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moon god, god child, inanna, utu


Author: Obsidian

(Sumerian) The moon-God, child of Enlil and Ninlil, husband of Ningal, and in at least one tradition the father of Utu and Inanna.

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The Sumerians left clay tablets indicating such worship to the moon god like Nanna, Asimbabbar, and Suen; all represented the crescent moon. The moon worship to Suen god was the prominent religion for the Assyrians, Babylonians, and Akkadians.
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و أكثر الأسماء شيوعاً كان نانا، سون، عظيم بابا Nanna, ” Suen, Asimbabbar ” كوسوه، Kusuh . وهذا الإله كان يرمز له بالهلال. وفي الشام كان يرمز للإله سين بهلال.