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George W. Bush

Author: HoroscopeFree

Born 6th of July, 1946 New Haven (Connecticut)

I am going to start this interpretation with the famous phrase of Bush, which according to me embodies his innermost thoughts: "America needs compassionate conservatism". From this phrase we can deduce Bush's real feelings which are the love for his native country and tradition, his conservative spirit together with the compassion towards the masses, which he wants to manage by himself. My first sensations, when I look at his face, are of his honest nature, of a man who has had a severe education, who does not like sharing his emotions with anybody, who difficultly gets influenced by others, and rarely gives a wrong judgement, nevertheless he could appear tough. According to me he has a very sensitive nature and he could easily be overwhelmed by emotions, if somebody dares touch his most precious things; this is not a weakness, but a virtue, which Americans will appreciate. From the position of his Birth Sun in Cancer, we can deduce his great love for the family, a tendency to get impressed from events and his pursuit of traditional dreams and ideals; it could generally make us think that Bush is a very extrovert person, but actually he turns out to be quite a shy one. His ascendant in Leo increases his sensitivity, emphasises his ideas and his ability to manage the masses, as he has an instinctive flair for commanding, and hardly changes his mind or course of life, especially because of his traditional nature. His adolescence should not have been an easy one, as his father was demanding. So since his earliest childhood he had to confront himself to his father's pragmatic, strong and severe character, and should also have neglected one of his dreams: sports, a sphere where he might have reached excellent results, and nevertheless has abandoned them, in order to follow in his father's wake. His mother should have played a decisive role, making him follow in his father's footsteps, also because Bush should have had some hostilities towards his father around his twenties, regarding some important choices in life. To these values we can add his great wisdom and his fair and generous actions. We can deduce from his Mars in Virgo, his great sense of criticism and his logical thinking, but when Mars gets negatively influenced, or rather forms squares and oppositions, Bush could get easily irritated and inclined to contradictions when he makes mistakes, as he does not like confessing them and does everything in order to be understood and forgiven. His ascendant could bring him some enemies, as he likes showing off and tends to exhibitionism, and also the position of Pluto in Leo makes his character even more authoritative. The position of the Moon in Libra makes him refined and diplomatic in his personal relationships. The position of Jupiter in Libra gives him a great sense of justice, favouring also the mutual understanding. This aspect makes us deduce that his initiatives will manage to win the consent of people, especially because he will be able to deduce taxation, and make a lot of improvements in economics and healthcare. He should be very careful about the military sector, as he could make some powerful enemies, who will cause a lot of problems, if he decides to increase the arming. He will have three main problems, during his presidential career, and one of them should start more or less in five to seven months with one of the Arabic nations and after, in about two years, he will have some very bad problems with China and Russia. America will increase his prestige during his government, but according to me he will apply his power in a way that did not happen since a long time ago and so could compromise the foreign policy. Regarding his health, the most delicate concerns turn out to be about the heart, the spinal column and the back. So the stars tell!

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