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(Sumerian) Lord of the Underworld, usually regarded as a child of Enlil and Ninlil, and consort to Ereskigal. Master of the Dark City, He has warlike associations, and is also connected to fevers and sudden diseases, especially the plague. His cult continued in one form or another for a long time, and after Alexandrian times came to be seen as an Aspect of Herakles.

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vation (apud Dupont-Sommer 1976, 653) of a for- mula, in several Brahmañas, which declares that.
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Nergal shuns the woman, and she becomes one of the Nergal will use it to bind Ilsa to his heart and will.
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with Nergal, the king of the underworld, and one of them is known to travel back and forth between the realms of the dead and the upper worlds.
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