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Manifesting World Enlightenment: Part 2

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

Any or all of this material may be used by any interested person or organization, for the purpose of spiritual and/or intellectual enlightenment. We ask that you mention the source of this material in your publication(s), (the World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb) so as to promote the mission of this organization.

When thoughts are replaced by silence in the mind, perception
arises. It is a part of the modern condition wherein the mind of humanity is
constantly overwhelmed, by a million considerations and thoughts. In acquiring
silence, the mind is enabled to get out of the way of spiritual progress, and in
so doing observes the Universal Consciousness of which we are composed. Silent
self awareness returns us to our natural state of being, and the natural state
has little to do with modern chaos. By calming the inner world, the Mastery of
personal Energy, well focused Awareness, and natural Intent
is progressively gained. Meditation shows us that these Universal Three compose
every aspect of nature and humanity. By recognizing the truth of self as
consciousness, we also perceive others as kindred souls. In calm perception we
understand nature as a source for spiritual regeneration. Such realization
causes the seeker of spiritual revelation to exclaim, "I AM THAT", in a
direct perception of the unity of self with the cosmos. Through self discovery,
the seeker becomes a Knower of Truth. Through the daily application of
Truth, the Knower becomes a conscious Creator. As self-aware creators we radiate
uplifting effects, as a beacon of light in the darkness of world illusion. The
self realized are a source for spiritual regeneration set in motion, everywhere
upon the globe.

In self knowledge then, we learn that our true identity is
soul. Soul is consciousness itself. In meditation or prayer, it is
also learned that we are a part of that which is called "God". God is
also Consciousness Itself. Thus, "soul", "God", and "consciousness"
are fundamentally synonymous terms. They all are aspects of Truth, deriving
their existence from the same universal basis. To Realize ones’ self, God and
Nature, AS CONSCIOUSNESS, (I AM THAT) is thus a significant spiritual
event. Equally significant is to realize the exact nature of the consciousness
within and without. Very simply, Consciousness is composed of Intent,
Awareness and Energy
, and each of these may be readily identified in the
self. Each is a concrete and practical element of self and universe, at its most
fundamental level. The energy within is sensed as that level of vitality and
strength flowing through the body, (also known as "chi" or "ki"). Awareness is
noticed as that agency of "seeingness" or "the watcher" behind all thoughts,
emotions and daily circumstance. It is "that which looks" through all of the
senses and yet is more than any one of them. Intent is seen as that aspect of
self that changes our course of action. This happens at the very second any
decision is made. When we understand the presence of these three within, our
ability to CREATE is increased beyond measure, since this trinity of
consciousness is the source of all Creation. Through the realization of self as
consciousness, we can consciously direct energy, and focus awareness into any
pattern desired, (visualization/thoughtform creation). We may also direct Intent
in such a way as to build enlightenment itself, and any other
progressive quality in life that we wish. In this way our thoughts, inspiration
and willpower are turned from the mundane focus of material gain, to the high
responsibilities and privileges of Cosmic Citizenship, as conscious beings. With
the truthful view of self as consciousness, we may transform the world to any
level of bliss, peace and enlightenment.

The practitioner is compelled by the very forces of evolution,
to carry on the work of creating a more enlightened self. As consciousness
expands, so too does the perceived need to improve the world condition. The
essential fact of Unity becomes not only an intellectual truth, but a felt
reality which one is compelled to address
. The desire to improve the
consciousness of the World Mind, or collective consciousness of humanity,
becomes indistinguishable from the desire to raise personal or group
consciousness. To raise ones’ self to new levels of love, clarity, energy and
Divine connection, is to become inevitably involved with the raising of world
consciousness as well. Fortunately, with the expansion of personal
consciousness, comes the enhanced ability to expand the consciousness of the

The power of the individual mind to directly contribute to the
condition of the world, increases cumulatively over time and progressive Intent.
Of particular usefulness is our Intention to Perpetually Raise our
, in order to become what is known as a spiritual "Master".
Through the Intent of spiritual gain, the Master gradually arises from the ranks
of those who imagine material goals to be the purpose of life. In so doing they
shed the light of Truth, on a world which would otherwise be plagued by the
shadows of self-destructive acquisition.

The Master knows the power that their thoughts have on other
body/minds. They know that when personal Awareness focuses on any given thing or
person, immediate shifts of energy and pattern begin to arise therein. They
understand that Intent is the determiner and shaper of our collective destiny,
one that is not written in stone, but which changes according to the applied
wisdom of the people.

