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The Theban Alphabet

Author: Gwydioj

The Theban alphabet is used widely by Traditional Wiccans both ritually, and in their books of shadows. The first published reference to it is in Francis Barrett's The Magus, published at London in 1801. It is reputed to have been invented by Honorius of Thebes (an ancient city in Greece), hence the opt-used designation "The Runes of Honorius," but there is no credible supporting evidence to this fact. Its usage by Traditional Wiccans is based on its usage by the founder of modern Wicca, Gerald Gardner.

For the most part, this alphabet is used as a substitution cipher, occluding the original text in symbols. This has many purposes: to "encrypt" a message,
spell, or text so that it's meaning is not obvious, to impart a mystical quality to the text so written, abstracting it from the native language of
the user, to enable more effective magickal workings.

The correspondence between Theban and Latin letters. Note that
in Theban, there is no "J" or "U"; shown are common substitutions.

Download a Theban TrueType font for your computer:

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Theban Magickal Alphabet
Theban Magickal Alphabet.
established outside of the accreditation. The Theban alphabet is very similar to astrological signs such as Scorpio, Saturn, Jupiter, and Capricorn.
This document was approved by Pam Sonnen, chief of the Division
Jun 29, 2011 meanings and can be either written using an alternative alphabet such as Latin, Greek,. Theban, or Rune symbols.
Linear B Tablets from Thebes
Theban Script. A B C D E F G H I. A B C D E F G H I/J.

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Envig mellan våra kungar 1611?
Of or pertaining to Cadmus, a fabulous prince of Thebes, who was said to have introduced into Greece the sixteen simple letters of the alphabet - Cadmeanletters.

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The earliest known source for the Theban alphabet is Cornelius Agrippa's "Three Books of Occult Philosophy" first published in Latin, at Antwerp in 1531.