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Manifesting World Enlightenment: Part 5

Author: Matthew Webb

brought to you by The World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb

Any or all of this material may be used by any interested person or organization, for the purpose of spiritual and/or intellectual enlightenment. We ask that you mention the source of this material in your publication(s), (the World Mind Society, and Matthew Webb) so as to promote the mission of this organization.

All things in the universe have at their basis, one
fundamental essence which governs their creation, destruction and on-going
actions. That singular essence is consciousness, (also known by some as God, or
the Unified Field). Everywhere in Nature does consciousness exist, providing
unity and cohesion for all beings. Since we are beings of Nature, we too not
only possess consciousness, but are in fact composed by it. In meditation we
learn that the consciousness within is the same in essence as the consciousness
in our environment. It is due to this fact that all psychic phenomena,
synchronicity, synergy and group mind actions are possible. Governing all
consciousness is that which is called Intent, which initiates or sustains every
action. Of second-most importance is Awareness, which focuses where intent
directs. Finally, Energy serves as the raw material, (particularly at the
sub-atomic particle level) wherein Awareness enters to create new patterns,
(morphic fields) according to Intended parameters.

Meditation also reveals that we have within our power the
ability to direct Intent, (and therefore Awareness and Energy) at will. The
greater mastery of Intent is therefore the greater mastery of all aspects of
life, so long as we exercise the will to improve. We may even raise our level of
intent, thereby entering progressively higher plateaus of being. This is the act
of Intent transforming itself! This act is known as intentional self
. We may Intend into place ever higher levels of
consciousness within ourselves. Because of our unity in consciousness with the
world, we may also Intend into place a higher World Mind,
(collective consciousness, together). As mentioned in the Perpetual Raising
series, there are six major avenues to accomplish this, as determined by Natural
and Spiritual Law. Any of these six may be Intended into higher levels in the
self, (such as greater love and clarity for instance) and without ultimate
limit. When this is done in the self to a certain minimum extent, the result is
Mastery. When it is done on a world-wide level to a certain minimum extent, the
result is World Enlightenment. Through such means we may literally fashion
ourselves into a species of spiritual masters…a planet of Buddhas and Christs
that can be the glory of the galaxy. Through Intent we may Manifest
World Enlightenment.

Any of the six consciousness-expanding focuses, may be used to
raise both the Earth and World Minds. Greater clarity, higher vibration, (love)
and energy levels, right alignment, (with God/Nature/soul) spiritual will,
(right Intent/action) and expansion, can all be used effectively to aid Earth
consciousness. This may be accomplished in any local area, forest, region or
planet-wide, depending upon one’s preference and ability. Generally speaking, it
is easier to raise, (Intend into place) the consciousness of a local area, than
to significantly raise the entire planetary body. Likewise, it is easier to
raise one’s own consciousness than to raise a local area. Larger area
"broadcasts" of love and clarity however, render greater psychic feedback to the
meditator or group. It is up to each individual to gauge the extent of their
effective psychic broadcast at any given moment, just as an athlete takes into
account their current level of physical fitness. Let feeling be a guide in this
regard. As inner feelings elevate, know that you have "Intended", (manifest)
successfully. Hovever, like the physical athlete the psychic practitioner is
well advised to constantly push the limits of their psychic endurance and
strength, and thereby gain greater ability. Be persistent in your casting of
such Intentions as love and clarity to the environment!

The functioning of the chakras can often be likened to that of
muscle groups, in that they "enlarge" and strengthen through use. It is wise
then, for the beginning meditator to practice manifesting positive
into the environment on a small scale. After a short time
they may then attempt larger scale projections, of the six consciousness-raising
intentions noted above. Groups of meditators though, need not be so conservative
in the scope of their projected Intent. Due to the group mind principle, a
cohesive group is very much like a greater being unto itself, with
much higher potentials than the mere addition of like minds. Intentionally
formed group minds have collective spiritual abilities which surpass the
comprehension of the large majority of participants. This is a major value of
group meditation. Such group-empowered spiritual abilities, allow meditators to
manifest very powerful psychic influences upon a much larger scope, than the
individual alone.

Each of the six consciousness expanding Intentions, act to
create useful, spiritual manifestations in the fields at large. This is
particularly true of meditations which focus upon Earth Mind
. Our very purpose as beings of the Earth, and as the products of
natural law/history, is to coordinate and raise the Earth through our
well-focused Intent. Individuals and groups are again encouraged to experiment
with the use of various projected Intents of a progressive nature, for the good
of this planet. The varying psychic results, (feedback) which occurs as a result
will fascinate the meditator as to their depth and startling implications.
Practitioners will find that the Earth Mind is a far more receptive and
responsive group mind than is the World Mind of humanity. The openness,
flexibility, high vibration and most of all, positive Intent of the Earth, makes
it an excellent ally in spiritual endeavors of all kinds. The Earth retains the
natural intelligence and wisdom of which humanity was formerly a part. It thus
remains as one of the foremost guides for right action, right Intent and right
living in general.

