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(Sumerian) Child of Duttur, Lord of shepherds and the flocks, and eternal adversary to Enkimdu. He is regarded as both divinity and royal ancestor in several Mesopotamian city-states, most notably Uruk, where he is listed as an earlier predescessor to the hero Gilgamesh. He has strong Underworld associations as well; the beloved of Inanna, He is taken by minions of Nergal to the depths when She visits the Final Land and then seeks to leave. Eventually, he returns to the upper land for 6 months of the year, while His place is taken then by His sister Gestinanna. Students of the Old Testament will recognize the Hebrew form of His name: Tammuz, which has become the 10th month of the Jewish calendar; and Tammuz, in a rare survival into modern times, is still used as the Iraqi name for the month of July.

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The Courtship of Inanna and Dumuzi. Fr = Framer, who tells the story. U = Utu, Sun God, brother of Inanna.
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evidently the earliest recorded dream in history, is the dream of Dumuzi of Uruk. .
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Adam and Eve were located in a specific geographical site; Dumuzi and. Inanna were tioned against disobedience; Dumuzi and Inanna broke the divine laws.
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king would impersonate Dumuzi and have intercourse with a woman throne!”3.
hieros gamos scenes see HERLES 2006: 124,
Jul 13, 2010 Sumerian DN Dumuzi, is mentioned in the.

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The Sumerians had it; Dumuzi was the god that died to promote the seasonal cycle of growth and death. The Egyptians had Osiris; Christians have the Son of God who died for the sins of the world. The same applies to mortal men.
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Sümerlerin Çoban Tanrısı Dumuzi ile Çiftçi Tanrısı Enkindu, Aşk Tanrıçası İnanna'ya aşık olurlar. Haliyle, İnanna'nın gözüne girmeye çalışırlar. Dumuzi, sürüsünün en iyilerini, Enkindu da çiftçilğinin en iyi ürünlerini İnanna'ya sunarlar.
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Se trata de una historia de amor en la que una mujer completa un viaje a fin de sufrir una transformación y encontrarse con su pareja: Dumuzi, para finalmente renovarse como diosa.
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Sep 7, 1997 The Sumerian form of Tammuz. A god of vegetation and fertility, and also of the underworld.
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Dumuzi first appears under his name in economic texts from Shuruppak (Old Sumerian period).
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Jul 12, 2005 The Courtship of Inanna and Dumuzi; The brother spoke to his younger sister.