progression through these four stages is symbolized in the formula
I.R.N.I., a reversal of the Piscean formula of I.N.R.I. or IAO.

The older formula is primarily concerned with the relations between the
Lunar- planetary and Solar-planetary stages through the cyclic process
of reincarnation. Under that formula, one lived in the world (first I),
then died (N) to be reborn as a soul (R), which then incarnated again
(last I). But the actions of the Aeonic Prophet of the Piscean aeon
symbolized in the stories of Jesus, and their absorbtion into the
zeitgeist, have completely eliminated any need for death or a death-like
experience in the transition between Lunar and Solar stages.

At humanity's present level of development, the Solar consciousness can
be achieved while in incarnation by anyone who wants it through strong
desire (the lowest aspect of Will), self-analysis, and meditation.
Effort is still required, but no loss of self occurs in the process. In
the incoming Aquarian aeon, the shift from Solar-planetary to Cosmic
awareness still requires a series of willed death-like experiences. So
the "N" of I.N.R.I has been properly moved to follow the solar "R" in
the new formula.

The mythological system of the Earth Tablet working depicts the I.R.N.I.
formula under the character of the two Warrior-Mages (Horus and Set)
whose efforts link the Lesser Mother, the Earth, with the Greater
Mother, Nuit. In the old formula Set was depicted as inferior to Horus,
representing a false death which the earthbound soul conquered to
achieve full awareness of itself. In the new formula, he represents the
conscious destruction of the soul that must occur before the person can
unite the awareness with the divine Will. This is a true annihilation of
the Solar being, unlike the death of the old formula, which was only a
change of state having no permanent effect on the Solar being.

Thus, at the end of point 0 Set proclaims himself to have finally
conquered Horus. The soul, the individual self-aware identity, perishes,
to be replaced by the monadic awareness symbolized by Hadit. As it is
said, "There is an end to the word of the God enthroned in Ra's seat,
lightening the girders of the soul." The higher formula, linking the
Earth with the Cosmos, supercedes the lower formula, linking the Earth
with the Sun.

(This may seem to contradict what was said in point 0. It is the soul as
an "ego- making faculty" that is destroyed. This faculty is the
persistent tendency of the solar consciousness to perceive itself as the
most important thing that exists, and its tendency to polarize the other
sephiroth of the Ruach so that their natural action is subordinated to
the solar consciousness. Once this aspect of the soul is destroyed the
entire Ruach, including Tiphereth, becomes polarized so that it is fully
responsive to the monadic consciousness that is the true core-being of

Set's comments in point 0 about his relations with Horus are a depiction
of this supersession of formulas. But they are also a depiction of the
relations between Aleister Crowley, representing Horus, and Charles
Stansfield Jones, representing Set. Just as the formula of the Piscean
aeon was enacted by the mage Jesus, so the formula of the Aquarian aeon
was being enacted by these two, and continues to be enacted by Set's
current avatar.

In this aeonic mystery play, the first player to appear is brash Horus,
representing the conquering child, the perfected Warrior-King of the
aeon of Aries. The next to appear (as Horus' "magickal son") identified
himself as a god of the Elements, and of the Earth, connecting him with
Set, the scorpionic "dark son" of the Taurean aeon.

Fiery Horus hated the watery formula of the Piscean Aeon. As a child, he
suffered under the most debased applications of the Piscean formula. As
an adult, he denied the formula completely and acted as if the entire
aeon was an aberration. He closed the old aeon on one level by replacing
the repressive religious paternalism of his childhood environment
(Jupiter, ruler of Pisces) with the rebellious independence that is the
lowest aspect of Uranus, the new ruler of Aquarius.

Watery Set already possessed control over the Uranian energies; Uranus
is exalted in Scorpio. This enabled him to rise up and embrace the
higher aspect of Aquarius. He used the astrological wisdom of Thoth
(Mercury, exalted in Aquarius) to re-formulate the Tree of Life, to "fix
the design in its purity", so that the power of Cosmic Love (Venus,
exalted in Pisces) was replaced with the sign of the new aeon, and the
Word of the Law descends from Kether to Tiphereth as Heru-Ra-Ha, the
Divine Will of the path of Shin.1 In addition his Tree embodies the
formulas of the new aeon and the three previous aeons, showing their
correct relationship and unifying them in a single path of initiation.