As a collective mind however, the Earth is not as powerful or
as balanced as it used to be. In the past several centuries of deforestation and
species extinction, brought about by an imbalanced humanity, the Earth Mind has
suffered great losses in its ability to regulate itself in a cohesive manner.
The forests and extinct life-forms, which once acted to fill out the psychic
feeling-spectrums of nature, and which contributed to its collective
intelligence, are now seriously depleted. This condition is analogous to a given
human being losing say, a fourth of their brain cells, resulting in a noticeable
depletion of manifest intelligence and capability. A reckless humanity has
forgotten the more important value of the natural world, and has wrongly viewed
the forests and oceans as merely reservoirs of material "resources". This is a
serious error in judgment. The primary value of life is not in its material
composition, but its psychic and spiritual contribution to the collective
consciousness planet-wide. The real truth of the matter is that humanity as a
species, is a "resource" for Natural Intelligence, so that It may expand Itself.
By destroying the balance of nature, we are implicitly destroying our own inner
balance. The surrounding ocean of consciousness keeps us intimately
interconnected with the condition of the Earth. We are a part of nature
inseparably and unavoidably due to its universal laws, and sooner or later we
must acknowledge this fact or fail as a species. The projection of the
strengthening qualities of love, clarity, right alignment, spiritual will and
increased chi, are very much needed by the Earth at this time. As these elements
are Intended into place by practitioners around the world, the
Earth Mind is allowed a better opportunity for efficient self regulation and
conscious evolution. The environmental imbalances we see today are not simply of
physical origin. They are also a result of a decay of Earth consciousness,
particularly because of chaotic World Mind influences and deforestation.
Practitioners may act to reverse these psychic trends, (which are primarily
composed of pain and fear) thereby offsetting much of the destructive karma of

Practitioners may commune with natural areas, thereby receiving
benefit from them through the use of thoughtforms, and a knowledge of
consciousness. They may in turn, also do much benefit for nature by
Intending into place valuable qualities of consciousness, such as
love and clarity. In so doing they fulfill the true purpose of humanity as Earth
Stewards, contributing directly to the welfare of the planet. Practitioners
become the coordinators and overseers of the (unified) fields at large in our
world, ensuring that only the highest and most progressive Intentions are
manifest. In this way, the meditator becomes an agent of Divine Intention, and
evolutionary progress.

The following recommendations are just a few examples of how
practitioners may send and receive psychic benefits, to and from the


The practitioner should first enter a state of Awareness of
(see Advanced Chakra meditation in The Perpetual Raising)
as a preliminary for spiritual work with the Earth. This state will allow direct
contact with the Awareness and Intent of the planet, as well as the greater
ability to channel Earth chi. Such a state is without thought…the mind is
instead focused on the Focuser Within. After achieving Awareness of
in a quiet place, preferably one that is in nature itself, the
meditator may employ any number of thoughtforms which are effective in Earth
Mind interactions. In the case of communing with natural areas to receive their
benefits, the meditator may visualize the region or area they are in as if seen
from above. While maintaining this image, (which need not be technically
accurate) see it shrink to about the size of the body. With the image of the
region thus reduced, visualize it superimposing and merging with the your own
body and mind. Use the Intent that this image will make a strong psychic
connection with the surrounding natural area, and all of the plants and animals
therein. Intend that the natural energy, awareness and Intent of that
region, enter into the body/mind as a result. Maintain this image superimposed
over the body for at least 15 more minutes, in addition to a preliminary
awareness of awareness meditation. Then, wait quietly in a state of
centered clarity, for information and/or altered states of consciousness
to make themselves apparent. If you wait patiently in a stillness of mind,
spiritual revelations will show themselves as intuitive flashes of insight.
There will also be unusual feelings and energies running through the body on
occasion. Just be receptive to these. In most cases, the messages received from
the natural consciousness at large, will be simple, direct and self-explanatory.
Embodiment of such information will increase the practitioners’ wisdom,
strengthen the body and clarify the mind.

