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What does it mean if I have nightmares about being ill?

Author: Strix d' Emerys

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According to a report from the Menninger Clinic
Detecting cancer in dream content. Horton PC, Child Guidance Clinic for Control Ct., Meriden, CT, USA.

A woman was 3 years post mastectomy when she presented a dream whose
manifest content suggested a new malignancy. A Pap smear showed
carcinoma-in-situ. She lived another 8 years, during which time she had a
number of new dreams that correctly raised the likelihood of an active
cancer despite normal physical exams and negative Pap smears. This case
report suggests that the dream may be an early cue for the presence of a
disease process.

Not that this automatically happens every time you dream about being ill.
The data is mostly stories, people relating that they dreamt their
illness. The best way to combat illness is dreams is a technique called
Lucid Dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming is dreaming while knowing you are dreaming. Lucid Dreaming
usually begins in the midst of a dream, when the dreamer realizes that the
experience is not occurring in physical reality, but is a dream. Often
this realization is triggered by the dreamers noticing some occurrence in
the dream, such as meeting a person who is dead, or flying without wings.
Basically, Lucid Dreaming is simply being consciously aware that you are
dreaming, and being in control of the dream environment. When Lucid
Dreaming is at a high level, you need to be aware of what you are doing.
Lucid Dreaming and control are not the same thing. It is possible to be
Lucid Dreaming and have little control over the dream environment
(DreamScape). Nonetheless, becoming a Lucid Dreaming is likely to increase
your deliberate influence over the course of events. The Shaman will or
should be able to control his/her dreams-but not the representation. At
this point, it is also possible to astral project yourself. Though only
those who are experienced with Astral Projection should try this technique.
There will be difficulties at first in learning to control your dream as
you recognize the different levels and powers that the Walker has at their
disposal. It has been found that one of the more successful ways to
control your dream is to say the following thrice times thrice before
falling asleep.




This reinforces our innate physic abilities to assist us in concentrating
on remembering our dreams. Do not be disappointed if this not work the
first time you use, a lot of use have forgotten how to walk or even dream,
so be patient give it time.

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