Horus correctly overcame the exoteric aspects of Pisces, but he was
caught by the esoteric aspect of Divine Love, under the formula of the
Rose Cross. He could not abandon the Arian/Piscean version of the Tree
of Life, which embodies this formula in its three horizontal paths. Had
he done so, the mystery of the Warrior-Mages would have been enacted
under the more benevolent symbolism of Arthurian romance. But he did not
recognize the higher aspect of the Aquarian energy, and, invoking
Tradition and Authority (Saturn) to justify himself, launched an attack
on Set. Publicly Horus questioned Set's sanity; magickally he used the
links created by Set's oath to his magickal Orders as a means of attack.
Thus he caused Set's manifestation to shift from its silent middle
aspect into its more potent scorpion and eagle modes. The destroyer
aspect manifested in Jones' increasingly vicious verbal attacks on
Crowley. The eagle aspect was needed so that Set could complete the job
that Horus failed to do.

Each full aeonic cycle is a fresh start, building on the past but not
limited by it. Saturn was ruler of Aquarius during the previous Great
Cycle, and by invoking it Horus invoked the powers of that cycle. Having
just announced that the old cycle had come to completion, he now said,
in effect, "Hey - I take that back." He wanted the change to stop in the
middle, so that he could keep the Rose Cross as the supreme formula.

This left it up to Set, with his superior awareness of the divine Will
manifesting through Uranus, to transform the divine Love of Pisces into
the Universal Mercury of Aquarius. Set is never one to step back from
necessary work, and he proceeded to do this task in a fashion that was
both grand in conception and elegantly direct and simple in execution.
He joined the center of Piscean power, the Catholic Church, and spent
several years being initiated in its system to form magickal links with
its esoteric power.

He then traveled west to the limits of the Church's influence, taking
the objects that were his link to the Church with him. He invoked the
forces of the new aeon, and cast away the magickal links to show that
under the dark cloak of the Church's teaching was hid the form of the
Air kerub of Aquarius, the Man. The warrior-king's warriors (in the form
of the local police) grabbed him immediately, but too late to affect the
ceremony. Thus he completed the closing of the old aeon where Horus

Horus, having cut himself off from the true scorpian current by his
rejection of Set, continued to delve into the past; he invoked various
gods from his own Aries aeon to substitute for the lost current of
divine Will. He pulled so much power from that past aeon that a
countering current from the future aeon of Maat, Libra, came in to
balance it.

Now Set, no longer Jones, completes the manifestation of his current by
showing the perfection of the Will in the Eagle aspect of Scorpio. This
Eagle is that energy that binds together the receptive and active
aspects of Tiphereth. Released from Tiphereth by the self-willed death
of the Scorpion, it is tested and purified by the venom of the Snake,
which kills off any remaining shreds of solar matter that might cling to
it. It becomes pure Will. Purified, it is immune to the venom and can no
longer be killed by any means. It rises on wings of will to land in the
path of Tzaddi, where it exchanges its watery Scorpio nature to enter
the stellar realms of Aquarius. 3

Set's current avatar demonstrates this aspect and completes the
enactment of the formula of the Aeon. As the god says in point 0, Horus
attempted to destroy his work in the previous avatar, and for a time
appeared to have succeeded. But Set's purified will aspect enabled him
to maintain full continuity of purpose between that life and this one.
Once his current avatar achieved sufficient power as a magician, the
work continued from exactly the point where it had left off, with no
backtracking or redevelopment. By doing this he demonstrates his
conquest of Horus. Had Horus' view been correct Set would have had to
start over completely in his new incarnation, as was the rule under the
old formula of I.N.R.I./IAO.

It is this ability to consciously maintain the continuity of the Will
between incarnations which Set now offers to humankind. This is not a
new ability; it has existed at all points in space and time throughout
the life of our universe. But on our little planet conditions have never
previously permitted it to be acquired by any large number of persons.
Such is not the case today, when the Will aspect is manifesting more
powerfully than at any previous time. Changing conditions on cosmic
levels have their reflection in the lives of men and women. What has
been a special skill of those who have crossed the "Abyss" will, over
the coming century, become increasingly available to those who have not
yet done so.

People need not leave works incomplete when a life ends. Under the Will,
the being can discard a worn-out body and select a new one adjusted for
changes in the environment and zeitgeist. The personality is not
preserved, nor is the soul in many cases. The Eagle creates a new soul
for itself with every incarnation. Memory of past lives is available or
not, as the Eagle choses. The new body and soul recapitulate the
evolution of past lives in such a way that, at the moment when the
person reaches full development, he finds himself continuing the work of
the previous life at the same point and level of development where it
had left off. This is true immortality; adaptable to the times it passes
through rather than maintaining an outmoded form beyond its usefulness,
but preserving a continuing purpose between lives.

