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Helleno-Egyptian. A synchretic Deity introduced into Egypt from Macedonia as an aspect of Osiris and a symbol of rebirth, Sarapis became widely revered during Roman Imperial times as a solar God with healing Attributes, combining elements of Jupiter, Helios, and Aesculapius.

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Polytheism, Monotheism, and Scholarship
Aelius Aristides was a priest of Asclepius who also revered Sarapis, Athena, Zeus and Poseidon.

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Serapis or Sarapis was a Graeco-Egyptian god.
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Simply put, Serapis (Sarapis, Zaparrus) was an invented god.
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Scholars are undecided about the precise origin and meaning of Sarapis (or Serapis as he was called by the Roman emperors).
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One particular deity that seemed to blend together the attributes of several gods into a unified portrayal of deity was the Egyptian god “Sarapis.
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Sarapis Soja is a preparative, which is well-suited for women, namely for those in time of climacterium that suffer from hot flush, and sweat etc., to name a few.