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wind spiral, thebreeze, legs and feet, open hands

Element Meditation

Author: Ostara Nitewillow

Sit quietly in your sacred space, or in any space that is peaceful and you are free of any doubts and fears. Breath in, then out several times and release all the tension in your body.

Place your hands in your lap, with palms up and open, as if you are holding a
ball or something. Connect with the earth by seeing roots grow down your spine and plunge into the earth below.

Next, call upon the Element energies. See each energy, as you call visualise
it, as a different colour wind or swirl. I see red for Fire, blue for Water,
green for Earth and yellow for Air. See the wind spiral into your open hands. once you have all the element winds swirling in your hands, see them creeping up you arms, then into your chest, throat, head and down to you stomach and into your legs and feet.

Then as they are swirling and healing you, actually see yourself as being each of the Elements in turn. See yourself as the waves in the ocean, crashing on the beach. A tall tree swaying in the wind. A flame in a camp fire. And the
breeze that tickles the leaves and grass. "Be" the Element!

When you are done, come slowly back to your body and let the colourful swirls drain back into your hands, to form a sphere and then gently send them into the

Ground and Centre. Write your experience in your BOS.

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