Full identification with the Will aspect eventually leads the magician
into conscious contact with the center of power, sometimes called
Shamballa, that embodies the Will of the Life that is incarnate as the
planet Earth. Passage through this center frees the mage from his
obligations within the Earth's sphere of influence, and enables him to
participate as a conscious creator within the larger scheme being
expressed by the solar system as a whole.

Up to this present day, passage through this center was the only means
by which one could obtain clear conscious awareness of the Solar scheme.
On lower levels, contact has been deliberately blocked in order that
certain tasks might be accomplished within the Earth's sphere. Had this
blockage not been present, the disruptive effects occurring at certain
stages of the work would have spilled out into the system, causing
distortions and disturbances of the larger work.

The barriers that block the Earth from the stars are the 30 Aethyrs or
Aires of the Enochian magickal system. In the Theosophical system and
Alice Bailey's related system, these barriers are called "the etheric
web surrounding the Earth". They were created out of the elements in
such a way as to form a maze around the Earth through which no direct
passage was possible. Only the most skilled of mages could thread the
maze in its entirety. The nineteenth Enochian Call is a commemoration of
the steps by which the barriers were formed, and of the state the Life
of the Earth had to assume in order to accomplish her tasks. A full
description of those tasks and the means of their accomplishment has
been given by the Enochian intelligences, and is recorded in the form of
an Aquarian hero-mythos in The Book of the Seniors.

Now that these tasks have been nearly accomplished the barriers
surrounding the Earth can come down, enabling her and all those living
on her to enter fully into the Solar scheme on all levels of existence.
The Temples of the Tablets are one means by which the barriers will be

Any properly constructed and charged Temple attracts a flow of divine
Will from outside the barriers. The first inflow of this energy pushes
the barriers inwards, so that they are pinned down to the Earth's
surface underneath the Temple. As the Temple gathers power through use a
process of occult "burning" begins, creating holes in the barriers
through which other energies that the Earth now needs can be brought in.

The effectiveness of this "burning" increases with the number of Temples
in active use. Any two Temples generate lines of cosmic fire between
them.4 These lines of fire also act to burn through the barriers over
their length. So the effectiveness of this work at any point in time is
determined by the number of possible connections between the Temples
then in existence. The intelligences who presented the design of the
Temple hope that enough people will use this technique to create a web
of fire over the surface of the Earth sufficient to burn through the
barriers in just a few years' time.

Building the Temple is not an altruistic work, even though its major
purpose does not relate to individuals. There has not been time for the
full possibilities of the Temple to be discovered, but some ways of
using it have been found to be profitable.

First, the magician can use the Temple in a way similar to the Golden
Dawn practice of "building the Tree of Life in the aura". The sphere of
the Three Names is identified with the chakra above the head. The bottom
of the King's four-cube column is at the level of the ajna chakra, with
the wheel of the Seniors extending outward from the same level. The
column of fire in the center of the Temple is identified with the spinal
column, and the lower Temple is built up around it.5

Steady use of this practice first causes a burning away of any material
in the body of light that has a low vibratory level, cleaning and
clarifying that body.6 Following this, there comes a gradual, controlled
burning away of the etheric webs that block the flow of electric fire up
and down the spinal column. This takes place at a rate that allows the
body and consciousness to adapt to the changes without difficulty,
although there will be some periods of unpleasant perceptual effects as
various parts of the web dissolve. These effects are dangerous only if
one seeks to avoid experiencing them. Concurrently, there is an
activation of all the major chakras. As the process nears completion the
seven subsidiary centers in the head also begin to activate.

The author has been told, but can not yet fully confirm, that the
process leads to a state where the conscious being can be fully aware of
events on all four of the major perceptual levels simultaneously and
without confusion of levels. Additionally, the person becomes able
maintain full continuity of consciousness in both the waking and
sleeping states. The author's experience so far tends to confirm this
claim, but not as yet for all four levels at once.

As the magician becomes increasingly conscious of higher levels during
this process, the Enochian intelligences will supply him with
information and experiences to aid him in making the changes permanent,
and to help him relate those experiences to planetary and cosmic events.
They will also call on any other inner-plane sources the magician has to
assist in this teaching. The information will always be presented using
the symbol-systems with which the magician is most comfortable. It is
not necessary to use the system of Achad's Tree. However, the magician
can expect that his understanding of whatever system he uses will change
substantially as the process continues. Only in cases where the
magician's system is totally inadequate to express the principles being
taught will the intelligences attempt to create or guide the magician to
another system adequate to the need.