A variation of this "communing" exercise is to visualize
oneself as a part of an ocean of Energy, as one center of consciousness among
many. Visualize this ocean stretching outward for tens, or even hundreds of
miles in all directions, as it connects you with animals, trees and other forms
of nature. Expand your feelings and awareness out into this ocean,
(particularly those of love and clarity). Wait with a quiet mind in Awareness
of Awareness
, for whatever knowledge and states of consciousness are sent
back to you from the Earth Mind. After a few minutes expand your feelings
and awareness again, out into the visualized ocean of Energy. [Note; It helps to
take a deep in-breath before every expansion, in the manner of the Chi
Gaining Meditation
, (see the Perpetual Raising). With each
in-breath, visualize lightning bolts entering the feet and accumulating in the
body as an ever-brightening glow. This will increase your level of chi, and make
all efforts for the outward expansion of your feelings and awareness, far more
effective.] Again passively wait for incoming results, while in a state of
Awareness of Awareness. Repeat this procedure for as long as desired, and
be receptive to the inputs so received. Seek to understand and apply received
information and states of consciousness. Messages will not usually come in the
form of words, but rather, feelings and images in association with "intuitive
knowledge packets". These "information packages" sometimes contain huge amounts
of information, or just simple "advice". [See The Earth Mind
in the WMS Library ] It is up to the practitioner to decipher
these messages from the Earth Mind, into a practical, crystallized form. This
can be a lengthy process, shortened only by living in accord with natural law, a
simple lifestyle and further meditations. It is also useful to write these
impressions down soon after they are received.

Always remember that the Earth Mind is a functional and wise
collective consciousness. It has its own Intent, Awareness and Energy as a
planetary system. It is aware of many things, which the majority of humanity
would never suspect. Although this Awareness is of the same essence as that
found in the human being and in all other places in the universe, it does not
function in exactly the same manner as human consciousness. The ant also
possesses Intent and Awareness, but it would be equally inaccurate to say that
an insect’s consciousness functions according to the same parameters as the
human being. The more evolved a system of consciousness is, the more
sophisticated are its functions, even though it is based on the same universal
constants of Energy, Awareness and Intent. The Earth Mind is in most ways, a
collective consciousness which functions in modes that are far more
sophisticated than any one human being. It has "motive" and purpose just as we
do, and yet we must be careful not to personify the Earth. It is by no means
comparable to a human mind, any more than an ant’s consciousness is, at the
other end of the spectrum of sophistication. Although the Earth Mind is
currently off balance, it is never the less an intelligence vast and ancient,
one that is primarily responsible for our very existence.

It can realistically be said that Earth Mind consciousness
is the local presence of God
. The Earth is a place where Universal Intent
continues to be intelligently carried out. Native peoples worldwide have always
recognized this, and treat the Earth as a sacred Being accordingly. Any
planetary or stellar body possesses consciousness in fact, as do all life forms.
This planetary body upon which we live though, has a very enriched
consciousness, because of the diversity of life present here for eons. This
intelligent Earth can be our advisor if we choose to listen to its council. Its
advice to us contains the messages of union with nature, and the re-adoption of
natural ways, so that we may regain the depth and wisdom our species once
possessed. The Earth Mind message is that of God and our own souls, of love and
oneness with the consciousness at large, and also ways to achieve Mastery. By
embodying such messages we adopt right living. It is the same one advocated by
the spiritual Masters of all time, and this is no mere coincidence.

The Earth Mind plays a very critical role in our lives, though
this has been largely forgotten by society. It is fully capable of supporting or
withdrawing its support, from any person or group of persons, depending on the
Intent they employ. Earth Mind support comes in the form of increased Energy,
enriched Awareness, and the realization of how to employ higher levels of
Intent. Thus the Earth "seeks" to enhance those persons who employ appropriate
spiritual Intent, one that benefits all people and Nature alike. Practitioners
should seek to gain Earth Mind support and maintain it, as they would a valued
friend and trusted advisor. To gain the Earth’s support, the employment of
natural Intentions, (carried out through the recognition that Nature is an
intelligent force with its own higher ends) is a good place to start.

The practitioner should also keep in mind that the purpose of
life and of humanity, is the expansion of consciousness. One of the few things
of real value to the Earth Mind, is the continued survival of the full spectrum
of species in dynamic harmony. This is so because every life form emanates a
unique psychic signature of feeling and awareness states. Each species thus
enriches the Earth and World Minds, so as to facilitate the evolution of
consciousness. Also important to the Earth Mind, like all centers of
consciousness, are those states of being which are progressive. Love, clarity,
and those states enhanced by right alignment, as well as greater levels of chi
and spiritual will, are all inherently valuable to the planet and the universe
in general. These aspects of consciousness expansion are also of primary value
to any soul as well. It is apparent that what our own souls value, has a great
deal in common with the Intentions of the Earth Mind. This is predictable since
both are composed of consciousness. Both exist in accord with the natural laws
of the universe, (also known by some as the Will of God).

