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Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky

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Birthdays: Bill: August 19 1946, 08.51 - Hope, Arkansas.
Monica: July 23 1973, 12.21 - San Francisco, California

From the astrological point of view, one of the most interesting aspects of this couple is the extraordinary resemblance of Planets and Ascendants of the two: they both were born with the Sun in Lion and the Moon in Taurus; their Ascendant is Libra. These are the bases of an excellent relationship, characterized by mutual understanding, esteem, influence and attraction.

Pluto's presence explains why Monica Lewinsky has such an influence and power on President Clinton.
On the other hand, Clinton has six planets in Libra and this is the reason why the two are so compatible.
In particular, Mars and Neptune in Libra foretell a charming encounter made of fixed and loving glances.

The Stars tell us that Monica is a woman who's ready to dedicate all her life to such a powerful man.
Furthermore, both Clinton and Lewinsky are born with the Moon in Taurus and this means: hot sex!
These are all the premises of that dangerous relationship which has been at the centre of the gossips for such a long time, and which interested, worried and divided the United States and the whole world.

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Dory Hollander's book - "101 Lies Men Tell Women - and Why Women Believe Them" - was published in 1996, not long before President Bill Clinton got caught lying about his relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky.
Last updated at 1:33 PM on 22nd August 2011
Mr Clinton and his wife appear to have patched up their differences after the Monica Lewinsky scandal during his time in the White House.

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