As the individual evolves, personal Intent proceeds from the
arbitrary smallness of ego, to a spiritual force of world changing potential.
The force of the human spirit is then wielded for the sake of Divine and
Evolutionary Will, in the benefit of all nations. Through self awareness as
souls, we manifest a greater world through the instrumentality of the body.
Similarly, the mind also becomes the vehicle for soulic expression, and
therefore spiritual ministry, (the conveyance of Truth to others). This is
especially true of the soul that has fully realized its own nature, as
consciousness, while still in a physical body.

The soulic, or consciousness-oriented view of worldly events,
imparts deep and factual lessons upon the spiritually-minded. The truth that is
directly perceived by the soul, is known by every earnest seeker, natural person
and small child. This is the perspective of clarity and intuitive genius. It is
the spontaneous and natural love of innocence and purity of Intention. The
uncomplicated view of self-as-spirit, offers clear insight into the social
challenges of our day. From this clarified view we can easily see the nature of
the problems which face humanity. In clarity we also see the fundamental source
of human suffering. It is not difficult to perceive that the foremost cause of
world problems today, is the wholesale disregard of natural and spiritual laws.
The lack of honesty about what is true and life-affirmative is the modern bane.
In an imbalanced, collective focus upon materialism, society has forgotten the
fact that life is about spiritual progression. We are an indivisible part of the
process of evolution! Evolution is a spiritual progression! What we find today
instead of an evolutionary focus however, is grossly exaggerated material
accumulation. The quest for money above all other things, is carried out purely
for the sake of egotism. Such Intentions run contrary to what has been called
the "conscience", or in other words, the voice and knowledge of the soul. Our
souls know that spirituality and human evolution must go hand in hand. We must
evolve to survive, and to evolve we must adopt spiritual priorities as our
primary collective focus. The unnecessary accumulation of material things can
never satisfy. This fact must be reflected as a matter of lifestyle, and not
just political speeches or convenient application.

The main avenue for spiritual growth and all evolution,
is the expansion of consciousness. Through an applied knowledge of
consciousness, we contribute to the collective evolution of humanity, and not
just the self. Through meditation and the wise employment of Intent, we greatly
accelerate true progress by fulfilling the goals of natural law.
Our species is at a critical decision point between materialism and
spiritual evolution. Making this decision cannot be delayed indefinitely. The
time of the Great Transformation
is at hand. We will either destroy
ourselves through our own misguided works, or we will align our spirits in
spiritual progress, and manifest a world of beauty and inspiration in the
Natural Divine

We may achieve true fulfillment not through worldly travel, nor
monetary gain. Humanity already posseses the material means to prosper. We will
evolve into beings of great ability and wisdom, only through the expansion of
consciousness, not the revision of devices or ideologies. There can be no
lasting political solutions, for the current problems of the world.
It is
not a revolution in governmental policy which is now needed. Our greatest need
as a species is not new political parties, social orders or technological
applications. The foundations of these will still be built upon the same
consciousness of selfish concern, if the inner focus of the public is not first
shifted. We will only reach the "Promised Land" through a change of our own
inner condition, which is itself the very creator of the outer world and
all social forms. Only through the expansion of consciousness can we
realistically hope to employ the wisdom necessary for right living, rather than
wanton destruction. Every state of consciousness is sustained by an underlying
Intent. Thus, every act is based upon a given motivation, which is its cause. It
is motive and cause we must address, not form and symptom. Our very survival as
a species depends on whether or not we recognize this distinction of
cause as contrasted to effect, (karma). The ultimate motive and
cause of all things, including human society and individual achievement, is
based squarely upon the INTENT employed every moment. Intent is the determiner
of how consciousness functions, and consciousness is the basis of all
manifestation. The raising of our consciousness or Intent, is therefore of
supreme importance to the survival and further evolution of our species.

Through the expansion of personal consciousness, there arises
the greater willingness to join our forces of creation with others, in mutual
good will. The love that arises within desires to be shared. The seed of the
fruits of clarity, has a drive to be planted in other minds. It may be said
then, that spiritual ministry is in large part simply the spontaneous desire to
propagate Truth, and for its own sake.

There are many different though complimentary aspects to
consciousness expansion. All of these are the existing parameters of
evolutionary growth, already held by Natural Law long before the arrival of Homo
Sapiens. These aspects can be reduced to the basic six Intentions which are
described by the Perpetual Raising and GM series, (see the WMS
Library at size=2> The six are
greater vibration, more crystallized clarity, higher
levels of energy, increased right alignment with
God/Soul/Nature, the expansion of positive Intent, and increased
right intent/action in the cultivation of stronger spiritual will.

