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Manifesting World Enlightenment: Part 1

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

Any or all of this material may be used by any interested person or organization, for the purpose of spiritual and/or intellectual enlightenment. We ask that you mention the source of this material in your publication(s), (the World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb) so as to promote the mission of this organization.

Amazing things take root and grow, from the minds of the world.
Human creations are much more far reaching than mere cities and nations. We are
also creators of mental and spiritual manifestations, and these are of
world changing scope! Humans are idea and thoughtform-producing creatures. What
this means of course, is that our power for creation or destruction is nearly
unlimited. For this reason we must be responsible caretakers in this Earthly
garden of life. Natural living, and the following of natural laws, is thus a
necessity. There is a great need to follow nature or perish, and yet its laws
provide much leeway for creative expression. This is true even if it implies the
freedom for self destruction, or self ascension. As conscious beings, our
creativity has such vast potential, that we ride the wave of natural history
with uncertain stride. Our dynamic and active minds leave us no option, but to
choose evolutionary lifestyles or reap international chaos.

Many of our thoughts bear the edible fruit of wisdom and
revelation, whereas some only bloom for the sake of delight. Others still,
destroy all life through sheer self indulgence. The thoughtforms of social
imagery and popular culture, all eventually suffer the fate of weeds along the
wayside. What is considered unquestionable today, is soon cut down by the modern
fascination for what is "new" and "different". This is a fact that reflects the
boredom inherent in materialism. Today’s attitudes will ultimately be ignored by
the fickle judgments of history, or like weeds, be pulled up stem and all to
provide growth for revolution. Only that which is of nature and the Truth it
contains, will last for all time.

It is an ancient saying that "thoughts are things", for they do
indeed stream forth like living entities, to find haven in social habitats
around the world. Ideas are lasting forces, and not only because they become
known, recorded or memorized. They have lasting power in themselves, as
, due to the fact that they are propelled and empowered by
Intent. From a single idea, the whole of this world society in which we live may
be changed forever. We may indeed move mountains with the stroke of a pen, and
the flash of a neural chain.

Ideas, and the intentions which psychically propel them, render
world changing effects, even after they are long forgotten by their creators.
Thus, the relevance of these creations of ours, goes well beyond the personal
domain. Our intentions and thoughts exist as a currency of exchange, on both
social and spiritual levels. Ideas are the building blocks of synchronicity and
simultaneous invention, of cities and subtle glances. They know no boundaries or
nation’s borders, and are ultimately beyond copyright or patent. Thoughts, like
feelings, travel from mind to mind as lightning travels wires of copper. Some
are flashy though of little use, rendering small significance. Others are of
universal and undying scope, reappearing through the ages like a variety of
creature that simply will not, and cannot, be eradicated. Ideas based on Truth
Itself have such ultimate, lasting value. Thus, to hold truth as the highest
ideal in ones’ life and mind, is to implicitly empower the thoughts which are
based upon it. Truthful minds will ultimately prevail, because truth is itself
undying. It is of eternal ideal, making no distinction between peoples, cultures
or nations. It provides the most fertile ground for the fruits of social
revolution among us all. Ideas based upon Truth are everlasting, surviving all
changes, societies and even worlds.

In gaining self knowledge we find that truth resides within. It
literally composes both the self and the cosmos in general. Beyond all specific
thoughts and emotions, we find within the very founder of societies, cultures
and nations. We are the Earthly embodiment of creative, universal force, or in
other words, that which is called God. God and soul by another name, are known
as consciousness. It is consciousness itself with which we were born, and which
we will carry past the day of our physical death. The Truth of our existence as
human beings, is that we are souls in bodies. As souls, our essence is
composed of consciousness, with Intent being the guiding factor within. A
study of Intent is an examination of the souls’ primary means. This study is
best made through introspection. So it is that through self knowledge, we find
what is true about ourselves, God and life in general, beyond all cultural bias.

In introspection, (meditation) it is made obvious that we are
all One in Consciousness. All things in the universe are composed and
guided by this essence of creation. We may each directly perceive the Truth of
SELF AS CONSCIOUSNESS for ourselves. The underlying truth of self, is that
Watcher and Intention behind every thought. This Watcher is the soul.
Consciousness/Intent is behind every feeling and image, As the true self,
and is observing even now as you read this page.

