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legitimate protection, evil force, malevolence, pestilence


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(Babylonian) A demon of somewhat ambiguous malevolence: He was feared for his greed and strength, but was also recognized as a legitimate protection against pestilence. He has re-emerged in the modern world as the central evil force in the novel and movie "The Exorcist".

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I. Introduction. Hybrid Mesopotami- with annû qaqqad Pazuzu “this
Dec 10, 2007 IDD website: http://www.religionswissenschaft.unizh.
Pazuzu - Manifestation
PAZUZU (Demon Prince)
PAZUZU (Demon Prince). Medium-Size Outsider (Chaotic, Evil). Hit Dice: 51d8+ 459 (688 hp).
The harpies of Pazuzu's Fury are a monstrous combination of bird and woman The best singer. (usually a bard) among Pazuzu's Fury takes the title of cantor.
Attack Powers Utility Powers
May 11, 2010 a corruptor and a destroyer of innocence, pazuzu ranks among the demon pazuzu turns his enemies against one another.

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Well, it didn't work with "The Omen" and it wouldn't work with "The Exorcist" either. Pazuzu would be rolling over in his hell fire at the mere thought of an Exorcist remake. There is only one movie more untouchable than this one, though.
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Die Magierin Pazuzu zum Beispiel erlangt die Fähigkeit, Gegner mit Captivatio St. I festzuhalten, sie mit Infirmio St. II zu schwächen, und ihnen schließlich mit Feuer-Wucht und Licht-Stab den Garaus zu machen.
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