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Sol Invictus

Author: Obsidian

A late Imperial Aspect of Jupiter, combining many elements of Sovereignty, Aerial, weather, and Solar cults.

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Sol Invictus is an unauthorized derivative work of Exalted and its associated line of supplements, which are copyright White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
2010 Augustus Sol Invictus. Exclusive rights are granted to the DEPAUL RULE OF LAW JOURNAL.
Chapter 1. Sol in the Roman Empire: Previous Research, General
god, in the Republic, and Sol Invictus, a Syrian god, in late antiquity. Most earlier studies of Sol, whether Indiges or Invictus, were heavily laden with prejudice.

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Roman Emperor Aurelian had marked December 25 as the birthday of the Sol invictus (unconquered Sun). He followed the popular pagan feast day. In 273 CE Christians chose 25th December as the birthday of Jesus.
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25 in order to co-opt Sol Invictus. This idea was put forth a few centuries ago by two different scholars, one trying to show how the church could Christianize Pagan holidays and the other trying to show how nefarious the liturgical calendar was.
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Prophecy Productions is reissuing to albums by SOL INVICTUS in September. Both can be ordered here. Guitarist/Metal Guy Jeremy Wagner will release his novel THE ARMAGEDDON CHORD tomorrow.
Sol Invictus The Cruellest Month
Certes, le dernier album de Sol Invictus (The Devil's Steed) dâte d'il ya à peu près six ans. Pour autant, sa tête pensante, Tony Wakeford n'était pas sans activité.

Suggested Web Resources, the official site for Tursa, the record label and publishing house. Artists on Tursa include Sol Invictus, L'Orchestre Noir, Tony Wakeford, and Skald.
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Sol Invictus ("Invincible Sun") was the official sun god of the later Roman empire. In 274 Aurelian made it an official cult alongside the traditional Roman cults.
Sol Invictus
Aug 7, 2011 Includes news, roster, message board and recruitment and contact information.
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