To use the Temple for astral exploration of the Enochian system, the
magician identifies himself with the King's column of fire, and then
invokes the specific angel or square of the Tablet he wants to examine.
He projects a beam of light out of himself, through the part of the
Temple representing the invoked force, and out into the astral space
surrounding the Temple. The beam should cause a landscape or other scene
to appear in that space, into which the magician can project himself to

For experienced Temple users, there is one other exercise that the
author would like to suggest. With the altars in their positions inside
the Temple's outer curtain, charge the Temple completely, using the
Calls of the Lesser Angles as well as the primary Call of the Tablet. Do
this repeatedly for about a week, picturing the energy as accumulating
inside the Temple, held there by the outer curtain. Endeavor to make the
charge as intense as possible.

After the Temple is fully charged, move all the altars to their outside
positions. Allow the accumulated energies to flow where they will,
without conscious direction. They will be drawn to the outside of the
Temple by the altars, where they will form a lotus containing hundreds
of petals. If the magician is able to see the petals clearly, he will
find that the tip of each is inscribed with a sigil. Record several of
these sigils for later use. Move the altars back inside the Temple to
close the lotus.

Memorize one of the recorded sigils so that its form can be held clearly
in the imagination for an extended period. During the next work-session,
call up the Temple, recite the Call of the Tablet and invoke the Three
Names, the King, and the Seniors. Place the sigil in the King's pillar
of fire, and endeavor to make the intensity of the fire as great as
possible. See the sigil as being brought to a state of activation by the

Project the consciousness into the sigil, and absorb the energy in it.
Then rise directly up through the pillar and the sphere of the Three
Names, and outwards into space, rising on the planes until a scene
appears. Explore the scene in the usual fashion.

The magician will find that the forces represented by these sigils
relate to aspects of existence that have nothing at all to do with
events within the Earth's sphere. Some relate to aspects of the larger
plan being worked out in the solar system. Others relate to the energies
of particular stars or constellations. And many appear to connect to
events occurring totally outside the current cycle of manifestation in
our universe.

The Temple of each Tablet has its own lotus, with its own sigils. The
Great Temple, formed by fusing the four Temples of the Tablets, creates
a larger lotus with several thousand petals. The author has been told
that combinations of sigils from adjacent petals can also be used to
generate gates to other worlds, making a truly staggering number of
worlds available to the magician. These are the star-roads mentioned in
point 0. Each sigil and combination of sigils represents a link to a new
world, a new existence, to which the person who has been freed from his
obligation to the Earth can travel.

We who have gone through our spiritual evolution here on Earth are in a
position nearly unique in our cosmos. Because of the conditions created
here during the previous great aeonic cycle while the Earth performed
her special task, we have been subjected to a degree of spiritual stress
rarely seen in other places, and never on such a large scale and for
such a length of time as here. It has produced in us a toughness, a
spiritual invulnerability that is normally only achieved at a much
higher level of existence. Having only others of our own kind with whom
to compare ourselves, it has not been apparent that this is so, but it
is nevertheless true.

This quality we have developed is valuable within the larger scheme of
which our solar system is a part. Compared to other beings of our own
level who evolved elsewhere, we are all of us like hot wires, literally
radiating spiritual force. If a monad or soul from Earth is placed in a
less intense evolutionary scheme, it will act as a catalyst. It will
cause the souls and monads of that scheme to take on some of our own
toughness, our ability to channel significant amounts of spiritual
force, but without creating the spiritual stress by which we have
achieved. This intensifies and speeds up the manifestation of whatever
principles are being worked out in the scheme, advancing its evolution
immensely and producing a radiatory quality that could not otherwise
have been achieved.

Once the barriers around the Earth are down completely, nearly half the
adepts and mages here will be freed of any further obligations to assist
in her development. Others will come in to take our places, and to
acquire some of our special qualities. We can remain here if we chose to
do so, or pass on to other work. There are far more worlds having need
of our special qualities than there are beings to provide them, so we
have great choice in where we go and what we do.

The sigils shown to each magician on the petals of the lotuses are gates
to those worlds that have need not only of the qualities common to all
the Earth-evolved, but also those qualities that are specific to the
magician, those that make him unique. Each world is an opportunity for
further development along specific lines through world service. They do
not represent all of the possible paths open to the magician, but only
those with which he has the greatest resonance. He is not obligated to
chose one of the presented paths.

