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Sean Connery

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Born 25th of August, 1930 Edinburgh (Scotland)

Ascendant - Capricorn

Shy, serious behaviour, dominated by his reserved nature, difficult to be approached (as if the person born under this sign places a wall between himself and the others), never letting out his real state of mind. On one hand, isolation, concentration and meditation are the three key words needed to understanding his ascendant. On the other hand, his difficulty to relax is closely related to his instinctive diffidence and doubtfulness to the others.

Free spirit, obstinate, sure of himself, planner and strategist, he knows how to calculate and evaluate in the best way the essence of things and his goals, which would usually require more time.

A personality, able to undertake positions of trust and responsibility, with harsh and inflexible behaviour.
His egoism, pessimism and avarice could be used as a self-defence, with the risk of becoming insensitive. He takes seriously his feelings, although emotions are controlled by his reason and practical sense.

His build is slim but strong, rather angular, a serious and severe face, a relaxed pace.His self-discipline leads his ambition towards demanding commitments. Resolution, seriousness, practicality, but also coldness and calculation, characterise his behaviour. His goals are usually the result of a conquest.

Not confident at all. His character is closed, controlled, extremely reserved, does not reveal himself easily. He has a strong sense of duty and responsibility. He seeks solitude and the sense of limits obstacles him. Easily becomes in love in nature. This can be a sign of spirituality or materialism, or of poor health.

From astrological point of view we can deduce that Sean is a complex, very sensitive natured man, who never stops and goes on challenging himself, especially in work.

He will still manage to leave his mark and will never decline, on the contrary, he will always be remembered for his charismatic gift for innovation.

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