Higher personal vibration lends itself to a harmony of
positive feelings, and collective co-creation. It is the flowing of sweet love
throughout all living and evolving beings. Greater clarity gives us the
ability to See Truth for what it is, and cut through the falsehoods of media and
cultural conditioning. It allows us to know the real cause behind the sufferings
and motives of our fellow human beings. Clarity results in an enhanced vision
into the laws of nature, and the solutions to which society may apply itself, to
cure the collective cancers of fear and political division. Higher energy
levels are experienced as we focus our psychic power not upon competitiveness,
but upon mutual upliftment. As we learn to share our psychic energies with each
other, they are greatly magnified and mutually empowered. In right
with the soul, and with God and Nature, we stay in tune with the
designs of Cosmic origin. Cosmic designs will always be superior to human-made
laws. By staying in right alignment, we insure that the steps of change taken
together, are those which are of the highest evolutionary benefit for all. In
right action/Intent, we create those spiritual conditions of mutual
living most conducive to the true progress of our kind. This may also be called
the maintaining of spiritual will, and the drive to align with each other in the
spirit of mutual growth. In expansion is found a means through which
love, clarity and other useful Intentions, may be spread throughout the world to
inoculate the body of humanity, against the dis-ease of fear. These six
highlighted focuses above are the very essence of paradise re-gained, whereby we
may expand our personal and collective consciousness. They may all be employed
on a personal, group and worldwide basis.

Through the wise use of these six elements does the light of
Truth grow bright, throwing back the clouds of despair, and bringing the warmth
of a new age of enlightenment for our kind. This enlightenment will be unlike
anything ever known in the past 45 centuries. One person with this knowledge can
do much to bring about change, especially at the local level of home and
neighborhood. "Doing" in this context primarily involves the projection and
holding of consciousness raising intentions for others. Ten
minds in spiritual unison, (meditation/group mind) may redirect the
consciousness of an entire city into more uplifting states. One hundred
meditators through the combined force of their Intent may uplift a whole region,
whereas a thousand or more motivated spiritual practitioners, may well raise
world consciousness, like a great wave of relief upon a parched land.
Well-directed group mind force, (which employs the six Intentions above) is a
major key in the creation of a more evolved era for this planet. We can use this
force of mutual consciousness today, to unlock our true potentials, as self
aware centers of consciousness.

The WMS article entitled; "The Perpetual Raising"
discusses the Intentional formation of group minds, for this purpose of self,
group and world enlightenment. It emphasizes the potentials and practices
involved with the mutual use of Intent. Through such universal knowledge, we may
raise the level of consciousness of all those gathered together in spiritual
focus. In group meditation/prayer, each practitioner learns for themselves the
experiential benefits of group mind action. They learn the potentials of what an
Intentionally formed group mind can do, to change the psychic conditions of fear
and pain in the surrounding fields of consciousness.

Through unified field principles, (such as the resonance of
feeling and thought, person to person) psychic connectedness is a familiar fact
of everyday existence. However, it is fact of life we are "normally" not
consciously aware of, because of the influences of the present materialistic
culture. When this experiential knowledge arises fully in the individual, the
inspiration to act for the well being of group and world gains momentum. This
happens when we realize the considerable impact our thoughts, feelings and
states of consciousness have on others. Such psychic effects occur, each and
every time we socially interact. Even the thought of someone who is clear across
the world, renders psychic effects upon them that should not be underestimated.
With each effect we create in the consciousness of those surrounding us, there
is an underlying intent involved. Through the right use of such Intent, we can
reconnect our lives with the aims of Nature, Soul and God, taking up the work of
the Masters of all ages willingly, and with relish. There is no greater purpose
in life than this, nor any source of greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

Groups of practitioners may therefore meet, with the
specific aim of raising world consciousness
. This practice is similar to the
process of group consciousness expansion, as described in The Perpetual
. The employment of group Intent for this purpose, is not unlike
the Intent employed by a Master, (such as a Christ, Buddha or Lao Tzu) in the
improvement of the human condition. Through the combination of individual
Intents, the group mind principle of nature comes into play. It
renders the geometrically greater psychic effects of many minds in spiritual
accord. Through such psychic and spiritual knowledge, group focus may be used to
co-create world-enlightening effects, just as the spiritual Masters of history
have been known to do. This is not the creation of "miracles" however, but
simply the practical and mutual engagement of natural laws. By employing the
four steps in the Manifestation of Intent on a joint basis, strong
psychic currents are generated, which impact the fields of consciousness at
large. Mutually focused Intent reinforces itself over and over again. The Intent
of mutual love for instance, can be rendered worldwide, just as it can be
manifest mutually. Mutually held feelings of love will automatically extend
themselves to some degree, to any area jointly or individually visualized. In
fact, any time we visualize anything, this mental picture starts to change
environmental energies according to the Intent behind it. This is the basic
essence of what a thoughtform is, and how it functions. When mutual love is held
and visualized, shifts of consciousness within all persons in that area, be it a
neighborhood or the entire planet, immediately begin to manifest, (to a
variable degree and depending on current psychic conditions).

