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Sign Characteristics: Pisces

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Quadruplicity Mutable
Day of the week Tuesday

Pink Coral







Flowers Iris



Metals Tin








Water sign ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Pisceans are subtle, patient, sweet and tolerant. However, they can be also touchy and treacherous. Their typical features are a complex carachter, a great fantasy and an extraordinary learning ability. They are irresolute and they are not keen in organizing, so that they prefer to be led by other people, both in private and in working life. Typical jobs are: football player, nurse, medium, mechanic and photographer. They have a strong religious feeling and artistic sensibility. Being so reserved, it is not easy to know and understand them thoroughly. Friendship and true and longlasting love are for Pisceans extremely important.


Piscean men are idealist, complex, romantic and unforeseeable, but also touchy and sensitive. They need to be covered with love and attention. Their ideal woman should be able to take the initative. Make him understand that you love order, precision and art. TIP: Never touch his things... he is very possessive!!!


Piscean women are romantic, sweet and fragile. They have the gift to make a man feel he's the most important thing in the world. They like to be praised, fondled and they want you to listen to them, or else they suffer and become sad. The ideal man must be strong and "solid". TIP: Talk a lot with her!

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