The meditator comes to know that the knowledge of Truth exists
as a part of the universe itself, encoded into our very souls and DNA. For this
reason we gain direct perception into the nature of reality, through self
realization. Self realization then becomes Cosmic Realization. Direct perception
or intuition into Universal Fact, is a quality of consciousness we all possess.
In meditation we realize that there is no "distance between us and ourselves",
as psychology would have us believe. Our true identity is not composed of
thoughts. Our minds however are so powerful, that we can come to believe our
thoughts actually define who we are. Modern culture teaches that the only way to
change the self is to change our way of thinking. This is not so, for we are not
our own creations, (thoughts, feelings and images). The creator should not
confuse itself with its own manifestations, any more than an architect should
imagine themselves to be the blueprints they have drawn.

The realm of consciousness, (the true self) is not just a
creative place, it is the place of Creation Itself. Propelled by Intent, the
thoughts that are our creations, become forces strong enough to tear down high
mountains, just as surely as river and earthquake. They are also delicate and
subtle things, blown this way and that by the forces of common belief, as clouds
in the sky of social consensus. These carriers of mental force are created and
recreated like uncertain clay. Yet, they compose only the subtle structure of
our inner world, reflected by the outer manifestations of nations. They are not
the cause of change, for they did not create themselves. We are their creators.
Powerful are these products of consciousness, mighty enough to destroy
paradigms, or to create whole new societies in their image. Even so, the world
we have been creating and continue to create, is only a reflection of our own
inner realm. The modern crisis cannot therefore be called the cruel fate of an
uncaring universe. It is in fact the result of humanity’s lack of clarity into
the Reality of universal purpose. That purpose is the continual
elevation of consciousness and wisdom.

If we are to sustain the right focus of mind in order to
survive as a species, then this will be the result of our own volition. The
spiritual will, (Intent) to progress must outweigh the will to accumulate
unnecessary material objects, ideas and limiting cultural attitudes. Spiritual
will flourishes through clarity and love combined. It grows through a
sheer enthusiasm and deep-felt passion for spiritual understanding, in the
knowledge that truth alone bears significance in daily
life. Truthfulness is the mark of the healthy human being. It represents the
presence of Divine Intent, manifesting Itself through human affairs. We may
channel this Truthful Intent at will, so long as our lives are aligned with the
evolutionary process.

It is time we fully realized the impact our thoughts have upon
each other, and upon the collective condition of our species. Behind every
thought there is an Intent, and every Intent moves the creative energies of the
world. Contained is this realization are the keys to REAL self and mutual
progress. We must never lose sight of our ability to change the world into a
paradise of peace and prosperity. Over the centuries, it is we who have
generated this global condition, or current World Mind. The
materialistic and fearful world society we see today, is the mutual creation of
destructive intentions. It is we who may now change that condition for the
better. The responsibility for what grows in the garden is the gardener’s alone.
This planet can either grow the weeds of our carelessness, or the sweet fruits
of right action, depending upon what seeds each mind sows for itself and others.
Every thought is a seed planted in the surrounding ethers. If we give up on or
neglect our garden, then we will neither prosper nor survive, in this self-made
collective consciousness. This is just a cosmic fact of life.

It is important to understand which Intentions are most useful
in life and spiritual progress. The Intent of Christ Love and Buddha
are keys to the enlightenment of the world. Such Intentions must
rise up in us all! We must allow and even request this to happen within, as we
come to know the blatant errors of past wrong Intent. Ask yourself the
following questions: Is not the seeking of material wealth and that of
becoming a Buddha or a Christ
, both simply a matter of holding a
corresponding Intention
? And is not the task laid out before this life, not
simply a matter of choosing between the two? Let us each choose what is clearly
the greater seed to be planted, as a measure of our innate human

In finding the creator within, we learn of consciousness
. This is a gaining of the knowledge of universal forces, contained in
humanity and Nature alike. By charting the subtleties of Intent we learn the
secrets of nature, and the very basis for everything society has brought forth
out of the far reaches of human imagination. Through an awareness of
we gain an increasing synchronization with nature and natural
laws. In the knowledge of self as consciousness, (rather than memory, social
position or ego) we gain the tools of cultivation we need, to plant the seed of
tomorrow’s spiritual fruits within human society. Those seeds must grow, from
own spiritually progressive will to evolve. It is our prerogative and natural,
practical need, to now manifest a greater world than before. It is up to us to
set a new spiritual standard.

