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Pagan Holidays for the Southern Hemisphere

Author: Gwydion

Many of the readers of RealMagick hail from the Southern Hemisphere. For them, the standard progression of the seasons is shifted... I.e. they are celebrating spring in Brazil, when those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are celebrating Fall.

Clearly the "standard" correspondences of holidays to dates of the year don't really apply to those in the Southern Hemisphere. What are they to do? Do they "rotate" the wheel of the year around?

They celebrate the holidays in accordance with the changing of the seasons just as we do. While the particular dates may be different, the rituals are the same. For instance, when pagans in the Northern Hemisphere are about to celebrate Yule, those in the Southern Hemisphere are about to celebrate Midsummer.

It is important not to confuse dates with the seasons themselves. The holidays celebrate the changes of the seasons, the birth and death of the God, and the three aspects of the Goddess.

The correspondence of Christmas with Yule on December 25th (which is so ingrained into the consciousness of northerners) is an artifact of the fact that Christianity evolved in the Northern Hemisphere and Christmas is the birth of the Christian God. If Christianity had evolved in Australia, for example, Christmas would be in July (together with the southern Yule celebration).

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