In any case, the final act of choice does not take place while the mage
is in incarnation. Incarnate existence places too many limits on the
perceptions for a clear choice to be made. But the act of exploring
these worlds while incarnate helps to stabilize the awareness on those
levels where the choice must eventually be made.

Author's addendum, 1992:

Since writing the above, certain additional aspects of the initiatory
process have become clarified, particularly in reference to the
transition from solar to "cosmic" levels.

As was said above, the advent of the Piscean aeon resulted in the
elimination of the need for a death-like experience in the transition
from the lunar (mundane) consciousness to the solar consciousness. It
now appears that the advent of the Aquarian aeon has resulted in a
similar elimination of the need for a death-like experience in moving
from the solar to the cosmic levels.

The astrological keynote of the sign Pisces is sacrifice; thus the act
which broke the barriers between lunar and solar consciousness was
symbolized in the form of the scapegoat ritual. Jesus the scapegoat took
on all the "sins" of humanity, through the Piscean process of
compassion. And through compassion, he identified himself with the
entire race. Thus his death in the ritual effectively took in all the
future lunar-to-solar death experiences of the race, eliminating the
need for anyone else to experience them.

In the current aeon, the Aquarius-Leo axis dominates existence. The key
to the working of this axis is in the principle that all things are
_simultaneously_ One and Many. A human body is Many, in that it is
composed of a multitude of cells; it is One in that it acts as a unified
whole with respect to its environment. Similarly the human solar
consciousness has the appearance of individuality, but is composed of
numerous sub-minds bound together by the force of the "monad" or divine
consciousness. The subjective appearance of a unique, self-aware
individuality (the "soul" or solar consciousness) is a second-order
effect, arising from the cooperative interaction of the sub-minds.

The process of moving from the solar to the cosmic levels is thus not a
matter of destroying the solar self. Rather, it becomes a matter of
training that self to become aware of its already-existent, alternative
state as a multitude of sub- minds acting in concert, and to enable the
solar self to move into that state at will. In the state of
multiplicity, the solar awareness eventually gives its accumulated
energy back into the unique but non-individualized awareness of the
divine consciousness. With practice, the person can eventually move
between the solar and the cosmic states at will, without the need for
any sort of destructive action or death experiences. And beyond that,
the divine awareness can eventually learn to act simultaneously as both
an individualized human soul and as a non-individualized divine spark,
being effectively in two places at once.

The initial conditioning needed to move into the multi-mind state must
be done by the solar awareness itself. Thus the symbolism of Scorpio, of
force directed against the self by the self, is still appropriate to the
third stage of the initiatory process.

The mages responsible for the revelation of the "Enochian Temples"
material specifically -- and vehemently -- deny the existence of the
so-called "Abyss". They state that there is absolutely no need for any
sort of destructive action or death-like experience in the transition
from solar to cosmic awareness.


1 Set's current avatar also makes extensive use of the
astrological wisdom. He has devised a technique of self-initiation based
entirely on observation of the planets' influence on the individual
horoscope. It now turns out that this technique by itself is capable of
carrying the individual through all of those initiations governed by Set
in the system presented here.

2 It is interesting to note that in Set's current avatar, each of
his major initiations has been followed almost immediately by a
confrontation with Horus' warriors. Additionally, the warriors appeared
just a few minutes after the dictation of point 0 was finished. (An
account of this incident is presented in The Book of the Seniors.) But
unlike the case mentioned in the text, in these later cases the warriors
found no way to arrest him, even though in each instance there was a
reason for arrest available had they looked just a little harder. The
author believes this indicates that Set's attempt to close the old aeon
was successful, and his conquest of Horus was complete.

3 Note that in Achad's Tree, all five of the paths that cross the
Abyss represent one or another aspect of the Will. Shin is the primal
Will, merging the three fires; Peh its division into the triple
expression of fire-by-friction, solar fire, and cosmic or electric fire.
Ayin shows the will's restrictive and destructive aspects, Resh its
releasing and creative aspects, and Samek its synthetic or coordinating

4 These lines do not transmit information between the Temples
unless the Temples were deliberately intended to resonate by the
magicians creating them, as would be the case if a magician used the
sample consecration without changing the dedications. Without such
deliberate connection, actions taken in one Temple do not directly
affect other Temples.

5 A physical Temple can also be used in a way similar to the
"Vault of Christian Rosencreutz" in the G.D. system.

6 Use of drugs, including caffeine and nicotine, tends to nullify
this effect.