As the practitioner raises their own level of consciousness,
their value to Nature and the Earth Mind increases accordingly. Those who embody
greater and greater levels of love and clarity for instance, progressively gain
states of being that do real benefit for this planet. The benefits of love and
clarity are rendered simply by their continued presence. By embodying these
states of consciousness, we act to further the aims evolution (the course of
natural history). By expanding personal consciousness, we literally fulfill not
only human evolution, but also planetary and cosmic evolution. Our success as
evolving beings is in some noteworthy measure, also the success of the entire
planetary Mind upon which we live. Thus the Earth Mind "desires’ or "Intends"
that we succeed in this endeavor, and it will support anyone who supports this
cause. This is what is called "gaining the support of nature", and it is
accomplished by carrying out the aims of natural law/design. To work for the
cause of evolution, by expanding personal and collective consciousness, is to
gain the Earth as a personal ally. So long as we work for this cause it will
continue to support us.

We have only begun to realize the potentials of benefiting each
other through group mind action. To a much lesser extent, does our society
realize the benefits and implications of working with Earth Mind consciousness.
By acting on behalf of spiritual purposes, we develop a deeper and deeper
relationship with the Earth on a direct basis, for it is aware of our effects
and Intents
. To Intentionally work with Earth consciousness, develops our
relationship with it at a very accelerated rate.

Keeping the above in mind, the practitioner may begin a
meditational session of any focus, with the ultimate Intention of working with
Earth consciousness. Regardless of specific differences in personal meditational
practice, all expansions of consciousness are of value to the Earth Mind and the
World Mind alike. All gains made through spiritual practice of any type, are of
value to our race, our planet and each other. In essence, specific techniques
are ultimately irrelevant. Only progressive, spiritual Intent creates the needed
planetary changes. Realize this and make full use of the fact, for it is
extremely important.


Whenever we enter useful states of consciousness through
meditation, prayer, contemplation, in friendship or a loving relationship, we
then have the immediate opportunity to employ them for the benefit of the world.
Whenever we feel love, we may then project this state to the world, by
immediately expanding it into the environment. [Visualizations
will add potency to such projections, by giving the outgoing spiritual Intent a
specific structure through which to manifest itself.] FEEL love expand away from
you, throughout your body. Just as we can project/visualize feelings of love and
respect to people we care about, we can in exactly the same way, project love
and respect for the Earth as a whole. When we consistently engage in this
practice, we become Earth Stewards, whose spiritual privilege it is to carry out
the Will of God in nature.

Whenever you enter a notably positive state of mind, of
inspiration, good will, love, clarity, or spiritual Intent of any kind, try
taking that opportunity to immediately project that state/Intent to the entire
Earth. Notice the results with a quiet mind. Use the four steps in the
manifestation of Intent, to create consciousness-expanding benefit whenever
possible. Experiment with this process and discover incredible beauty, knowledge
and ability in return. The Earthmind Material
href=""> size=2> contained in the
WMS Library, was obtained through a receptivity to Earth consciousness, using
such methods as noted above. Any person or group may similarly gain much useful
information, through quiet attentiveness to natural areas.

Times of extreme change and transformation are upon us all.
Many people will be driven to desperation and crisis, and will begin to
seriously question the validity of current social assumptions. This will seem to
be a time of world calamity, and on the material level of the Earth, it is. On
the other hand, it is also a time of great opportunity for our kind, to finally
make the right decisions regarding the spiritual purpose of life. Those of us
who seek the betterment of our species, as well as ourselves in alignment with
Universal purposes, may take this opportunity to present an entirely different
view of life to the public, than what materialism has offered. It is during this
period of crisis that the spiritual voice will be most distinctly heard. Through
the practices of consciousness expansion and the right use of the group
mind principle
, we may establish a new social paradigm, whose sole
objective is the reformation of world consciousness. This is our privilege as
the carriers of the Knowledge of All Time, whose essential Truth may be
witnessed by anyone who looks within.

We must rely upon our mutual strength, to carry out the
spiritual mission of world consciousness transformation. No one person may
accomplish this task alone. We must learn to work together to build a new world,
where love and clarity are the daily norms to be expected in all social circles.
This is especially true of the psychic level of social relations. To this end
many meditational groups must form themselves, so as to best employ the
potentials of group consciousness. We must "raise the world" through
our mutual psychic influence and Intent
. The continued formation of
communities around the world dedicated to this purpose, is also very desirable.
Such communities can facilitate an intensive spiritual focus, through very
stable group mind action. Through these spiritual centers we are creating points
of light around the globe, which will act as beacons for those who seek self
realization and spiritual knowledge. May all the brothers and sisters of this
work find complete fulfillment in their quest. May the World Mind be
transformed, and the Earth Mind healed, according to COSMIC INTENT…

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