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Charles - Prince of Wales

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Born 14th of November, 1948 London (GB) - Scorpio

From the position of the natal Sun in Scorpio we can deduce that Prince Charles has a great critical ability, he is difficultly influenced by anybody, but also has a great sense of duty. He usually does not like being contradicted and often puts himself against everybody, carried away by a goal or an ideal. He is sincere and not malicious at all.
The relationship with his mother should not have been one of the best since his adolescence. The first problems, regarding some impositions and the etiquette to be observed, the demanding studies and most of all the attitude towards the people should have started around his six teens.

As we can see from his natal Pluto in Leo, which indicates ability to manage the masses and tendency to great changes for the sake of ideals, when an obstacle occurs on his way, his reaction is violent and he hardly forgives those who try to encroach his territory.

The position of Mercury in Scorpio sharpens his intelligence and his quick reflexes in all occasions, therefore his words are always the right ones at the right time, he manages to unravel the events that could damage his image with his personal whim and great charisma.

The position of Venus in Libra grants him an elevated artistic talent, a great kindness and a deep sense of justice. I have the sensation, that he should have had four important stories in his life, that have greatly conditioned his sentimental life. His major emotional need is confidence in the partner, and his fear of being used by the others for some clear purposes, is uncontrolled.

In spite of his marriage with Diana, the love story with Camilla has never been ended, especially because of the affinity of their ideas and common aspirations. The fact that his mother has never accepted her, should have been a big trauma for him, as, according to me, Camilla is one of the few women he has really loved, who instead of criticising him, has placed him in the centre of her attentions and never did anything to obstacle his decisions and needs, accepting with a kind of humility to stay aside for so many years, just to support and not create any problems to her loved one. In this period, it seems that his mother has accepted this woman and my opinion is that in four years Charles will marry her, and so will realise his dream. With this I do not want to say that he did not love Diana, but that actually she did not coincide with his ideal as a woman, a mother and a wife, especially because of her characteristics and her tendency to breaking the rules, imposed to them, always creating unexpected tensions and problems.
He proves to love deeply his sons and to be a perfect father, and according to me he has never neglected the essential value of family, even if many engagements have often driven him away from his loved ones.

The position of Jupiter in Sagittarius grants him the gift of a proper management of the royal property, a practical sense in facing life, a good head for business, in spite he has been criticised and obscured for a long time by the personality of his mother (who, according to me, in an year, will risks serious and unexpected circulatory problems, and it seems ischemia to me).

He appears to be really healthy, but will risk some bone breaks and problems with the body liquids.
So the stars tell

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