Knowledge of intent also strengthens our psychic projections. A
review of the four steps for the manifestation of Intent,
is as follows;

Let us first review these steps on a personal basis;




face="Bookman,Bookman Old Style" size=3>

(for rendering personal change)

1) Be aware of your current state of body/mind,
(this is accomplished through meditation).

2) Gain familiarity with that which is to be
, (such as a higher love and clarity) and the Intent to be acted
upon is crystallized.

3) The desired state is held steady in the mind,
(for at least 5 minutes). Visualize and feel this state as if it already exists,
until the body/mind shifts into it.

4) The desired state is "held in place"
throughout the body, (or a given chakra). This new state is maintained by
treating it as the new reality of the self on a permanent basis.

Subsequent applications of the above four-step process render
cumulative results, so please be persistent!

Through these four steps we can raise our degree of personal
love, clarity, energy, spiritual will, expansion, and right alignment to any
degree, thereby progressively becoming "Masters".


Now compare the above to the below four steps for, "Raising the



1) Be aware of the current state of World Mind,
(this is accomplished through meditation, and a body-wide sensitivity to the
feelings/Intent currently traveling around the globe. Just visualize the world
and FEEL.

2) Gain familiarity with that which is to be Intended
around the world,
(such as a higher love and clarity) and the Intent
to be acted upon is crystallized.

3) The desired result and state is held steady in the
, as though it already exists. The meditator superimposes the
visualized result of higher world consciousness, upon the existing World Mind.
Our focused Awareness acts to Create external psychic changes, by
providing environmental energies with a pattern to crystallize around. [In this
way our awareness may be compared to the lines of force exerted by a magnet upon
iron filings] A re-patterning of global consciousness, in accord with personal,
(or group) Intent, then begins to take effect. This initiates psychic changes in
the nations of the world, first at the unified field, (subatomic) level of
existence, and then subsequently at the material level of social policy.
Awareness extends outward from the self, (or selves) into the environment, and
according to ones’ visualized Intent. It causes the Energy there to conform to
the desired changes. To accomplish this step in raising the world consciousness,
the entire Earth is visualized. Also pictured is "the light of change", which
manifests positive Intent, (described hereafter).

  1. The desired result and state is "Intended into place", (and held
    there). The new pattern of consciousness, generated through focused Awareness
    at the direction of Intent, is now made manifest. This new level of love,
    clarity or other desired Intention is then stabilized, by treating it as the
    new reality of the World Mind. Psychic changes created in these four steps,
    are Intended into place as a lasting benefit for all of humanity,
    and/or for the Earth itself.

Subsequent applications of the above four-step process render
cumulative results, so please be persistent! Each time we have a group
meditation, it stabilizes the Intent of greater world enlightenment in
progressive increments!

Through these four steps we can raise the planetary degree of
love, clarity, energy, spiritual will, expansion, and right alignment to any
extent we are so willed, thereby becoming more evolved as a conscious

Groups may gather at any time and follow the above steps, when
endeavoring to create environmental change. One could call this, "intentional
unified field modification" or simply "casting", as in the casting of a
"spiritual spell". The raising of world consciousness represents a very high
level of spiritual Intent. Its employment by an individual using the above four
steps, (through determined and progressive Intent) is of powerful benefit. But
when such a focus is the subject of Group, (mind) Intent, the effects
rendered are geometrically multiplied many times over, due to the right use of
several natural laws. It is recommended that groups who endeavor to raise the
World Mind in this way, use the six elements of consciousness expansion as their
primary focus. This simplifies, streamlines and unites the Intent of each
individual practitioner in concert with all others present, and throughout the
world. These six are also inherently potent, making their use very desirable.
Thus, the world consciousness may be expanded meditationally via;

  1. Greater group clarity, (Awareness of Awareness)…as
    Created by the psychic specialists known as Visionaries

  2. Higher group vibration, (love)…as Created by the psychic
    specialists known as Purifiers

3) Increased group Energy, (chi)…as Created by
the psychic specialists known as Energizers

  1. Increased right alignment, (rapport with God/Universal
    Intelligence)…as Created by psychic specialists known as Channelers

5) Implemented right action/Intent, (spiritual
progressiveness or will)…as Created by psychic specialists known as

6) Greater expansion, (of any mindstate or Intent
over a greater geographical area)…as Created by psychic specialists known as Manifestors *.

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