Thoughts resulting from a spiritually progressive Intent
re-build the world, just as they re-build the self. The sub-atomic energies that
surround us, are as sensitive to our thoughts as are leaves to a gale.
Therefore, that which is focused upon is that which is done, (manifest).
In order to manifest those thoughtforms which are of the greatest benefit for
the evolution of humanity, and in fact all life, we must first know ourselves as
consciousness. When the mind comes to know itself as consciousness, we are
reminded of the unity of all life. We are also reminded of our existence is
as individual cells within the body of God.

It is important to re-emphasize that we are not the thoughts,
images, social attitudes or feelings within. These are the creations of the
consciousness that we are, not self identity. The potter is not the clay
pots they spin, any more natural law is changed by the latest advertising
slogan. With the realization of self as consciousness, (soul) in place, we no
longer confuse the creations with the creator. Thoughts and feelings are
something we DO, not something we ARE.
Let us identify with what we are, as
creators, and therefore as consciousness, the universal essence. When we
do this, we implicitly identify with the essence of God and soul.

Inner knowledge is universal wisdom. Wisdom increases in direct
proportion with self knowledge. Through introspection we are provided with the
means for Mastery. Self realization or greater Mastery, motivates us to rebuild
the body and mind according to Cosmic Designs. It causes us to re-evaluate the
actual value of accepted standards, (the thoughts and values of a materialistic
society) in favor of the Divine knowledge contained in our very souls. Self
realization breaks the traditional shackles, (of the last 50 centuries)
surrounding our feet, ones that have confined history to less than noble
destinies. We break these bonds to consciously extend our natural Divinity to
the material world. We reject the shallowness of materialism in order to express
the innermost desire of the soul. Together our Intent manifests mutual benefit,
to bring about a more enlightened world. This is universal wisdom in action! It
is also the essence of true freedom!

Self knowledge allows insight into the common motives of all
souls, regardless of cultural, ideological or national differences. In Truth we
are patterned after the same natural designs, as a united whole. This is so
because all things are composed of consciousness, (Intent, Awareness and Energy)
and consciousness resembles a great, endless, multi-dimensional ocean. Like
consciousness itself, no part of an ocean may truly be separated from another.
This is its nature as a fluid, dynamic substance. In the same manner, pain, love
and passion flow from mind to mind, and body to body, in endless streams. The
joys and sorrows of a changing world are ours to feel, every moment of every
day. For this reason we each have no choice but to address the condition of
humanity as a united whole, and a singular organism. We must take into account
the influences of the World Mind upon our every waking moment,
knowing that no feeling or thought is an island unto itself.

Meditation reveals that we share a common essence, source, and
root cause. Our passions for life reflect those of all peoples in every obscure
corner of the world. Like the rest of the cosmos, we are all inextricably bound
to participate in the ONE MOTION of planetary natural history. Evolution or
destruction are the only two options open to all living things
. We have no
real option but to choose between the evolution of consciousness, or the falling
back into fear, false division and ultimately, extinction. Life either grows or
dies, and so too does love, clarity and spiritual progressiveness among us all.
The Cosmic Intent for human life is that we become Its evolutionary
Our purpose is to be the conscious stewards of the Earth,
to be our brother and sisters’ keepers, as the revolutionaries of God.
cells in the body of the Divine, our inherent unity goes beyond all false
political division. As souls we transcend all special-interest affiliations,
because Truth knows no special interests. We are not now, and can never truly
be, of nations, states, cultures, towns or clans only. We are members of
the family of God the everlasting.
In consciousness we stand together
forever united! This is not only our destiny but the only reality which has ever
existed and ever will exist. Only delusion believes life to be otherwise. Only
self destruction and self pity, makes petty mockery out of Divine Intention. But
this state of world affairs may not last, and delusion is not self-sustaining.
The fire of materialism burns itself out, and from those ideological ashes rises
the reality that was never absent, nor even slightly maligned. Truth cannot be
altered, but it can be more fully realized and embodied. As we
look within to the true self, we find the dynamic spirit of cosmic design, ever
ready to progress. Individual consciousness rises from the destructive storm of
modern beliefs and petty thoughts, to take its place as a custodian of Natural
law. This is the basic meaning and practice of enlightenment.

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